Dog Training Online Episode 5 – Dog Training For Dummies

In this Dog training online series I have been giving down to earth and straightforward tips to help to have a better life with your Dog. No fancy pants nonsense and no gimmicks. If you want to be able to get your Dog to perform stupid tricks then look elsewhere. I aim to provide Dog training online advice that is easily implemented and easy to use.

Too many online Dog training “so called” tips and supposed advice is actually nothing more than a way for you to part with lots of money for a Dog training course that may or may not be of benefit. Looking through search engine results for online Dog training and other associated words I am still sorely disappointed in the total lack of free information.

Surely these supposedly expert sites can give some free advice.

Do you know why they don’t? Because most of them are simply written by Internet marketers who want to make a profit by making commissions on sales and know nothing about the realities of living with Dogs.

That being said there are a few good resources that you pay for. Not many though.

If you really are looking for straightforward Dog training advice and don’t want some dubious book or an online Dog training series that you pay for then why not buy a simple cheap book that you can refer to?

Of course, my preference would be for the use of free resources that you can get online or advice from friends that have well behaved Dogs. I know that some people like to have something solid to refer to though so I have been looking around at what is available and what people actually seem to recommend.

What seems to be very popular is one of the Dummies books.

Dog Training For Dummies

If you click this Dog Training For Dummies link then it takes you to Amazon where you can purchase the Dog training for Dummies book from about $7 which is what, a few cups of expensive coffee? Not that I really know how much expensive coffe from a chain retailer is. Spain is still firmly rooted in traditional Cafe Bars where you get real coffee (thank God). Um, I digress (as usual).

Although for me I think you can find lots of free advice without owning books, for a few dollars it seems surprisingly good value. It would certainly be my preference over paying for an online Dog training course. I find those completely unsuitable for many and if I was to pay money for Dog training courses then a real life course where I had one on one training from an experienced person would for me be a much better use of my hard earned cash.

The Dog Training For Dummies book seems to have been quite well received over the years that it has been available on Amazon. Let’s take a litttle look at what people are saying (I hope they don’t mind).

Dog Training For Dummies Reviews

Here are a few snippets of some of the Dog training for dummies review posts on Amazon.

I liked this book, well written and easy to understand. I teach dog training classes and would recommend this book to my class

It has helped me a great deal with my chocolate lab and i have loaned it to friends many times.

Have owned dogs for many years but this book is by far the best book I have read on dog training.  Would recommend to anyone.

Most of the reviews of Dog training for dummies continue in a similar manner. There are a few really bad reviews as well so you need to make up your own mind about whether it is suitable.

If you have read it then why not let the readers know what you thought about it or your recommendation for the best book on Dog training?

If you do want a Dog training book then I guess this one does seem very highly recommended by most of the people that left reviews of it on Amazon. If you want a hard copy of a book to refer to then it seems quite suitable.

Much beter than paying for an online Dog training course in my opinion but hey, what do I know?

Tomorrow we shall resume with more free online Dog training tips and I shall be showing you what can happen even when you think your little bone munchers are over being naughty when you go out for a quick beer to a local Spansih village for only an hour and then you come home and the place is a right mess and they all look really guilty and there is paper all over the floor and you wonder why the hell you are writing about training tips for Dogs when your own ****** Dogs won’t even behave for five minutes and you despair of ever …………………………………

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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