Canadian Heartworm Medicine

Today we are going to take a look at the option of buying Canadian Heartworm Medicine on the Dog Blog. A lot of Dog owners take the decision to give a monthly heartworm pill to ensure that adult heartworms never develop, and it can be a rather costly business for some owners. There are lots of options for preventing heartworms from growing, and if you know where to look you can buy them for a very affordable price. Generics are becoming a lot more popular as they can be purchased for such a low price, although for whatever reasons (probably Brand trust), names like Heartgard and Revolution are still the best sellers.

Before we get to the issue of Canadian Meds and the pros and cons of buying from Canada here are some links where you can make the purchases and also read some interesting information on the whole issue of whether or not to use a heartworm med at all, and a good read about prescription meds from Canada for people:

Wikipedia Heartworm page

The American Heartworm Society page for Dog owners

An article on Suddenly Senior all about the legality of buying cheap prescription drugs in general from Canada. Interesting reading for anyone who wants to buy cheap prescription medication for people as well as Dogs. I recommend you read this.

It is, of course, our decision whether or not we feel that we should use any treatment at all. The risk is not large for many Dogs, while some areas can be real problems, i.e areas with high numbers of mosquitoes. But, on to the issue of Canadian heartworm medicine.

Why Buy Canadian Heartworm Medicine?

The simple fact is that in the US and the UK basically all heartworm meds require a prescription from the vets. This is to ensure that no animals are given the medication if they have adult heartworms, which can be dangerous. As long as a Dog has been given the all clear then it is safe to give the medication on a monthly basis.

The problem arises that it takes time to get the prescription and prices are normally much higher to buy from the vets than online. More owners have now discovered that by buying from Canada they do not require a prescription for many of  the most popular heartworm meds. Not all of them, but a number of brands and generics. Combined with low prices this is a very appealing option. As long as we know that are pet does not have adult heartworms or has been already regularly treated with a medication then we run no risk of any adverse effects, prescription or not. Even for the prescription heartworm meds the prices are very much lower in many cases.

This is why people are searching for Canadian heartworm medicine online.

But Is It Legal?

This is the question. It is still a grey area for people searching where to buy cheap meds from Canada. Canadian sites have on their pages a disclaimer that the FDA has taken the position that virtually all prescription meds shipped to non Canadian residents from Canada may, in most cases, be breaking the law. The problem is that it is not an open and shut case. There is no emphatic yes or no. Virtually all? In most cases?  This is simply confusing but what I have found is that no one gets in to trouble for buying prescription meds from Canada. And as they do not need a prescription for many of our options there is no problem as far as I can see. Many more people are also buying their own prescription meds from Canada to make big savings so why not for the Dogs? Whether it is prescription based or not in Canada.

This is obviously all that the Canadian based sites have to inform their visitors of. So there is no definite position on the legality, as far as I can see. What I do know is that tens of thousands of US and UK based Dog owners buy from Canada every month and I have not heard of any problems regarding any legal issues. This is for meds that require a prescription in all countries and for those that do not require a prescription in Canada.

So, should you buy from Canada?

That is entirely up to you. I have heard of no problems as the legality of doing this is pretty inconclusive for the prescription ones. How would anyone even know what is in the package shipped to your door?

In reality it is simply up to the individual whether they think it is right as the legal side is not definite but does hint that we should not really do this. But with the Internet opening up borders and allowing us to buy items from anywhere in the world to save money and time it is difficult to see this ever being concluded.

Whatever you do and wherever you buy heartworm medication from you must ensure that your Dog has been cleared by a Vet if they have not received a monthly treatment for more than three months.

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  1. Pete says:

    This is an interesting article. So far, because of the unclear legalities, we’ve stuck to U.S. and local vet resources. However, we’re watching this issue closely as pet med costs are continuing to soar.

  2. Three Dog Blogger says:


    It is confusing. But as far as I can discover if you buy a heartworm medicine that does not require a prescription in Canada then we are doing nothing wrong. And if you read the article linked to about buying prescription meds for people it seems that the US is turning a blind eye to people getting their prescriptions filled in Canada as they know the realities of people being able to afford high prescription costs. So we can surely do it for our pets for even the prescription heartworm meds.

    If you can buy a generic heartworm med without a prescription for 6 months for well under $20, like Nuheart, then why buy expensive Heartgard from the vets where you need a prescription as well? As long as we are sensible about ensuring our pets do not have an adult heartworm infection we are on very safe grounds. I am in Spain and it is still cheaper to have things like K9 Advantix, where you can buy a generic in Canada, shipped here than buy it locally, even where we get a discount. Not for heartworm but helps to lower the risk of Leishmania which is a problem here. It seems amazing people can fill their own prescriptions in Canada for half the price it costs in the US.

  3. Alicia says:

    I think that heartworm medicine is a good thing, but there needs to be a way to get it from the U.S. not Canada.

  4. Fashion Blog says:

    so we have to wait for it to get legalised?

  5. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Nope, we just order it. It is not actually illegal as the meds that re non prescription in Canada can be imported by us and those that need a prescription can also be ordered as nobody is getting in to trouble even though it is not strictly legal.

  6. Anna says:

    Worms in general are a great problem.. Thanks God, I’ve never had such a problem as heartworms with my Dog… Interesting article! Are these meds expensive?

  7. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Anna, the heartworm meds are very cheap. From $15 for a six month supply.

  8. Lindy says:

    I have three dogs so I cannot afford to buy in amounts of 6 pills, I need more and I live on a very small income per month so I am seeking some help.