Betty Bonkers From Bonkersville

It’s official, I have now changed Daisy, Faye and Jets’ names to Betty Bonkers From Bonkersville 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

We all know Dogs are, too put it bluntly, loons, but I really do wonder about them at times.

I told you about their latest obsession the other week, well, the birds seem to have disappeared for a while so I guess they needed a new thing.

This one is really odd though.

It’s like some kind of perverse Doggie Love-in that I find odd to the core. It started with Jet the wonder Dog, who is still gulping her food and finishing in record time. I am still amazed how fast a Dog can eat, even though, as a growing puppy, she has twice as much food as the others.

Anyway here is the scenario that now ensues:

  1. I fill up their bowls with food
  2. I add the water to their food
  3. They are all told to sit (and do)
  4. I put a bowl down at a time and say “take”
  5. Everyone eats their food with relish
  6. Jet does the rounds making sure no one has left any (they haven’t)
  7. Then it gets weird
  8. Jet starts licking Daisy all around the mouth
  9. Dasiy licks Jets mouth back
  10. Faye feels left out so starts to lick Jets mouth
  11. Jet starts licking Fayes mouth
  12. Daisy licks Fayes mouth, who is licking Fayes mouth who is licking…………

You get the idea.

It’s weird. They seem like they are checking each other out for the slightest hint of food still left around each others mouths. It can go on for what seems like ages.

I don’t know why they have started doing it but it just seems wrong. It’s too odd. Weird Doggie love-ins should not be inflicted on innocent owners.

Personally I will be glad when the Birds return so they can start pestering the Cabbages again!

Tell me it’s not just me Dear Readers. What odd stuff have your little Bone Munchers been up to lately that deserves them the title Betty Bonkers From Bonkersville?

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. jan says:

    My dogs always have to check out each other’s bowls before eating to see that another one didn’t get better stuff.

    jan’s last blog post..Forgotten Poodle makes an amazing recovery

  2. Friar says:

    The Duck Toller’s AFRAID of her metal bowl. If she bumps it and it makes a clanging noise, she’ll back off.

    Sometimes she’ll sit there, staring at it..puzzled and perplexed, and YAP. She’ll need to be reassured that it’s okay to go and eat.

    That dog ain’t right.

    Friar’s last blog post..Yes, we have NO Breakfast.

  3. the three dog blogger says:

    Jan, ours are too obsessed with eating to waste the time seeing if they are missing out!

    Friar, glad it’s not just mine who are bonkers. Got to be tough being scared of your food bowl!

  4. I had a dog named Ampi. She’s with other 9 dogs in our house then but she’s the only one eating fruits and vegetables. She’d gobble up whole grapes, never spitting the peel or the seeds; and watermelon. She liked cooked vegetables such as green beans and spinach. Fond of drinking milk, too. Unfortunately, she also got a fiery temper. One day, Ampi got wounded from a fierce gang fight with other dogs bigger than her. We had to let her go due to rabies… Ampi was the favorite pet and my kids got sad after she’s gone. When we moved away, we did not bring the remaining 8 dogs with us.

  5. the three dog blogger says:

    Thompson, I’m not sure I understand.Did Ampi get rabies? What happened t othe other 8 Dogs, why didn’t you take them with you?