Cheap Pedigree Puppies For Sale

If you have been looking for cheap pedigree puppies for sale then you have come to the right place. Here we have a gorgeous pedigree puppy for sale that absolutely is not 1 year and almost 4 months old.

This pedigree puppy is absolutely not the puppy from Daisy (the gorgeous Dog at the top right) who was very naughty last year and had  5 pups. This puppy absolutely is not, in reality, not a pedigree puppy at all but a cross between who knows what and certainly nothing remotely near to a pure breed.

This puppy is lovely and young and really cute and absolutely not well over a year old and beginning to get really naughty.

Roll up, roll up, get your pedigree puppy here.

Lowest price wins. Get bidding now. If you want a pedigree puppy then this is the best puppy auction ever. The lower the price you bid the better your chances are.

This puppy that is over a year old is not called Jet and does not have a really gormless face with big floppy ears. This puppy doesn’t have giant Scooby Doo puppy pads that make here look like a cartoon Dog.

006This puppy absolutely has not decided that she is still only a little baby and because the Spanish summer is beginning to be over that she needs to sneak on to the bed all the time in the night and make Mrs. Three Dog Blogger have a bad back in the morning.

This pedigree puppy has not decided that she wishes to learn how to talk. This puppy has not decided that the best way for Dogs to learn how to talk is,whenever she is awake, to open and close her mouth in a stupid looking way and make growls, yelps and all manner of stupid noises.

This beautiful absolutely perfect, and not naughty at all puppy, has not decided that she now needs to play whenever she is awake, and that to play she has to bark at you until you submit. This puppy does not make your ears feel like they are about to explode and make your brain rattle in your skull.

003This pedigree puppy for sale cheap does not constantly come up to you and paw you and bark in your face and try to bite any piece of clothing that you may be wearing.

The best price for pedigree puppies is here and this pedigree puppy does not live up a Spanish mountainside with 2 other Dogs which means she doesn’t get socialised enough because there is no room in the Car. This puppy is not under socialised because every time she gets in the Car, after being grabbed because she tries to run away, she throws up and then tries to eat it again. In fact this low priced pedigree puppy loves going in the Car and never tries to hide underneath it so she can stay at home.

This puppy is really brave and nothing like her shy Mum. She does not lie upside down and open her legs in submission if you bring the Car near the house and ask if she wants to go for a ride.

naruto master of the universeSo, if you want a low priced pedigree puppy, and not a naughty teenage mongrel, then leave a comment with your bid. Remember the lowest price wins.

Oh, and I will throw in an evil Cat as well (please).


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  1. hello three dog blogger its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmm isnt eevil cat redundant??? ha ha ok bye

  2. Three Dog Blogger says:


    Eevil Cat needs to go. He is driving me bonkers. How can one Cat make so much noise for food. Aaargggh.

  3. puppy says:

    i don’t want evil cats…:(

  4. Lindsay says:

    I bid 25 cents.

    Oops, might’ve posted this comment twice. Computer issues.

    Anyway, I am curious about your cat making so much noise for food. I am pretty sure I have the world’s worst cat. He harasses me nonstop for food. I’ll have to do a video sometime. I would probably have to pay somebody to take him.

  5. Nancy says:

    Wow, you have perfectly described our labby boy Murphy, they must have been separated at birth! They even look alike. Will trade you your dog for evil cocker spaniel. Who (whom?) for the last 8 years has refused to go potty outside, because she does not like her feet to touch the outside. She is currently wearing the diaper of shame.

  6. Three Dog Blogger says:


    Right, I will get her wrapped up and shipped asap, unless anyone else bids lower that is. As to the evil Cat Naruto, he is obsessed with his food. We have acres of land and you can hear him meowing? from the bottom of the terraces for the 10 mins it takes him to arrive.

    He gets louder as you make his food and then pierces my brain as I am trying to put it down for him. Not good. You want? Do a vid, it would be interesting to compare.

  7. Three Dog Blogger says:


    I feel better to know I am not alone. The Diaper of shame, I like it 😉

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