Heartworm Medicines For Dogs – Advantage Medicine

This is an update as part of the heartworm medicine 2 part (now 3) series. As I have been continuing my research in to pets medicine for the rest of the series and for heartworm medicine I came across Advantage Multi, now called Advocate. I had dismissed Advantage flea control as I thought it was primarily a flea medicine. I guess I failed to do my homework properly. There are so many different treatments available it is difficult to keep up with them all. The new Advantage Multi is quite a thorough pest control for our Dogs. It serves multiple roles when it comes to controlling all sorts of worms and other parasites that we often treat on an individual basis. It is fast becoming one of the best sellers for a heartworm medicine becasue it does so much more than just act as a heartworm treatment.

Many of us hate having to use a multitude of different chemicals or treatment on our Dogs so it would be remiss of me if I did not now correct my mistake and talk about Advantage medicine and where to buy Advantage as part of the heartworm medicine and heartworm pills series. If you click the banner below you can browse all manner of heartworm medicines not just Advantage.

What Is Advantage Multi (Advocate)?

Advantage Multi is a topical solution (much like frontline) that is applied to the skin of your Dog once a month. It comes in 3 or 6 month packaging and is available for the smallest to the largest of pooches. It performs a variety of functions including preventing heartworms in Dogs.

The active ingredients are the insecticide imidacloprid and the parasiticide moxidectin. Together they perform a number of functions.

Advantage Multi will prevent the development of heartworms. It will also stop and eliminate fleas and flea infestations. As well as this it will also guard against and eliminate hookworms, roundworms and whipworms.

The moxidectrin works by disrupting the nervous systems of heartworms and intestinal worms which will kill them (no other way to put it really). Imidacloprid works in a similar fashion on the nasty ‘ole flea.

Dangers Of Advantage Multi Medicine

As far as I can tell the main concern for this medication is with breeding, feeding or pregnant Dogs. There are insufficient results to determine if it is safe for Dogs in this condition so it is advisable to talk with a vet if you have any concerns about the safety of it for your Dogs. You can buy cheap advantage online with little to no cause for concern.

Obviously if you know your Dog is allergic to any of the active ingredients which can also be found in other medications such as K9 Advantix then you would not be advised to use it.

It is not suitable for young Dogs under seven weeks or for teeny weeny Dogsters under a few kilos.

As with all pet medications there are numerous possible side effects, just as there are with human medicines. From vomiting to slight skin irritations, if any of them begin a trip to the vets is in order.

Where To Buy Advantage Multi

As with all the pet meds I am talking about as part of this series I am promoting the best prices I can find only, but also the most convenient way to purchase them.

Advantage Multi for Dog(Known as Advocate) OTC Blue - Extra Large Dog 55+lbs (25kg+) 6.00

This is by no means the cheapest of heartworm medicines and if you only want to prevent heartworms then it is not a good choice. See the earlier post for my recommendations. You can get generic heartworm medications for $20 for 6 months but Advantage is, at the lowest price, still just over $70 for a large Dog for six months treatment. It is the cheapest price possible and you can click the image to find out more options. If ticks are not a problem but fleas and intestinal worms are then I think this is probably the cheapest all round solution. However, even if only heartworms and intestinal worms are the main concern it should still result in some considerable savings.

You can purchase Advantage medicine without a prescription via the image link because it is shipped from Canada. It is very important that you first talk with a vet though if you have any concerns about the safety to your Dog. If your Dog has been taking any other medications of any sort, even vitamins, then I would first get professional advice before giving such a strong medication to your Dog. I hope thi shas helped you in choosing a suitable heartworm medicine.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.