Bovine Colostrum Capsules For Dogs

Regular readers will know that I am fairly involved in running a few websites that deal with pet meds. Today, while doing some research I came across something I had never heard of before, and that was Colostrum. Now, if you know all about it then please do not scoff, I am a man and really do not know very much about lactation, especially when it comes to lactating Cows!

Anyway, I looked up Colostrum on Wikipedia and I must say I was quite interested in what I read. I then read a very interesting article on a holistic pet care site here that I found very informative. Here are a few interesting snippets:

Bovine Colostrum provides instant antibody protection and destruction of infective bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancer cells. It is an old remedy that was relied upon before the advent of chemical companies churning out chemicals and antibiotics.

Colostrum’s healing affects are multifaceted. I have become a believer and recommend it in all ill animals and people no matter what the cause, in arthritic, allergic and autoimmune conditions. I have found it has reduced my allergy expressions of migraines and psoriasis since I have been taking 2 capsules 3 xs daily. Colostrum comes in capsules or in loose powdered form. I find mixing the powder with a small amount of milk is quite palatable to cats and dogs

It certainly made for some interesting reading. Delving deeper it seems that many Dog owners are looking for bovine Colostrum to give to their pets to help alleviate all manner of problems. Small Dogs can be given a capsule twice a day and larger Dogs can have 2 capsules twice a day. There is no need to buy colostrum specifically for Dogs, you can simply choose from the many available offers here on Amazon for a lot of choice. Here is another quote I came across:

Hundreds of studies by some of the world’s most respected doctors, researchers and scientists have shown that the components in colostrum can help destroy viruses, bacteria, yeasts and parasites and powerfully boost immune function as well as help increase vitality and stamina. It has also been used to help relive symptoms of sinusitis, asthma, herpes, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Go to for more research information.

Note that colostrum is not species specific so this applies as much to giving to humans as it does to Dogs. It should also be noted that the calf will always have been given the colostrum first as without it it would very likely not survive and we can rest assured that farmers would consider the calf much more important. From what I have read it can aid greatly in improving the health of young puppies that may not have had enough of their mothers milk for the first day or two after they were born. This often happens if the puppy is born in to a large litter.

How To Give To Dogs

Simply pick your brand, although this brand is the bestseller so I would stick with that, and simply then open up the capsule and sprinkle on your pets food. It is said to help greatly in so many Dogs that the arguments for giving it are quite strong.

You don’t need a Dog specific brand as it will all work in exactly the same way. It is seen as especially useful if young pups are weak and not doing as well as their siblings. Here is yet another quote from an avid advocate:

I have found that puppies and kittens that are not thriving respond within days to supplementation with bovine colostrum fed four times per day, mixed with water. I dose them at 1/8th to _ tsp depending on the size of the newborn. Once they are stable, I reduce the frequency on once per day and the amount to 1/3 tsp up to 25 pounds per body weight believe that colostrum from their mothers is not adequate or not being utilized by the newborn.

So, if your Dog is lethargic, has allergies, diarrhea, ulcers, viral infections and so many other ailments that I could go on and on, then there is a surprising amount of anecdotal evidence that colostrum is very effective at aiding recovery.

I obviously have no personal knowledge of using colostrum and this is not in any way advice or a guarantee that colostrum will work. I simply found it extremely interesting and wanted to offer up a little of what I found, and there is a very strong case for the many benefits bovine colostrum can give to your Dog.

If you have used it yourself or for your Dogs then please leave a comment so me and other readers can hear about the effects (or not) it had.

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  1. Kate says:


    Your article really offers a lot of useful information about bovine colostrum. Just like you, this is also the first time that I have read about it and I find it really very interesting. Now I am deciding if I should consider giving it to my dog who’s been experiencing skin allergies on both of his ears…You know how costly it is to always take them to the vet…Just wanna here some thoughts…Thanks 🙂

  2. I find your article very useful and informative. I am researching information in the case of emergency for my Coton De Tulear. This article helps me to be more prepared. Thanks for posting it!

  3. Jana says:

    Wow, this is so great. I am always very happy to hear about non-drug solutions. We had some bad experiences with drugs, and in general I prefer natural solutions. (not that everything natural is necessarily harmless).

    We are trying to pursue as natural approaches for our Jasmine as we can, including Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    I have to admit this is the first time I am learning about bovine colostrum, and I am very glad to have found out about it.

    Thank you!

  4. dan church says:

    wow great article
    thanks for the intresting read my dog suffers dog bad
    skin on his ears i find it very useful
    thanks 🙂

  5. Matt says:

    Thank you for the informative article. I’ve been researching the bovine colostrum for my dog.
    Thanks for the post.

  6. Laurie says:

    Great Find, I will be passing this on to a few dog owners I work with. Plus, I feel these would be great for my 2 mini-schnauzers, both of which have various types of medical issues!


  7. WOW Mobile says:

    I have heard about Bovine Colostrum supplements for human, only makes sense that it would be beneficial for man’s best friend. Our dog has led a healthy life for which I am very grateful. I will ask the vet if she has any info to add to what you provided. thank you.

  8. I just aquired another dog from my daughter and she might have skin problems. Something to check into.

  9. Zarah says:

    I am a new breeder so I’m really trying to prepare. I just recently learned that a couple of other dogs in my breed of interest has had Pyometra and that a suggested prevention (read from internet research) is to boost the immune system with Colostrum. Now I’m wondering, why not add this supplement to all my dogs daily diet? None of my dogs have any medical issues right now but why not give all of them this boost and help keep their immune system up?

  10. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Zarah, there is a lot to be said for this supplement every day to keep them in fine form and supple. A lot of owners now do use it daily as the prices are so low and the benefits so high.

  11. Joel says:

    My Westie used to have terrible skin which all vets cannot resolve. Plagued by Yeast, Open Sores, Hair-loss, Flakes, Eye Discharge. Fed him on Colostrum for a week and I noticed IMMEDIATE change. Firstly, his eyes cleared up, flaking stopped, tiny hairs are growing back on the bald spots, Yeastly smell cleared up gradually, NO MORE SCRATCHING! He is only on colostrum 2 caps a day and nothing else. Amazing stuff!

  12. Arie says:


    hello every one! im here like all of you, for one reason, we love our pets. im going through a hard time with my female dogS scratching, SO IMAGINE WHAT SHE IS GOING THROUGH ALL THE TIME. she has allergies for life i was told. poor dog. she goes through a lot and never showed me a bad day in her 3 years of existence. she is always full of life and love with tons of affection. I NEED TO SAVE HER OR SHE WILL GO MAD!! no one can go through this and not be mentally affected. i have one question, WHAT IS THE BRAND THAT JOEL IS USING? HIS SITUATION SOUNDS LIKE MINE. ALTHOUGH IM NOT SURE ABOUT THE YEAST. BUT I WOULD STILL TRY IT OUT. WRITE ME thanks!!

  13. Tammy says:

    How much should I give my dog? She’s 4 months old and weighs 17.5 lbs snd also wat do I mix the powder with to feed it to her

  14. kathyP says:

    I have been using colostrum for many years now with great success. I’ve used it to break many infections from an abscessed tooth to intestinal issues. I’ve also given it to my birds. My last bird had a very bad molt which was highly unusual, I thought I was losing him. I started him on charcoal and colostrum and within an 1/2 hour he was his happy self again. I am now looking for the dosage for my small dog. It’s great stuff, give it everyone and your pets!

  15. Anita says:

    my female just had a emergency c section afterwards her milk did not come in so no colostrum for the new born which were being bottle fed. So I put a half a capsule in four oz of formula. Right away I seen a big difference in the babies. They were stronger more active ate better next feeding. After the first day I stop didn’t give it to them because was afraid if it would be ok for them. Again seen a big difference they got sluggish and didn’t eat as well. So I put them right back on it and bang they all perked right back up. So they are now going on four days old and seem to be doing really good. Hope it will keep them going strong.