Feed Problems

This is just a quick note to tell all the subscribers via the feed that there was a problem and you may not have been receiving the last few posts.

Apparently using a string of symbols in a post title instead of a swear word sent feedburner in to meltdown! Remind me to always use bad language in the future!

I hope this is the only reason why no one has yet to continue what could be The Greatest Dog Story In The World!

Come on guys let’s make it great!

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  1. Bugger!! Sorry to hear – thanks for the heads up I’ll be sure to not do that on my blog!!

    Taris Janitens’s last blog post..Anyone Else Notice a Decrease in Posts??

  2. Sootie says:

    AH, I didn’t get the feed thingy either, but had just jumped onto your site to see what you and the pooches are up to.

    Um, as you know I haven’t got a dog myself (but we used to have a dog as children) but thought I’d join in on your Greatest Dog story – it’s great fun and will return with more additions if that’s okay – I want to add some more, but am in work so had better do what I’m paid for! Such a great idea – can’t wait to see where it all leads!! 🙂