Nuheart: Soluble Heartworm Tablets

We normally give our Dogs Nuheart now once a month to ensure that they stay free of heartworms. We don’t need to use Heartgard Plus as intestinal worms are not really an issue. But the other month I made a mistake and bought a similar sounding product but I really wish that I hadn’t. Nuheart is one of the only heartworm tablets that is soluble. If you buy Nuheart then you will find that the monthly dose to prevent heartworms is simplicity itself. No trying to tempt the Dogs with a treat with a hidden pill, and certainly no […]

Generic Advantix

Being quite involved in the world of pets meds this is just a note to let anyone that is interested know that Generic Advantix is now available and for a very low price. It is a perfect replacement for Frontline and is currently over half the price. The generic K9 Advantix works just as well as the branded form but is available for about half the price. We even ordered it ourselves as we have found it is more suitable for the Dogs here in Spain. Here is the link to buy: UPDATE: I was sad to find out […]

Leaks No More Treating a Dog’s Urinary Incontinence Naturally

We have mentioned previously here on one of thebest Dog Blogs about our Daisy Dog’s Urinary Incontinence. There are a lot of reasons why the problem can arise but it seems Daisy’s is a hormonal issue, leading to her having less control over her bladder than she or we would like. Well we’ve recently been trialing Leaks No More from HomeoPet as we didn’t want to get her onto stronger medication unnecessarily. We found the best price Leaks No More from Amazon. Buy Leaks No More best price from the link we provide. Click to buy Leaks No More […]

Pet Meds: The Best Prices For Pet Med Purchases

Many people use 1800 PetMeds to buy there online Pet Meds. This is without comparing prices from other stores and this means that often we pay more than we need to. The reality is that many online stores that are popular such as 1800petmeds and sites like Fosters and Smith are not the best places to get your Pet Med products. To get the best possible prices it really does pay to shop around. You should always perform price comparisons to ensure that you are paying the lowest possible prices. All too often we simply go with a name […]

Canadian Heartworm Medicine

Today we are going to take a look at the option of buying Canadian Heartworm Medicine on the Dog Blog. A lot of Dog owners take the decision to give a monthly heartworm pill to ensure that adult heartworms never develop, and it can be a rather costly business for some owners. There are lots of options for preventing heartworms from growing, and if you know where to look you can buy them for a very affordable price. Generics are becoming a lot more popular as they can be purchased for such a low price, although for whatever reasons […]

Dog Glucosamine – Dog Chew Glucosamine

Today we are going to take a good long look at Dog Glucosamine here at one of the best Dog Blogs online. At least I like to think so anyway 😉 Just kidding readers. Anyway, over the past few years there has been a lot of interest in Dog Glucosamine and at the Arthritis and Glucosamine website there are a lot of pretty amazing claims for what it can do. With a lot of pain relief meds for Dogs being prescription only and relatively expensive Dog Glucosamine is an OTC med that can be purchased with no prescription and […]

Bovine Colostrum Capsules For Dogs

Regular readers will know that I am fairly involved in running a few websites that deal with pet meds. Today, while doing some research I came across something I had never heard of before, and that was Colostrum. Now, if you know all about it then please do not scoff, I am a man and really do not know very much about lactation, especially when it comes to lactating Cows! Anyway, I looked up Colostrum on Wikipedia and I must say I was quite interested in what I read. I then read a very interesting article on a holistic […]