Online Dog Training Tip 12

For this Dog training online article I wanted to talk about the importance of training Dogs to behave in vehicles. This is often overlooked and I have lost count of the times I have seen out of control Dogs in Cars. At least I used to. I haven’t seen it for a number of years now. Not one. Why? Because I live in Spain. It may sound strange but Spanish Dogs are well behaved in Cars. Okay, this is partly due to the fact that many Spaniards have what are known as Campo Dogs. This means many of the […]

Dog Training Certification – Online Dog Training Tip 10

We looked at Dog training jobs the other day as part of the Dog training online tips series. Although there were a number of jobs that anyone with a little experience handling Dogs could have obtained there was one thing that kept popping up in my searches for Dog training jobs. This was Dog training certification. The best paid work for anyone wanting to earn money training Dogs will be available with proof of competence. This unfortunately means that you have to spend some serious cash to prove yourself. As with so much in life a piece of paper […]

Online Dog Training Tips Number 7 – Training Never Ends

Well, I finally just upgraded this site. It was running on an ancient version of wordpress  but I had the fear. I was worried that I would do something wrong in the process of updating to the new version of wordpress. Luckily I found this plugin and the whole thing took 5 minutes. If you are in the same boat I can’t recommend it enough. Anyways, not very interesting for you i’m sure. As part of the Dog training online series I mentioned in  the Dog training for dummies post the other day that things don’t always go as […]

Dog Training Online Episode 5 – Dog Training For Dummies

In this Dog training online series I have been giving down to earth and straightforward tips to help to have a better life with your Dog. No fancy pants nonsense and no gimmicks. If you want to be able to get your Dog to perform stupid tricks then look elsewhere. I aim to provide Dog training online advice that is easily implemented and easy to use. Too many online Dog training “so called” tips and supposed advice is actually nothing more than a way for you to part with lots of money for a Dog training course that may […]

Online Dog Training Tips Number 3

It’s time for the third online Dog training tip in the series. As you know I am a realist, I don’t claim to be a fantastic Dog trainer and, in fact, my interest lies purely in having controllable Dogs that know the basics of Dog training. Not for me are complicated commands and manoeuvres required or even wanted. I don’t need my Dogs to dance on their hind legs or perform for fun. I want Dogs that do as they are told more often than not, if only purely from a safety point of view. This is not to […]

Online Dog Training Tips

With the wealth of online Dog training tips available to new Dog owners there is still a real lack of basic but good training tips to be found. Too much information that can be found fails to give the most basic of Dog training tips that all owners, especially new ones,  need to master. I am sorry to say that nearly all online Dog training sites are little more than a collection of articles taken from someone else or a list of books to purchase. There are a few basic tips that will make any Dog training a lot […]

Dog Training Online – Some FREE Resources

After the Dog Training Online post from yesterday I was pleased to see that it is already beginning to get some visitors from people searching for online Dog training and associated terms such as: Dog Obedience School Dog Training School And even “become a Dog trainer”. It is good to know that the so called professional Internet Marketers who pick topics to write about can be beaten by a site that has been around for a while now. It got me to thinking just how many Dog sites could get on to the first few pages for Dog training […]