Online Dog Training Tips Number 4

Just a quick post today as life is quite busy at the moment. Although not strictly an online Dog training tip as such I was interested to see this pop up in my dashboard for this Dog blog.

I had no real knowledge of the number of views these posts had and they seem to be some of the most viewed posts on this site. While not online Dog training tips there is some valuable information for all Dog owners.

The female Dog spaying post in particular has a lot of reader comments and although not about Dog training it is about how to look after a Dog after it has been spayed. Your Dog training will be important when your Dog needs to be controlled after a serious operation.

Hopefully you will have your Dog trained enough to listen to your commands once it begins to feel better and wants to play. You MUST be able to control her and ensure that she does not run or pull on the lead for at least a week if not longer after the spaying operation.

Here are the top few posts as taken from my wordpress dashboard quick stats. See what you think and whether you knew the information if you have not already read them.

Top Posts

Female Dog Spaying And Post Operation Care, 8,080 views

Dangerous Food For Dogs – Your Questions Answered, 7,576 views

Dogs Eating Chicken Bones. Facts and Fables, 1,940 views

I will return tomorrow for a more thorough continuation of the online Dog training tips series.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.