Nuheart: Soluble Heartworm Tablets

We normally give our Dogs Nuheart now once a month to ensure that they stay free of heartworms. We don’t need to use Heartgard Plus as intestinal worms are not really an issue. But the other month I made a mistake and bought a similar sounding product but I really wish that I hadn’t.

Nuheart is one of the only heartworm tablets that is soluble. If you buy Nuheart then you will find that the monthly dose to prevent heartworms is simplicity itself. No trying to tempt the Dogs with a treat with a hidden pill, and certainly no trying to maybe massage their throat to get them to swallow a pill.

I had forgotten just how awkward it was to try to get the Girls to swallow their pills. We had been using Nuheart for such a long time that we had not had the experience. It is not easy.

With Nuheart we simple dissolve in some water and put on to the Dog’s food, they don’t even know that they have been medicated.

If you have been having any problems with getting your Dog to swallow a pill then this is what you should try, or  Heartgard Plus if you also wish to treat for intestinal worms at the same time.

In Other News

Now that the weather has begun to warm up I realize the joy of a tired out Dog. It has seemed like a long winter and the Dogs seem to have been full of energy every day. We have tried our best to get them to be worn out, but with 3 Dogs it is not always the easiest thing in the world. A run off the leash is what is needed, and they do get that, but not all at once. A certain pack mentality seems to be in real evidence when all three are loose, so two of the Girls need to take it in turns to have their freedom, it makes for less than exhausted Dogs.

But the warm weather has meant that they no longer have the same amount of energy and are spending a lot more time sleeping, which is certainly good news for the owner of this Dog Blog.

If it carries on at this rate then by the Summer they will be pretty much motionless for the whole day. It means a nice early walk as I am now getting woken up way too early by a few very loud birds in the tree outside the house, it is great to see the Sun rise, but not perfect for someone who needs a good eight hours to function, at least I can take an afternoon Siesta though without feeling guilty!

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  1. Hendrick says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with Nuheart and the off-brand you tried. I’ve found that often times, you get what you pay for. It’s always worth it for me to spend a little extra to get the better quality food, pet products, or anything else for Momo.

    Momo and I are super glad that spring is upon us! She is enjoying the fabulous weather here in sunny California. 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    I know what you mean about the hot weather slowing the dogs down – our three have been out of it for the last few days, although when it’s walk time they still go crazy.

    We walk them off the lead at the same time (two Mini Schnauzers and one Giant Schnauzer) so always need a tennis ball in hand to make sure the big one doesn’t decide to ‘dive bomb’ the little ones too much 😉

  3. Thanks for posting these tips… getting your dog to swallow pills can be difficult sometimes.

  4. Four Paws says:

    What a great idea!! I use the Nuheart because of the lower price, but I’
    ve been using Pill Pockets to diguise them. Although I have no problems getting my kids to take them, the Pill Pockets can be a bit pricey. I like your idea much better as a cost cutter and I am going to try it this next month!!

  5. Brian says:

    We have three dogs as well, it’s gonna be one long winter…

  6. Gracie says:

    Wow, that Nuheart sounds really great. Awesome that you can put it on the food. We don’t have much trouble because we always use peanut butter to give our pup pills.