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I have been spending a considerable amount of time reading about all aspects of looking after Dogs lately. Browsing search engine results for Dog related subjects can bring up some quite interesting results. Any regular readers may have noticed we have gone for a bit of a re-branding here at what I have now called the unProfessional Online Dog Training School. I wouldn’t dare think of myself as anything approaching what we like to call a “professional”. What I have always tried to do here is to write about Dog related subjects that most of us as Dog owners can relate to.  This is where I found my Internet browsing of interest. The results for online Dog training and Dog training online bring up many results. What I found was that this site and many like it offer just as much good advice as the “professionals”.

I’m not talking about dealing with real Dog problems that need a very experienced handler and trainer. I am talking about the general obedience and training that every owner of a Dog needs to learn. There is a wealth of great information available from people that would never show up if you typed in “Dog Training Online”. That is going to change. I will be there too, and why not? As a Dog owner myself if I am searching for topics related to Dog training I would much rather see real sites that cover Dog training topics from a real life point of view. Sites that admit they don’t have all the answers. Sites that treat Dog training from a real life point of view. As Dog owners we all know that Dogs are never perfectly behaved. They will be obedient one day and the next decide that they have learnt nothing and their goal in life is now to see how much they can annoy their owners.

Too many online Dog training websites try to make new Dog owners believe that if they subscribe to their newsletter, buy their training course etc, then they can have a perfectly behaved Dog in a matter of weeks. It’s a complete nonsense. Training Dogs is a lifelong commitment and the quicker new owners of Dogs realise this the better their lives with their animals will be. Instead many sites seem to try to make people believe they are bad owners if they can’t get their Dog to roll on its back and howl along to some dodgy pop song. Of course, if you buy their online Dog training course then all the Dog training problems will disappear literally overnight.

I have to be honest it annoys me. This is why I am going to be one of these listings. I know my SEO, not that I often apply much here as I like to write about a lot of general and loosely Dog related topics. What I do know is that if I want I can compete with these so called online Dog trainers and beat them. How much better would it be if your average person who is looking for a little help and reassurance about training their Dog comes here or to sites like it when they type in “online Dog training”. I would rather that than they get scammed by some so called Dog training guru who is just after their money. So, to help anyone who is looking for real Dog training advice I am going to list who I believe your average Dog owner should be reading. This is real life, we aren’t perfect and neither are our Dogs. There are ups and downs, successes and failures and real life is NEVER perfect. You won’t get a perfectly behaved Dog. You won’t find all the “secrets” you believe may be out there. What you will find is information from real people who have learnt how to live happily with their Dogs.

I am not interested in training Dogs to perform tricks or to be some kind of automaton that performs on command. I am interested in having Dogs that know basic obedience and are happy. I want their personalities to shine through. I want my Dogs to be happy and to know basic commands that make taking them for walks easy. I want advice if I don’t know what to do. I don’t claim to know half of the ways to stop Dogs doing certain things. I hate it when people claim they do but in reality they want my money.

If you want real life Online Dog training information then this is what you should be reading. where Beth writes about many aspects of looking after Dogs.

Home Zoo Keeper where the ups and downs of real life Dog training are written about.

That Mutt where Lindsay give a lot of great training advice but is never above admitting when she is unsure what to do or when her Dog Ace is being naughty.

It is sites like this that I want to find when I type in Dog training online. Real sites written by real people. Sites where the authors are honest and admit when things go wrong. Anyone who tells you that they can show you how to have a perfectly behaved Dog in a few weeks is talking nonsense. They want your money. Hey, I want your money, but I won’t lie to get it. Take a look at the sites on the blogroll and you will find a wealth of great and informative Dog sites.

So, let’s have a look at what we find when we type in Dog training online.

Yikes! Not a lot of use there is there?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against e-books if they are useful. There are a lot of Dog training e-books and I will be talking about them in later posts. What I object to is no useful content. A lot of the sites that you have seen after you typed in “Dog training online” offer little in the way of useful content. They want you to buy ebooks or training sources. But why should you. They don’t even have the decency to offer any good content if you don’t want to spend your money.

There is nothing wrong with promoting Dog related products. I do it and most sites have a means of making a little extra cash from their blogs or websites. What sets some sites apart though is the fact that they offer useful information if the reader does not want to spend their money. I have made a few sites myself where I hope to, or am, making good money by people who come to the sites. What I ensure I do though is give useful information to the reader. I try to put myself in their shoes. If I am looking for Dog training Online then I want to find a site that can help me with Dog training. I don’t just want to have to spend money to find any information.

So, is this whole post a contradiction? There is no information on Dog training Online in this post. Am I as bad as the other sites? I don’t think so. I am introducing people to my site which does contain Dog training information. From how to feed your Dog to shy Dog training and many posts on leash training, there is lots of information here. I post useful and very thorough articles on topics such as the post operation care after female Dog spaying as well as quite a lot of totally useless information!. And when I do write a new little blog, such as one I wrote recently about Frontline for Dogs, if people get past the ugliness and actually read what I have written then they will find that I do actually give useful content. If I say I am going to tell you where to buy discount frontline then I will.

This is what online Dog training should be about. Trying to make money is one thing, and I have no objection to it. What is annoying is that people who find these sites will think their is no alternative. Internet marketers can easily outrank most blogs that actually have much better and more informative content. Hopefully this site will slowly become one of the results that people find. A real life blog that helps if it can but also admits when the author has absolutely no idea what to do. Which happens quite often.

So, Dog training online has a new competitor. Do you think online Dog training is useful or will you always seek out a real life trainer? Personally I think you can learn a lot of useful information online. The problem is actually finding it.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Again, thank you for the link and kind words. I totally agree with you on so many things. I hate it when training sites make dog training sounds so easy. There is no one answer for every dog and training never happens over night. But what annoys me the most is all the fluff. Most of these “dog trainers” are bad writers and need to get to the point much quicker. I don’t need to read 20 paragraphs on teaching my dog to stop jumping. Just get to the point.

    I’ve always admired your site because you are honest, you say what you know and what you don’t know, you tell both sides of the story and you are a good writer.

    I see you are ranking high already for “dog training online.” nice work. 🙂

  2. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Lindsay, no problem. I want people to find real life online Dog training sites. Hopefully I can move up to page one in a short while which should let people find me and sites like yours a little easier.

  3. Josue says:

    I agree with many of your comments. I too have looked at many of the most popular websites selling ebooks on dog training and found their authors to be uneducated bufoons bent on stealing money from well intentioned dog owners. Training dogs is a science and an art that requires years of sacrifice and experience to master.

    Those who claim that any dog owner can learn in 2 weeks what I have spent a lifetime mastering, are simply lying in order to steal your hard-earned cash. There will soon be a new series of ebooks available on the internet that will completely shatter the veneer that currently exists in the world of online dog training ebooks.

    A system of training that has been developed and written by (believe it or not) an educated master of the art of dog training. Material which does not contain a boatload of cut and paste recipes, tricks and solutions to dog flatulence. The real art and science of leash handling and problem solving that although is not a two day course and does not promise to be easy, is amazingly effective.

    Just wait. I will inform you when it is ready and you can be the judge. It is unlike anything ever produced either in print or available in the vast online, dog training ebook offerings.

    The force be with you