Dogs vs Humans. The Race Is On! or Dogs Eat Chicken continued

If you have read my previous posts then you know that i have a slight chicken mountain problem! Boy can my dogs eat chicken.

Anyway all has been going quite well, considering. Much as they hate it the dogs have either been in the house or with me when i go out. I obviously have been taking them for walks and they have been very well behaved considering the temptatons of a pile of rotting chickens that they are dying to eat.

They have been staying close and not really properly trying to run off. So today i had a good relaxing day. Did various chores etc. Took the dogs for a few walks and all was good. You know what’s coming don’t you?

I took them out early this evening. We went for a nice wander around various Fincas and lanes and all was good. We were nearly back at the house when i looked around and no dogs.

I knew immediately.

The Dogs vs Humans Race Was On! A Fight to Stop The Dogs Eat Chicken.

The three girls had cut through the holm oak woods and were heading for the chicken pile. I cut through on a little path heading the same way. I was sprinting and trying not to fall over rocks as i shouted and ran at the same time.

I turned the bend and bolted for the chicken pile. The smell was upon me long before i reached the chickens. I picked up speed hoping they may have got distracted on the way. Ground to a halt at the edge of the terrace and peered over into the black and white mess that was the chicken pile.

And what else did i see?

Three dogs about to get tucked in to some lovely chicken and bones.

Luckily they had’nt started so that was something at least. I called them and they came away. They got a good telling off and looked suitably ashamed for all of about 5 seconds and then happily trotted back to the house.

So what have i learned from this.

Don’t try to race a dog. They will beat you every time……………especially if the goal is for your dogs to spend the longest time possible eating chicken and bones.