My Dogs Are Taking Advantage

We all drove home late yesterday with 50 litres of freshly pressed Olive Olive Oil in the boot. Not bad from 300 KG of Olives.

Anyway it was dark and cold when we got home so I stumbled around outside loading up on wood in a big wicker basket to take inside. Holding a torch and a big pile of wood is not the easiest and needless to say I dropped a big log of super hard Almond wood on my big toe. I let the log know how I felt and hobbled inside and made sure it got a damn good burning.

So this morning my big toe looks like it is about to explode but the dogs still wanted a walk so off I hobbled on a very short trip. Faye who normally runs around like a loon was keeping a close eye on me and watching me very closely. Not like her at all. She even seemed happy to come back to the house without too much of a fuss. “Wow, they are starting to be good girls” I thought.

As I am a bit restricted I thought I would do some easy work on the Huerto (veggie patch) and kept the dogs close. They were running about in general loon fashion and having a great time of it, although they seemd to forget thir previous training and were jumping all over the veg plot (I guess that’s what a few weeks partial confinement does to them).

I was happily hobbling and planting seeds and sporadically calling the dogs to keep them close when BAM there it was…

The conspiracy started…………..

Now I know dogs can’t really talk but I swear they had their heads together and were all looking at me intently. I’m sure Faye had explained the whole hobbling situation and they all seemd to have the same idea in mind.

And off they trotted…………….

Where to? Well to the ever festering chicken pile was my guess. I shouted knowing that by the time I got to them then it would be way too late and it would be bath time again before they could be in the house.

Guess what? They came back. Unbelievable! Maybe the fact I have been so intent on trying to make them behave and not run off out of sight that they have actually learnt something. Fingers crossed anyway and here’s to my superstar dogs. Maybe I could be a dog trainer after all. Well, maybe not.