Vimtag Pet Surveillance Camera Review

What do our pets get up to when we lock the front door and go out, even if just for a few minutes? Do they crank up the volume on the radio in the kitchen, where they have their beds, and enjoy some hard rock, or do they prefer a little talk radio?

Do the little dears stare, aghast, as a horde of gremlins climb through the partially open window and raid the fridge then leave tiny pieces of cheese all over the dog’s beds so they get the blame?

If we could see what they do when left alone would we find that they stand whining at the door, or couldn’t care less and happily pull up a chair and play poker until they hear the car in the drive?

Turns out they mostly sleep, practice their barking, become highly animated when they hear the postman, and get very involved in a competition to see who can howl the loudest. All mixed in with a fair amount of licking of each other’s ears, and forming a less than orderly queue to have a drink of water.
Vimtag Pet Surveillance Camera
If you’ve ever wondered abut the truth of your pooch’s antics when left alone then I can heartily recommend the Vimtag pet surveillance camera.

Ease of Use

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when it arrived, and, I admit, I’m not really up on the latest developments when it comes to all things technological. So, when I read the instructions and it involved downloading apps and plugging the camera into my modem for a few minutes then unplugging it and allowing me to place it anywhere in the house but it would apparently still allow me to control it remotely, I was a little skeptic.

Truth is, I needn’t have worried. This gadget rocks.

In less than five minutes I had downloaded an app to my iPad 2, registered on their site, and also logged in via my main work computer. With the iPad you simply swipe in any direction and it will move the camera, and it’s about as easy on the main computer too.

You can take photos, record if you want to, and it even works at night if you want to check they aren’t fighting off the gremlins or secretly playing poker again.

The Vimtag wireless surveillance camera is available from Amazon and if you want something to monitor your pets, your home, your business, or the plumber you don’t trust (although that may not be legal!) then you should check it out.


This is a surprisingly high-end product and certainly value for money. The device itself is robust, quiet, works without any issues as far as I can tell, and in no way feels cheap. Materials are great quality and there are no headaches with set-up or the use of the camera itself.

I was very surprised at the clarity of the pictures taken, as well as what you actually see remotely. Nothing fuzzy going on here, it’s crystal-clear.

If you want to monitor your pets or any number of other things, then take a look, and don’t worry if you aren’t really up-to-date with the latest technology, this works just as well on a laptop or PC as it does on a smart phone or tablet.