The Many Advantages of Dog Backpacks Cheap Dog Backpacks For Sale

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I’m surprised more dogs don’t wear a backpack. I know people are trying to save instead of spend right now, but let me tell you about the benefits to owning a dog backpack. It really is worth it for all dog owners.

The number one behavioral problem with dogs is their endless energy. Pent-up energy leads to all kinds of problems – separation anxiety, barking, chewing, jumping, whining, aggression, pulling on the leash, etc. We all know we don’t walk our dogs often enough, and when we do it’s nowhere near the distance the dogs need.

Besides a lack of exercise, our dogs get few mental challenges. They spend hours home alone, they aren’t trained well enough and they are bored. Because of this, dogs are even more anxious and destructive.

A dog backpack is a tool that can be used to drain a dog’s physical and mental energy. Buying a dog backpack is not going to replace walking or training your dog, but when used in addition to training and exercise, the dog is going to benefit.

Dogs get more exercise while wearing a backpack.

I bought a backpack for my lab mix Ace the week I adopted him. I immediately knew he needed as many ways as possible to drain his pent-up energy and anxiety. I didn’t make him wear his pack every time we walked, but especially on mornings when I only had time for a 20-minute walk, that backpack came in handy.

Dog backpacks have a pouch on each side and fit over the dog like a saddle. I often fill Ace’s pack with a few books, although anything can be used for weight. Small bags of sand would work perfectly. I’ve tried water bottles, but I don’t like the sound they make. Books work well for us because it’s easy to balance each side and adjust the weight by adding or taking away a book.

The more weight used in the pack, the more energy the dog will drain. Start with a small amount of weight and shorter distances and build from there. About 10 percent of your dog’s weight is a good amount to shoot for. Ace weighs about 60 pounds and carries about 6 pounds in his pack.

Dog backpacks are a mental challenge.

Ace’s heeling has gotten a lot better, but when I first adopted him, he had no concept of walking on a “loose leash.” Like most dogs, he wanted to pull. The dog backpack gave him a job to do and helped him focus on something other than pulling.

The pack can be a mental challenge for the dog even with no weight in the pack at all. It’s about something new, learning and focusing. Ace carries himself higher when he has his pack on, and seems to have a greater sense of purpose. Even after a shorter walk with the pack on, Ace comes home and is content to nap on his dog bed.

I highly recommend a backpack for working and sporting breeds such as rottweilers and springer spaniels, although any dog will benefit from the backpack. Working dogs were bred for specific jobs. For example, rottweilers and greater Swiss mountain dogs were used for pulling carts. Working dogs that don’t have a job to do will create their own jobs – and these jobs probably won’t meet your approval!

Similar to working dogs, sporting breeds like labs and golden retrievers easily get bored if they don’t have challenges. These dogs were bred as hunting companions, but most sporting dogs spend their lives confined to a backyard or house. Carrying a backpack is a good way to challenge your family pet.

A backpack comes in handy for carrying supplies.

When Ace and I go for long runs, I don’t put any weight in the pack. Instead I use it to carry empty poop bags and maybe a small water bottle and a plastic bowl. It’s also handy because when I pick up after Ace, guess who gets to carry his own poop? Yep, I double bag it and put it in his pack until we find a garbage can. This saves me the embarrassment of running with a poop bag in each hand while trying to hold onto a leash.

Ace and I also go for weekend backpacking trips, and I am happy to say Ace carries all his own gear – food, water, bowl, bags, treats, leash and tennis ball. Good boy!

Packs come in different styles and sizes to fit any breed. Prices range from about $20 to $80.

Does your dog wear a backpack?

Many thanks to Lindsay from That Mutt for a great article.

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  1. Todd says:

    Wait a minute! So I’m gonna have to carry the lunch, the wine and the Greenies?! Man, that couch is lookin’ better and better.

  2. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Todd, it’s good exercise. Don’t be so lazy!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to write a guest post. I appreciate it! I hope you get a backpack for your dogs!

    Lindsay’s last blog post..Best outdoor dog pictures (Week 1)

  4. Dozer says:

    Yep there is a backpack in our house!! It wuz fer Old Lady Dawg when she went to agility club so Mummy didnt have to carry all the stuff but then I inherited it when Old Lady Dawg went away. Ha ha ha jokes on you Mummy cause I dont like to walk!!

    Now forchoonately fer me it looks like Star is the next backback viktim. Mummy is jest too lazy to carry all the gear fer Stars training classes.

  5. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Lindsay, thanks for a great post. I am going to get one.

    Dozer, sounds like you haave it sussed Dude.

  6. Condo Blues says:

    My dog has a backpack. He’s only 12 lbs so he can only carry the car key and a pickup bag.

    Condo Blues’s last blog post..I’m Going to BlogHer ’09!

  7. Janet Huey says:

    Ha ha of course my mommy has a back pack-it’s for carrying me around. I’m the mascot for her pet related business and when we do something called
    ‘storefronts” she holds me in front of her to attract attention to the booth. She says it’s also because I’m deaf-I say it’s because I’m so darn cute-all seven pounds of me.