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After the Dog Training Online post from yesterday I was pleased to see that it is already beginning to get some visitors from people searching for online Dog training and associated terms such as:

Dog Obedience School

Dog Training School

And even “become a Dog trainer”. It is good to know that the so called professional Internet Marketers who pick topics to write about can be beaten by a site that has been around for a while now. It got me to thinking just how many Dog sites could get on to the first few pages for Dog training online. I bet if all the people who read this made their own blog post entitled Dog training online then there would be a lot of great content for people to read instead of sites that quite often provide little or no information on actual Dog training. I won’t  get my hopes up though as I know from experience that things like that don’t often happen. If you do write a post with that title then let me know and I will add it to the list of links below.

For those of you who are wondering exactly what I am talking about then I am trying to provide FREE resources for those of you who have gone to search engines looking for information online about how to train Dogs. You have probably found there is quite a lack of information for a search term that should bring up a wealth of free information. Some of the ebooks that are promoted are good but I also think people deserve free information as well.

If you are looking for information on how to train Dogs then please take a look at the links below. There are many topics covered and it is a good introduction to help training Dogs for a number of different reasons.

Online Dog Training Resources At The Three Dog Blog

Stop Digging Dogs Learn how I got Jet to stop digging.

Dog Backpacks A guest post that may be the answer to Dogs that are naughty because of excess energy.

Gassy Dog Problems How to solve the problems of excessively gassy Dogs.

Nylabone Bones The truth about nylabones.

Shy Dog Training The realities behind training a shy Dog.

How To Clean Dog’s Teeth The importance of keeping your Dog’s teeth clean.

The Alpha Roll and when you should and should not use this very effective training technique.

Leash Training Tips How to effectively teach your Dog to behave on the leash.

These are just a few of the resources available. Browse the content for lots more online Dog training tips. I am not saying this site is special, there are lots of resources available that do a much better job than me at providing useful training information and lots of great Dog related information, such as Jan’s Poodle And Dog Blog. And great fun sites like Dozers Blog who apparently has a new Dog bed at last. It’s about time too!

It’s just a shame that the sites that should be found are quite often overtaken by the people who don’t always have the best information to give.

How To Train Dogs

You can spend a lifetime trying to learn how to train Dogs. Online Dog training information abounds but there is nothing like putting what you read in to practice to see what actually works. I have written enough about Daisy, Faye and Jet that any regular readers know that they are very different in nature. Much Dog training is about understanding the nature of the Dog not some secret that remains ever elusive. You need to tailor your Dog training to your specific Dog. It is no good me Alpha Rolling a shy Dog in the hope that she will stop barking. It would terrify her. But if Faye gets aggressive then that is a different matter.

Learning how to train Dogs is about getting an understanding with your Dog and then repeated the training over and over. Repetition is THE KEY to successful Dog training. The more you reinforce the desired action the better your Dog will respond. If you have a Dog that simply won’t behave on the lead then you need to think sensibly and look for things like choker chains that will stop your Dog using its body-weight against you.

Lots of successful Dog training is about common sense. If you walk your Dog on a 3 metre nylon lead and wonder why you have no control over it then any amount of reading will not solve the problem. Stop and think how to improve your Dogs behaviour and you will be surprised at what you come up without reading about online Dog training. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about serious behavioral issues where the advice of a qualified professional may be the answer. I am talking about basic obedience and training. Enough sensible training to have a great companion that will respond to your basic commands. For me that is enough. I personally have no interest in advanced Dog training. It doesn’t suit my lifestyle and I don’t have any use for it. We don’t do agility, flyball, Doga (yoga for Dogs, yes, really), or any other of the myriad activities that are available for Dogs and owners alike. These tasks and training regimes are discussed on other sites in detail.

No one said anything about socks.

No one said anything about socks.

What most of us simply want is a well behaved Dog. The sooner people realise there is no online Dog training miracle the better. Slowly teach your Dog what you want it to know. Be that advanced raining techniques ot just a few basic commands. The Secret, if there is one, is perseverance. Repeat and repeat again and it may just sink in to your Dogs brain after a little while. Of course, if you Dog has a skull as thick as my Fayes’s is it may take some time!

It always surprises me how some new owners and some experienced owners forget thast training is not instant. Teaching Dogs takes time and patience. Even the best trained Dog will misbehave from time to time. There are a few very simple steps that all Dog owners should be aware of if they want better behaved Dogs.

Online Dog Training Secrets

Want the secrets to successful Dog training? Whatever your aim with your training there really is one main so called "secret" that makes any training a lot more successfull.


You won’t get far if youtry to train a Dog that has not had adequate exercise. You leave a really well trained DOg without exercise for a few days and you will not have an obedient Dog. Exercise is THE main way to get better results when learning how to train Dogs. Whatever you have read about online Dog training start with plenty of exercise and the rest will follow.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. Jan says:

    Excellent information and links even the one to me 🙂

    I enjoyed your post on Nylabones. I brought home Nylabones for my dogs. They each politely took one and went off in different directions. It was years before we saw the things again.

    We found two when we took all the furniture out of a room to install new carpet. Another we found when we took out an overgrown pampas grass plant.

    Yum, something this good needs to be saved.

  2. Compliments to the author for a great blog / post. Thank you again!