Online Dog Training Tips Number 3

It’s time for the third online Dog training tip in the series. As you know I am a realist, I don’t claim to be a fantastic Dog trainer and, in fact, my interest lies purely in having controllable Dogs that know the basics of Dog training.

Not for me are complicated commands and manoeuvres required or even wanted. I don’t need my Dogs to dance on their hind legs or perform for fun. I want Dogs that do as they are told more often than not, if only purely from a safety point of view. This is not to say that I don’t want them to be good all the time, I just don’t expect it. It would be as if they had no free will or fun in their souls if all was forever perfect. Sometimes a naughty Dog is fun, how can I tell of the little Jetski when she comes to me with sand all over her nose trying to look innocent even though she has made a total mess of the building sand pile?

That being said one aspect of the Dogs had started to get out of hand so I have now taken action.

How To Stop Dogs Charging At The Door

Regular readers know we live up a mountain in Spain, totally off grid, no neighbours, no fencing, nothing. The Dogs have complete freedom most of the day and can wander around outside and play or do whatever they want.

This means that we can simply open the door and out they go. Now, this has become less than ideal. Every time the door is opened they all try to get out at the same time. Faye, the big fat bottomed Girl that she is, always tries to be first and often the door is banged as two or more Dogs try to get out the door at the same time.

Added to this is the fact that I felt that I was losing our role as the top Dogs by allowing the Girls to go outside ahead of us.

I stopped it.

Learning how to stop Dogs charging the door or how to stop Dogs becoming too dominant means giving them new rules on occasion and ensuring that they know who is in charge. We have had our new door rules in place for a few days now and it is far from finished but as part of the online Dog training series I wanted to tell you how easy it is to stop them charging the door. This will apply to them going mad at visitors as well as simply trying to get out ahead of you.

It’s about patience.

So much Dog training is about realising it won’t happen quickly. This is oft repeated in my online Dog training posts and by online Dog training tip 30 I am sure you will be fed up with it. The key to successful Dog training is patience. Here is how I went about, and still am, training the Dogs to be patient at the door.

I go to the door and everyone is told to sit. The first few days this took a while as they are not used to it. Now they do it asap. Once they are all sat I open the door and enforce the command. As usual Daisy the shy Dog is good but Faye will try to push her luck. Once she is sat I leave them there for a while.

There is nothing like them knowing that nothing exciting is going to happen straight away for them to get in to a much more calm zone. It’s all about the Zen baby!

Now is the time for an exit. You may recall in the online Dog training tip the other day that for feeding they sit and are then told to “take” in turn, well, I now do this for the door training as well.

Because Faye is the bossy one who always wants to go first she goes last. I will call one of the girls names and say “out”. Of course at first this meant they all tried to leave. When this happens block the door with a leg and give the sit command again. It isn’t long before they realise that it is only the one whose name was called that can leave.

It really has been a fairly simple matter to get them to respond. tThe key is not being in a hurry to leave the house. If you are goingfor a walk get ready a few minutes early and ensure that you do not give the impression of being in a hurry. If they pick up on this (and they will) then it will be more difficult to stop them lunging for the door.

Be calm and relaxed.

Ensure that the Dog or Dogs are sat.

Leave them for a few minutes always reinforcing the sit command if they get up.

Open the door and again give a sit or stay. They will learn it quite quickly.

Let them out by calling their name with an “out” afterwards.

If they try to leave when you call their name but without an “out” command start again and make them sit back down.

This will work well for walk times. Get them to sit before you open the door. Put the lead on and hold the lead and perform the rest of the process. Just make sure that you are at the door and go out first if it is for walks with leads. If it is simply to allow them outside then just by making them be orderly and follow your rules you are assetrting your authority and ensuring that they know who is in control.

If you want to write an online Dog training tip then please feel free to contact me and send it in.

Until tomorrow with Dog training online tip number 4.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. Joe Gold says:

    Thank you SOOOOOO much for all of the training tips. My Beagle needs a LOT of work.