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The 2 posts here on the Dog blog about pedigree puppies for sale were a joke. People are getting me worried with emails and strange comments. I did not think I could have made it any clearer about the fact that they are NOT pedigree puppies and they ARE all sort of grown up and big girls now (some slightly bigger than others, you know who you are ,“Faye”).

They are all big girls now and although Lindsay did get the winning bids she knows what she will (not) be getting. As you know I write other blogs and spend a lot of my time online and it is nice to have some fun here at the top Dog blog. Business can get you frustrated, especially when you write all day every day so it is nice to come here and actually write about the Doggie side of life.

I did a little (very little) to promote the previous two fun posts and at the moment I find myself on page 1 of the top search engine when you type in “Pedigree puppies for sale”.

What this means is that people are actually going to the posts to find out about buying pedigree puppies when all I wanted to do was get the girls a little more popular and break up all the usual stuff that always comes up in search engines when you look for Dog related terms. I am already near  the top for important things like “Female Dog Spaying” and “Dangerous Foods For Dogs”, and other things I felt were not represented properly until I used a little Internet magic and got my articles there for people to read. I just wanted to talk a little about this whole business of pedigree puppies, especially through Internet adverts and to ensure that no one looking to buy a puppy does anything daft.

Buying Puppies Online

Firstly, don’t. I have been having a little look around online and there are so many sites offering puppies for sale that I was quite taken aback. Look, if you really don’t want to get a rescue Dog, which I wish that you would, then please do not actually buy a Dog via the Internet without seeing that the parents are stable and happy and that the environment that they are being brought up in is a good one.

There seem to be so many sites where you can place an order for a puppy from a litter that has not even been born yet. I must admit that to me it all seems a little strange but I know that many of you may have a different opinion. I would really rather that people got mutts and mongrels from the pound than perpetuate the ever increasing weirdness of some of the pedigree breeds.

Looking after a friends British Bulldog really brought home to me just what has been done to our noble friend through the generations of trying to perfect certain characteristics of certain breeds. Whether you agree with me or not, I don’t like it, and what has been done to the bulldog does not enthrall me. You may love them, as our friend does, but I don’t feel it is right to breed a Dog to the extent that it cannot squat properly for a poo and continually has problems because its face is so squashed. Never mind the fact that even his breathing stopped me from having my traditional Spanish siesta after lunch.

I know, I am off on a tangent. I just wanted to point out the pitfalls of us continually trying to buy “the perfect pedigree Dog”.

Back to buying puppies on the Internet.

It seems that you can order puppies sight unseen and have them shipped to you or you can get a few photos and do the same. For me either way seems rather dubious and I really do not recommend it. Buying from a person who is a dedicated breeder of Dogs may not always be the best thing and I certainly don’t think anyone should have a Dog shipped to them without first paying a visit to the home of the Dog and seeing the puppies.

Much better is to buy from your local area where you can simply go and visit the home and see what the Dogs are like under normal circumstances.

I may make myself a little unpopular but I really am not impressed with the whole “breeder” thing anyway. I know that lots of people who do it love Dogs and want nothing more than to share the love of a certain breed, but as soon as money is involved with such practices then you have to admit that less than savory practices are going on.

Time and time again we read about breeders and the horrible conditions that the Dogs are kept in. I know lots are great people and look after the Dogs well but they don’t all act in a kind manner. By buying Dogs like this we are all responsible for allowing these practices to continue.

Why not go and get a rescue Dog? As well as helping to save a Dog you could probably have a nice holiday with the money you will have saved.

I assume lots of people will be shaking their heads saying that they love “insert Dog breed here” and why shouldn’t they buy a pedigree puppy if that is the breed they love? I am not saying not to but just be very careful where it comes from.

I am off to get my pedigree puppy posts on to page 1 so at least we may bring some order to what is still a very unmonitored way of buying Dogs. On a side note I wrote a while ago about Dog beds and that I used blankets. People have stated that it leads to a few problems in their dryer. Too much fur and fluff. Well, use a cheap dryer vent cleaning system to ensure that the dryer works well. It still makes for cheap Dog beds.

Bye Bye, as I have never said before.

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  1. PrezLee says:

    Very good points! Some people are really not considering that at puppy mills and some persons (who cannot be called breeders but only some sort of multipliers) only they can get mostly sick puppies, and also give money for these persons to “make” more and more and more sick puppies.

  2. Excellent post. Good food is always needed for a healthy pet. I always be choosy and conscious about food my puppy and also concern its doctor before changing food.