More Cheap Pedigree Puppies For Sale

Today we have two more cheap pedigree puppies for sale here at the Dog blog. After the success of selling Jet for 25 cents to Lindsay (she is on the way), I thought it only fair to put Daisy and Faye up for sale too.

Now these two puppies are definitely not just over two years old. These two lovely little puppies are absolutely not just mad mongrels and a mixture of maybe Alsatian and who knows how many other mangy mutts that Spain seems to be full of.

These two lovely little puppies are absolutely not totally odd Dogs that each have their own serious problems that will require lots of special attention. Let’s take a look at the lovely Faye first.

The Gorgeous Puppy Faye

Photos 2007 101Faye does absolutely still look like this. She is still really cute and she absolutely is not, nor ever will, in reality look more like the big bone headed Dog that you see to the right.sof

Faye the pedigree puppy for sale does not now weigh close to 90 lbs yet still try to get on your lap as if she was only a few months old. Faye absolutely does not love to sneak off to bed whenever your back is turned. She absolutely never has stolen the washing off the line.

Faye would never dream of constantly trying to bite Jet’s collar whenever we go for a walk and she would never keep trying to push over other Dogs with her big fat a?#@
In fact Faye is not even a really confident Dog at all who likes nothing more than jumping up at people (preferably if they are wearing white) and tring to be best friends with them. Faye is absolutely perfect and does not like to always be the centre of attention and like nothing more than to go outside and bark at imaginary stuff because she thinks it is really clever.

Faye is not a Dog that has to be monitored carefully because she has a tendency to put on weight easily. She does not have to eat half of what the other Dogs have to eat just to keep her weight under control. Faye does not have to be kept under strict instructions or she would dominate the household and make everyone bow before her. She absolutely never acts naughty and she does not whinge and whine when one of you goes out and she is left behind. She does not love nothing more than to steal clothes form the laundry basket when you go out and have a strange obsession with shoes that means that you have to put them on high shelves or she will assume they are for her playing pleasure.

Remember that the lowest price wins so get your bid in late. Now is your once in a lifetime chance to own what definitely is not a big bottomed beardy square head who really should have been a boy Dog and not some kind of uber confident girl Dog that thinks she is master of the Universe.

Daisy The Super Confident Pedigree Puppy Dog

young daisyNext we have for sale Daisy who definitely did not come from the pound a few years ago at  3 or 4 months of age and look terrified and scrawny like she did on the left. Daisy definitely was not an excruciatingly shy Dog who was, and to some extent still is. scared of most things. In fact Daisy loves to play and will definitely not hide under the stairs if you try to play with her. Daisy is not a very gentle soul who likes a quiet life and takes things very seriously. In fact it was not Daisy who would not even walk in front of us on walks for the first few months we had her, even though she was off the lead. She does not pee herself if she thinks she is going to be told off or if anything scary happens.

In fact Daisy does not, ever, decide that now it is a little colder (even though we are still wearing shorts) that she needs to whinge in the middle of the night to wake you up because Faye has the best rug on the floor in the bedroom. She does not make you get up so that Faye thinks that she is going to be let out so that she can then steal the best rug and look all smug about how clever she is.

The totally unshy Daisy is not the reason why Jet now too has an unhealthy obsession with our EVIL CAT and they do not both go in to a tail wagging frenzy every time they see him and try to lick his face off. She does not think that Cats are great (at least ours) and she is not a Dog that you could absolutely not trust around other Cats. She would not try to eat another Cat given half the chance. In fact neither Daisy or Faye spend far too look looking at our Chickens and they would never eat them if somehow they got out of the chicken coop.

april 038Daisy is absolutely not a 2 year old Dog who has taken so much work just to get her to lead a relatively normal life. She does not like nothing more than trying to bury her head under any part of your body just to get close to you but without actually having to PLAY or anything like that.

She is not just now starting to lick your face if you manage to get her excited. She has not just started (after two years) to actually take a gentle hold of the rope toy that Faye will throw about the room at the slightest motivation. Daisy loves running after sticks and will not just stare at you like you are insane if you tell her to go fetch. It really and truly has not taken 2 years to get Daisy to become even remotely interested in playing and for her to not think you are going to beat her if you try to play with the toy rope with her. She has not only just started to maybe lick your face or gently try to grab the rope toy if you lie flat on your back on the floor but then run off really quickly because she realizes what she is actually doing.

So, there we have it. Two totally stable little pedigree puppies who are absolutely not over 2 and mutts. Two lovely little pups who are not completely opposite in temperament and who are always good and never wake you in the night and never eat shoes. Two adorable little puppies who never act up and seem like they are on the verge of driving you bonkers with their constantly strange individual peculiarities. Get your bid in late.
The lowest price wins so don’t be shy.

Disclaimer: All cute pedigree puppies will be shipped by the cheapest possible method and the new owner agrees that I am not responsible for any discrepancies in the description, age, behaviour, or lack of, that may occur after they have left the wilds of a Spanish mountainside.

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  1. Wow, Not sure where he got those coz they sound nothing like the dogs currently acting very concerned over his absence and the barricade to prevent them all going to have a jolly play on the bed!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Haha! OK, fine, I will take them both for 35 cents. But they absolutely must NOT be mutts. I don’t want them to grow up looking like that big, lazy dog stretched out on the couch.

    What’s the return policy?

  3. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Um, returns?

    As if you would want to. But just in case you are not 100% happy then I absolutely will take them back and I am sure that I will not be moving the minute I get them shipped out to you.

    Sound fair?

  4. macy bernal says:

    These puppies are so cute!!! I want to purchase the one in the photo with the plants! Would it be possible for you to send me more photos and a scanned copy of the pedigree to my e-mail? Hopefully we can work something out!

  5. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Um Macy,

    Did you read the post? Or are you trying to beat me at my own game?

  6. These are lovely puppies. I don’t think they will last long. Good luck with them!