The Dogs Are Obsessed (again), Look Out Cabbages!

This last week or so the Dogs have found themselves a new obsession.

It seems as soon as one of them starts some new, daft thing, they all have to get in on the action. If one of them decides it would be fun to stand right behind you in the Kitchen whenever you are there, then you can guarantee that in a few hours you will have three pesky pooches making your life a misery for a few days!

This weeks latest obsession was started by Daisy. She is the hunter of the pack and loves nothing better than spending an afternoon chasing Grasshoppers or butterflies or whatever else you can pretty much guarantee she is very unlikely to catch.

We have a large vegetable garden and at this time of year it is full of Cauliflowers, Cabbages, Broccoli and Sprouts (yuck)! We have also got an unusually high proportion of Birds in the area for the time of year and they love nothing better than spending a bit of time trying to find caterpillars and other bugs amongst the cabbages. Good for pest control but the outer leaves of the cabbages are taking a bit of a beating at the same time.

So one day Daisy sees a bird fly out from the Cabbage patch and gives chase. Up a terrace she jumps whilst looking in the air to track the little tweeter. She soon gave up and returned to stare at the Cabbages, hoping a Bird would just fly straight in to her mouth. So by the next day they are all at it.

Every time I now let the Dogs out of the door they all make a mad dash for the Cabbages. Heads are bent amongst the plants as close as they can get all the while just waiting for their elusive prey to provide a tasty treat. It really is something to watch. Today they must have spent a good hour standing there like the loons that they are, staring at the cabbages with the drool slowly giving way to a resigned sense that there would be no birdie snacks today.

I wonder what the obsession will be next week? Maybe this Dog behaviour book could help me understand them a bit better.

Hopefully it will involve either learning how to work the washing machine or suddenly getting opposable thumbs and deciding that sweeping up Dog hairs is a lot of fun!

Somehow I doubt it though. sigh………….

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  1. hahaha thats awesome – gotta love dogs and how cute they are!!! definitely man’s best friend 🙂

    Taris Janitens’s last blog post..My Stock Picks: Update!

  2. So I guess you need to eat lots of cabbages before your girls trash them completely – guessing you’ll have a healthy if a bit smelly household for a bit!

    Mountain Girl’s last blog post..I’ve Moved Now blogging at

  3. sjloveday says:

    I loved this story. So much like my Mer Fuddly your dogs. Thank you for the smiles.

  4. Justine says:

    My dog, Splash, loved to eat my zucchinis as they grew in the garden. Before I “caught her” eating them, I wondered if we had rabbits or something. Every day, a little more was chewed off a large zucchini. Imagine my surprise when I called for Splash and she didn’t come. I went looking for her and found her in the garen with her zucchini. What a dog!! 🙂