Cheap Christmas Presents For Dogs

It’s that time again. Time to go to Amazon and pick out a Toy or a Treat for the Dogs. I am not sure what to get the three Girls who have everything this year and are the real stars of the Dog blog. I mean, what more could a Dog want? They have the Catalan countryside to run about in, although because it is hunting season they are actually under house arrest at the moment, which is unfortunate for them but also for me and the good lady as well. And to top it all off the EVIL CAT wants to be in all the time as well. Ah, the joys of a constantly meowing Cat who is getting fatter by the minute and 3 Dogs who want o go out and try to see if they can get shot by a disgruntled hunter.

I digress, (as usual) I hear you cry.

So what are the best gifts for Dogs? I guess we all have our personal preferences. What they absolutely will not be getting, and all family are under strict instructions for this, is anything that squeaks. Apart from reminding me too much of the EVIL CAT named Naruto all three have the uncanny knack of holding a squeaky toy just so it makes a constant noise that slowly penetrates the brain until you don’t know whether to bang your head against the wall or take a sledge hammer to any Dog toy in sight.

So, taking a look on Amazon I wanted to see what the most popular Doggie toys are at the moment and see what I may get the Girls if they are good (not much chance of that, but oh well). Click this  Cheap Dog Toys link to see all the available Dog toys.

What I really like are the big kong toys. Good for keeping them occupied and out of other mischief but also a good durable Dog toy. I wrote about the nylabone bones before and I won’t be getting them as they really do seem to be quite destructive with them. Too many raw meaty bones has given them jaws of steel and a penchant for dedicating themselves to working through anything that I disgracefully have the nerve to even call a bone.

Actually what I do like and what I may buy again is another Rope Toy. They do go through them after a year or so and at the moment they only have one between the three of them. This used to be okay as Daisy the Shy was way too much of a Lady to condescend to such frivolities but she is getting a little more confident lately. It’s only taken 2 years, so don’t let anyone tell you that training a shy Dog is quick, it takes a lot of time and patience to get them more confident. The good lady has been forcing me to lie passively on the floor of late and roll around in the Doggie fur and Daisy has been slowly taking an interest and coming over for a face lick or two (my face not hers). She has also started nicking the rope toy and settling down for a bit of a play.

She isn’t really sure what she is supposed to do with it but her heart is in the right place and she is trying, bless her. So, now that it is not just Faye and Jet that want some rope action I think maybe another one so that they can all play would be a good idea. This is a super cheap Dog Toy but one that gives them loads of fun.

Activities with the Rope Toy include the traditional “Tug Of War”, the “settling down to try to seriously destroy it” game, the “prancing around with the rope toy in your mouth to get everyone else jealous” game, the “I don’t want it really but it is next to me so I will growl at you if you want it” game, and best of all the “lets go insane and throw the rope toy around the room and hope we brake something or at eh very least hit the shouty man in the face with it again” game. I know which one I prefer and it is not the latter.

What I never realised was that you can even get Dog Treats from Amazon. I assumed it was non food items but they sell loads of food related stuff for both Dogs and Humans which I was surprised at. I may even get them some treats once I decide what to order. I actually think that maybe keeping it simple with the Dogs is best. Nothing that can be easily destroyed is important but also nothing that has lots of little parts or anything that seems like it could cause problems if swallowed.

What are you getting your Dog for Christmas, or is the answer nada?

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  1. Bonnie Story says:

    It seems that the gift my two dogs are the most excited about is the 10 yards of composted horse manure we just had delivered yesterday… They think it’s the most wonderful stuff there is!! I’m just stunned at how they will become stone-deaf to my screaming and just start feasting on it… ugh. I’m not sure if just ignoring them until the newness wears off is the thing to do, or if I should keep them strictly leashed for the next ten years :~( Why do dogs think that stuff is so great??? Anyway, it’s Xmas already around here, for dogs and the garden.

  2. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Bonnie, I hear You,

    We have a similar problem with Chicken Manure when we get an occasional delivery. They seem to get fed up with it after a while but if something disturbs it they get excited all over again.

    At least it’s a cheap Christmas pressie!