The Greatest Dog Story In The World. Be Part Of It.

Do you want to be part of The Greatest Dog Story In The World?

Well we all will be. This is my plan and I think it could be great. We are all going to write a great Dog story here on this page.

We can each write a section, or as many sections as we want, however long or short we wish. The story will be open for four consecutive weeks starting today. It will close in four weeks time at the time this post is first puplished which I will post at the bottom.

How it will work and why you should contribute.

Firstly, I have a feeling this will be great fun for us all. We can all be part of a great community of pet owners or animal lovers that can interact via this post and who knows what other format. If you contribute and have a blog or website then you get a free mention by filling in your site details in the comments registration box and I have a feeling quite a few people will be seeing it.

You get to use your indvidual writing style to contribute to the story in whatever way you see fit. You can post a word or an essay. Whatever you want. You can bring yourself in to the story, or your animals, you can put a talking Dog in to the story or turn it in to a whodunnit. The beauty of this is it will be wide open for you to take it in any direction you see fit. I just know this is going to be great fun.

Okay, how will this work and what do you do?

  • This story will run in the comments section
  • You need to post a comment on a different post first (only if you have not already made a comment and are on auto approve)
  • I will approve your comment as soon as I can but bear in mind I do sleep and leave the house
  • You need to make a decent, non spammy comment, this way I will approve you and all future comments by you can then be accepted automatically, this will make the story here run in order and make sense (hopefully)!
  • Once you are on auto approve (anyone who has already left a comment already is) leave your part of the Dog story by making a comment
  • Make it as short or as long as you want
  • I will not edit comments so check your spelling
  • Anything I dissaprove of i.e overtly bad language will just be removed (remember I will not edit your post)
  • Keep it on topic to the general theme (this is a Dog story)
  • Use your imagination and take the story in to new and exciting places
  • Tell the world about it
  • Tell everyone on Twitter you are part of the Greatest Dog Story In The World
  • Bookmark this page so others can find your part of the story
  • Submit it to all your favourite sites like Digg, Mixx etc using the buttons at the bottom of this post or your own bookmarks etc. The more people that see this story, the more people there are that will see your website and your last blog post via the commentluv plugin
  • If you don’t have a website or a blog, don’t feel left out, you don’t need one to be part of The Greatest Dog Story In The World. We all want to see how creative we can all be
  • This story will last for four weeks from the time I post this. Be especially aware that my time is GMT +1, it is up to you to work out how this relates to your time zone. If it does not end naturally via the final post then, I will pick a contributor at random and they can post the ending. If they don’t respond in 24 hours I will pick the next commentator down etc etc
  • I have the honour of going first (see the first comment below)

At the end of the four weeks and once we have the final chapter, I will compile all the comments and put them in to a story format and publish the whole story. At the end of the story every writer will be credited for their contribution and those with a website or blog will have their link added as a bonus thank you. We can then all save the page to be part of Doggie history.

Anyone who wants to be a part of this I would suggest subscribing to the feed or bookmarking this page so you can easily check back to follow the story. Remember you can make as many contributions as you want.

So come on everyone, Lets make this the Greatest Dog Story In The World. Bring your Dogs or yourself to the attention of all the readers and contributors and lets all see where this ends up. Four weeks of story telling….Let’s GO!

First Published Tuesday 16th December 2008 18:28

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  1. the three dog blogger says:

    It was a dark and wet night when Faye the Doggie Detective stepped out from the alley. Her sidekicks, Daisy the master of disguise and undercover puppy Jet were nowhere to be seen but Faye knew they were close by.

    It had already been a very long day. Weary from the chase that had ensued after Dastardly Derek the Devious Dalmation through the moors of Scotland, she was left with a real sense of foreboding.

    Something was just not right and she couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

    Suddenly there was a loud commotion from a second storey window. Glass came smashing down from across the street. She started to run, but ……

  2. sjloveday says:

    I did comment and I want you to know my feeder is working fine now…I will be back when I can to add to the story and give one of my website url’s…sandy

  3. the three dog blogger says:

    A strange comment had hit her brain like a ton of bricks. She could’nt move. Where did this strange cyber hit come from?

    Maybe it was a “ping” leaking through from the early days when she had got a lot of cybernetics installed after reading too many Peter F. Hamilton books.

    Faye shrugged it off and continued running.

    She just knew things were gonna get strange.

  4. Sootie says:

    What was she doing? Senor Sam had been watching this dame for a long time. Why did she have to always poke her nose into other pooches business? It only led to trouble with a capital GGGRRR! If some little pup got it’s skweaky toy pinched by some bully pitbull then so what?! Heck, there were bigger canine problems to worry about … no more than a week ago his best friends pup had taken to be fixed by his owners. Not nice to see a young guy lose his woof, but he wasn’t the first and sure wouldn’t be the last…. Sadly this kind of thing was all too common in this community!

  5. Sootie says:

    But Senor Sam had seen it all and more, but never before had he been so captivated by any other foxy female canine such as she … Doggie Detective Faye! He’d been watching her for a long time now, but age was creeping up with him and with that brought arthritis and poor eyesight, making it difficult to sometimes keep up with her and her newly acquired side-kicks – some mischievous little pupster Jet (ah yeah, real original), and Dodgy Daisy who wasn’t fooling anyone with those disguises. Still, they often walked the streets and did good work saving pups and weaklings from the bullies of the parks and fields and gained the respect of most of the local canine community. MOST……BUT NOT ALL……

  6. blzrul says:

    My friend Gail accompanied me to the shelter to select a dog. The sight of so many homeless animals brought her to tears, and she waited outside.

    When I saw the two big, fuzzy Alaskan Malamute mix dogs, lying so quietly in their kennel and ignoring their madly barking kennel mates…my heart melted. My heart almost broke when I heard a voice behind me – reading from the card on the cage front – saying “oh, these dogs were found tied up on a farm. No-one will want them.”

    Thirty minutes later…I was filling out the adoption papers, and a beautiful relationship had begun.

  7. Welovedogs says:

    Ha, ha, ha! I am Viscious Vic The Evil Chihuahua, but you can call me Evil! And all you need to know is that I hate that dog and will not rest until my evil eradication is complete. I am watching them all watching each other and they do not even know but I have a feeling that someone is watching me – well whoever or whatever it is had better watch out!

  8. the three dog blogger says:

    blzrul knew that her special Dogs could play an important role in the mayhem that was to erupt sooner or later. The Alaskan Malamute Mixes had been way to quiet.

    They were definitely getting ready to do something, she just wasn’t sure what.

    When the Malamutes made their minds up and donned their backpacks, full of gadgets she could only dream of, who knew what they had in mind.

  9. Heather says:

    Ava watched as Senor Sam followed Detective Fay through the parks and alleyways. Silly Sam – he thought he was the only one watching this group, but he wasn’t. This group was being tracked by various organizations throughout the city. Ava probably didn’t even know about all of them. Sure, there were the obvious ones, the ones that weren’t the subtle types (Viscious Vic’s pack came to mind) but there were others, too, many others.

    Ava was part of an underground organization called “Iggies Ect.” who had been following Fay’s group for over two years. Ava and her cohorts, including her overenthusiastic brother, Jackson, had been given valuable information that Jet (Fay’s puppy partner) was still in contact with his old littermates – one of which was being scouted by an Evil Mill Empire. Ava was sure Jet had no idea of this, but Iggies Ect. hoped to use him to bring the empire down.

    Right now, though, Ava couldn’t stop watching Sam…

    Heather’s last blog post..Friends From Home

  10. Welovedogs says:

    It was the eve of the New Year – 2053, and for many years pooches had been ruling the land. Not only were they fully able to walk on two legs, talk, and read but they could now even use cutlery. Of course, there were still some mavericks who simply refused to conform to this naturally enforced evolution of dogsters, and they were the monster thorn in the side of the “Iggies Ect”. Presumed by most homocaninians to be their savour (after all, what had those wretched humans ever done for them?) the “Iggies Ect” party, and ruler of the land for many years were actually an organization of ruthless, vicous canines, trying to eradicate the world of all dogs refusing to reign over humans and insisting all must forget their dog-walking days!

    Unbeknown to all who thought they were being watched (and they were being watched, oh yes), they had one thing in common – they were all secret members of the Evil Mill Empire. A cunningly disguised name really meaning >>> **

  11. Welovedogs says:


  12. Daisy couldn’t believe she’d missed most of the story so far…

    And now of all things there looked to be some kind of doggy revolution about to begin.

    Daisy had more important things to supervise so had spent several days sitting outside the chicken coop monioring a possible riot there. Those hens were trouble – but they did provide lovely tasty eggs.

    And, she drooled as she though, I bet they’d taste good too… But no – the shouty man said keep an eye on them, not eat them so she continued her vigil ensuring no further communication between hens and mrs shouty took place.

    An important task, Daisy ensured eggs remained breakfast of choice in shouty house for now at least…

  13. Sootie says:

    Evolution must end of course! And senior sam was no fool – he knew who was in and who was not!!! What he couldn’t understand was why there was so little aid from the two-legged “owners” he was trying to protect -if only they would unite with the underdogs, they could beat these vicious canines.

    Days of deliberation had brought him to the conclusion that he must aproach that foxy feline Faye, convince her that his plan of action was the only possible solution to this dia situation and advance, advance, advance!! (sorry, days in the mongrel masters were more prevalent in his mind these days, must be the cybernetics recovery synapses of his brain!)

    He tracked her down, returning a chewed up shoe to some little pupster on the main route of the local park …… Faye looked up into Senior Sam’s black eyes and almost yelped….She knew, but did he? He was the Neo of the dog world, meeting Senior Sam was an honour that she never believed would be bestowed on her and yet here he was. Whatever he wanted, she knew she would honour his wishes…. the chosen one had blessed her with his pressence!

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