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As part of the online Dog training tips series I wanted to take a look at what kind of jobs there are available for Dog training. Many people would love to be able to make a living via Dog training jobs and to be honest it intrigued me. Not that I could ever do it or would wish to. It is not something that I would have the time for or could find the business, living in a remote area as I do. This will be interesting for a few people though and I simply wanted to see what is out there when it comes to Dog training jobs.

Dog trainer jobs are for many a perfect job. If you love animals and want to spend your day with them then being able to train jobs for a living would be ideal. Let’s see what type of jobs there would be available and how you can get them.

What Dog Training Jobs Are There

I was surprised that myspace was the top listing in google for the subject. Browsing through the jobs offered I was quite surprised at what was available. You can visit the page here and take a look for yourself.

It seems that Dog training jobs are not just for people with some kind of qualification. Many people have posted jobs for Dog training that actually involve pet sitting and caring for Dogs for short periods of time. Quite a few jobs pay between $5 and $20 an hour. Not bad if you are not working or are looking for an alternative career. Quite a few of the Dog training jobs take you to Care where they seem to have a Dog section. I don’t know if it is free to join or not though.

You can get Dog training jobs at Petco as well. It seems that Dog training jobs are not just limited to really experienced and qualified Dog trainers. Many of the jobs are for people who can go to peoples homes and help to get a Dog to be better behaved while the owners are at work.

This would mean training but also keeping Dogs company and taking them for walks. That would be a nice way to get paid if you can find it in your area.

This link takes you to the search results I got from a job listings site. It searches other sites and gives you all the results for your search in one place. There are lots of job opportunities available from people who want to earn money training Dogs.

It seems that there are quite a few Dog training jobs available for those that want them. They may not all be for highly paid intense Dog training but for people who want to get more experience working with Dogs and want to build up to be a professional Dog trainer there are lots of Dog related jobs available via job search engines.

Of course for well paying jobs you would need proof that you have qualifications that prove that you are experienced. You can then approach all manner of Vets practices, sanctuaries, rescue centres and offer your services or place advertisements with them.

Don’t forget that you can also take out ads in the local papers offering Dog training and other associated care. If you want to become a Dog trainer then get as much experience as you can. Word of mouth can be a very good way to get more work. You don’t have to be qualified if lots of people recommend you after you have done a good job improving the behaviour of Dogs that you may have been emplyed to look after for a few hours a day or take for walks. There are lots of ideas that can be used to eventaully get well paying Dog training jobs.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  2. There was a time when I had considered dog training as a career. However, after crunching the numbers it just seemed that it would be too hard to make a living at it, as the price people are willing to pay for dog training is quite low around here.

  3. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Cheap Dog Food,

    I think you are right. It really will depend on where you live. Lots of areas simply won’t have enough people with a large disposable income to spend on Dog training.

  4. Three Dog Blogger says:


    That sounds awful. I hope everything is OK now. Glad that you liked the article.

  5. cutecute28 says:

    hi yes my two shih tzu, chewie and cute cute, they are both fine now. We nearly lost them. They went thru terrible trauma like caged in the hospital, shave off their fur on the leg for drip and other dogs nearby barking, crying…….. i cried seeing them like this. and how chewie runs to her toilet and tried to let go and cant. her legs were shivering and shivering no strength and then before it went worst, we realised that cute cute was affected and rush her to the hospital. and now the manufacturer said dont know,, not us… terrible…

  6. Three Dog Blogger says:


    That sounds awful. I’m glad all is well now.