If Dogs Could Talk……………………………….

” So what shall we do today Faye and Jet?”

“Well I’m still a puppy so I think I will get some serious eating of by beddie in and won’t get too told off as I am only ickle”

“What about you Faye?”

“Because I am the biggest and the naughtiest I think that for a laugh I may bark like a loon at the front door pretending there is someone there, and then when the door opens I will go and have a lie down on the bed when no one is looking. What about you?”

“Well as I am the good one I figured that while the man is opening the door I will nip upstairs and eat a shoe.”

“What? But you are the good one”

“I know. That’s why you will get the blame and not me!”

I’m sure there is a dog conspiracy in my house. Everyone seems to know about it but me!

If Dogs Could Talk: Exploring the Canine Mind