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We looked at Dog training jobs the other day as part of the Dog training online tips series. Although there were a number of jobs that anyone with a little experience handling Dogs could have obtained there was one thing that kept popping up in my searches for Dog training jobs. This was Dog training certification. The best paid work for anyone wanting to earn money training Dogs will be available with proof of competence. This unfortunately means that you have to spend some serious cash to prove yourself.

As with so much in life a piece of paper is needed to prove your worth. Because potential clients would not know of your life experiences some form of proof is needed to show that someone has agreed that you are good at training Dogs. Customers who will pay you good money for training their Dogs want to employ someone with a Dog training certificate. This makes them feel they can trust you and you will certainly get more work from many quarters if you can prove that you have completed a Dog training course and are seen as an expert in the field.

Whether or not you agree with the need for such things is moot. It pays better and you will get more work and it is what it is. People with better educations get better jobs, regardless of whether or not this actually means they are more intelligent or better suited to their new form of employment. A piece of paper from some “so called” higher authority is always  seen as a stamp of approval. You may be able to demonstrate amazing Dog handling and Dog training but you will find more work if you have Dog training certification from a reputable source.

Looking in to the world of certified Dog trainers I must say I am a little overwhelmed. Where do you start? What style of Dog training? Clicker training courses, training Dogs with praise only, or any number of training styles that are available. Who will you choose to make you a certified Dog trainer? I tried to find out.

How To Become A Certified Dog Trainer

It seems that the most well recognised Dog training certification comes from the CCPDT. The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers is an International program for professional Dog trainers and will lead to much more lucrative work if obtained. Here is what you will need to have to get certified (plus the $385 dollars of course).

Taken from the website:

  • At least 300 hours experience in dog training within the last five years. Two hundred twenty-five (225) hours or 75% of experience must be actual teaching hours (group class, private lessons) as a ‘Head Trainer’ or Instructor. Seventy-five (75) hours or 25% of experience can be in other related areas such as working with shelter animals, assisting in classes, working as a veterinarian technician or grooming (bather position not applicable). Occasionally, it has been necessary to verify the experience of a candidate, even after passing the examination. It is advised that a document listing your experience with names and contact information be kept in a safe place for future verification.
  • A high school diploma or equivalent).
  • One reference from each of the following:
    • Veterinarian
    • Client
    • Colleague
  • Completion and filing of an Application for the Certification Examination for Pet Dog Trainers.
  • Signing and filing the CCPDT Code of Ethics.
  • Payment of required fee.

That’s certainly going to weed out those that aren’t serious!

Looking at the site I can certainly see why this is a recognised Dog training certification program. You will have already paid for a training course from a reputable and recognised source and this seems to be the icing on the cake. If you invest in your future like this then if you live in the right area you are certainly going to be the expert in the filed and earn a good living.

Of course the problem arises when we wonder if this is the only way to do it.

This is not the only way to become a certified Dog trainer but it is the recognised standard of competence that encapsulates many different styles of Dog training.

You can become a certified Dog trainer by completing any number of Dog training course. Karen Pryors clicker training course is exceptionally well received and you can get some very good credentials by completing such a course. The certification council for professional Dog trainers is not specific to one form of Dog training, it is a sign that you are competent and up to date with the latest information on Dog training, psychology and behaviour.

You can be a certified Dog trainer in your chosen field by completing a Dog training course that uses your chosen style of Dog training but for really lucrative work you will want as many credentials as possible.

Some of the best paid Dog training work will be in the form of training Dogs and handlers in fields that involve the police and fire services. If you gain experience and can get work in these fields you can earn a very good living.

This is not to forget that if you live in a region where there are high living standards you can make a fortune from private training. Many people with high disposable incomes spend vast sums on their pets. A high fee can be obtained from individulas if you do everything you can to get those letters after your name.

Dog training certification should at least be obtained from your chosen field if you want to make a good living from Dog training. There are countless arenas to specialise in and the tighter the niche the better the return. If you can specialise in a specific field of Dog training that there are few competitiors in you will gain much more work. Specialists always get the highest return for their skills and if you want to obtain this it is certainly worth considering obtaining a Dog training certificate from a very well respected program that you can see yourself mastering.

Of course, even without a certificate you can still make a good living if you can demonstrate your skills. Don’t forget that many Dog owners are not looking for a specific style of training. They simply want a better behaved Dog. They don’t know about the specific schools of learning and will be happy to pay anyone that proves their competence.

If you want to become a Dog trainer then you need to get yourself  known in your area. This could mean volunteering at shelters and similar places to show off your skills. If you can get recommendations by giving some of your time for free it can pay off handsomely in the future.

So, are you going to apply for Dog training certification or do you think it is unnecessary if you can prove your skills handling and working with Dogs?

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  1. Jack says:

    For some extra inspiration for all you prospective dog trainers, I invite you to check out this short video — — about one dog lover’s “aha moment” in which he realized that he wanted dogs in his life forever; it also led him to become a dog trainer himself. It’s a very nice story that I hope you enjoy.

    All the best,

  2. I believe having a certificate helps a lot with creditability.
    Well now I know what I am going to be spending my tax savings on, dog training certificate. Seems like the CCPDT will be my best bet.