Cats Are Better Than Dogs And Dogs Are Rubbish. Who Said That?

It is a gloriously sunny day today and it just so happens that we had a visitor that appears from time to time and offered to do a guest blog post. So while we all enjoy the sunshine I will let our guest introduce himself and hopefully make an interesting addition to the site.

Hello everyone.

My name is Naruto. I am, of course a Cat and the owner of this blog writer and all that I survey. First a little history about ME.

I don’t know how but I turned up at the front door of the the three dog blogger and Mrs. three dog bloggers house when I was only four weeks old. I didn’t know how to eat or drink and I was nearly dead. I guess I must have lost my Mum somehow.

Anyway the people slowly taught me to eat and drink and I survived. I liked to play with things and make lots of noise so everyone always knew I was there. This was two years ago.

I quickly grew up but I always liked to be outside. I never normally slept in the house although I was allowed to if I wanted. My favourite things to do were to catch mice and birds and bite their heads off and then leave them as little pressies for the people. I thought I would be generous for a bit as they did save my life.

I quickly got the people trained though so they knew who was boss.

Now I come home every day or two or sometimes I stay away for three days while I scout my territory and attack anything I don’t like. Their is a big wild that I regularly chase away from my patch and causes loads of trouble, it’s called a Genet.

I like to make lots of noise on my way home so everyone knows I am coming and that they better be ready. If my food isn’t out when I arrive I like to make a really, really loud noise that drives everyone crazy. They have to learn who is in charge! I like to think of the house as a Hotel that I can visit whenever I feel like it. I may even deign to stay for a few hours and let the people stroke me, but mostly I like to do my own thing.

The Dogs are just annoying. Daisy and her puppy Jet always wiggle like the idiots they are are try to lick me like I am tasty, meaty bone and I even allow it for a while, just so everyone can see how much better I am than them. They really are stupid.

Cats on the other hand are so much more superior. I don’t have to obey anyone. I don’t even look at the people most of the time when they call my name. Why should I? I am in charge. I have them well trained and my Hotel always has food if I want it, and if I feel like it I can go to sleep for a bit and then get back to business.

Well, that’s all I have time for. It’s back to mouse chasing, snake killing, Genet fighting and whatever else I feel like doing.

Bye lowly humans.

Ummm.. Well…Thanks for that Naruto. Very er, informative.

And that my dear readers is why this blog is called the three dog blog and not the three dogs and a cat blog!!!!!

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  1. AHAHHAAH this is a really funny post hehehe – I like it!!

    Taris Janitens’s last blog post..A Quick Progress Update:

  2. LOL that was great!! That’s the first time I’ve heard of a Genet. See Naruto you taught me something new. I’m off to Google Genets. = )

    HippieDippyDesigns’s last blog post..Blog Talk Radio

  3. the three dog blogger says:

    The Genet is massive in comparison to Naruto. He doesn’t care though. I once saw him chase it up an Olive tree until it was on the end of a thin branch and he then just sat in the tree vibing it until he got bored!

    One tough kittie!

  4. jan says:

    Some of the facts are different, but this could have been written by my cat. Same attitude. Same superiority.

  5. Fisher says:

    Naruto seems to have quite a big dose of what we call cattitude. I can relate a little, but have to admit I wouldn’t mind having a dog around to play with.

    Fisher’s last blog post..New Year’s parties are full of perils for pets

  6. the three dog blogger says:

    Hi Fisher.

    He has plenty of attitude alright. A little TOO MUCH if you ask me!