Welcome To The Three Dog Blog

This very well could have been a Seven Dog Blog!

Thank goodness it isn’t. Daisy gave birth to 5 pups but luckily through friends and lots of advertising we now have only 3 dogs.

Firstly let me introduce you to the girls:

There is Faye who we had in September of 2007 when she was an eight week pup

Daisy who we got from the pound at about three months of age in October 2007

Jet, another female who is the remaining puppy from Daisies litter and was born late June 2008

For anyone thinking of getting three dogs just let me say one thing-

Three Dogs is a lot more than one more than two!

Exactly what do i mean by that? Well, having had two dogs up until recently which i can say is a fair amount of work having an additional dog make the work a lot more than just having an extra dog. Everything takes much longer, they can be a lot more boisterous, more dogs under your feet and more chance of them all being naughty if one of them gets started! This is just the beginning.

I am not saying that i would have it any different now but being a dog owner can be a lot of work. Looking after dogs can be very rewarding. Hopefully this blog will be entertaining and fun but i will also be realistic in the ups and downs of dog ownership. It is not just fun and games. There is the mess, the worry, the daily chores and what seems like the constant filling of water bowls.

I am sure all dog owners can sympathise with me when i say there is nothing worse than getting up in the morning and going to put the coffee on only to realise you are standing in something wet and squishy!

Of course we have some great times. They are great company, loyal, and it definitely keeps you nice and fit and helps to keep me and my partner exploring the countryside.

I hope you will find this blog interesting and fun and will also help to question a few of the ways we live and interact with our pets.

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