How To Make Money Writing About Dogs (or Monkeys for that matter)

Update: Please read the comments section after the post. I have explained how to do your keyword research so that you make the most of the articles that you write about Dogs or anything else for that matter. This is the secret to how to make money writing for sites like Infobarrel or anywhere else for that matter.

A few posts back I told you how I had started to make some good money online by setting up a few blogs about various subjects I find of interest.

There are various way to make money writing and some of the ways actually allow you to make money simply for what you write. Anyone who has a blog, is thinking of starting one, or simply wants to try to make a little extra cash, may be interested in the following. It is great fun, allows you to be creative, there is no pressure, and you don’t need a website to do it.

Make Money Writing For Infobarrel

All you do is sign up for infobarrel which is totally free. Once signed up you can then write articles, write how to guides, do a video article or a review. It is great fun and very creative.

Infobarrel is very popular with google and if you use some interesting keywords in your title that do not have too much competition then you have a very good chance of them coming high in a search engine.

Once you have written a few articles and had them approved then you can sign up for adsense. Infobarrel will then give you a 75% share of any money that you earn when people follow those adverts. The fact that they are so popular with the big G means that this is a very generous offer. It would take months of writing your own blog before you would get as high in a search engine for something that you wrote.

If that sounds a bit confusing then simply register with Infobarrel and follow the guides on the site about how to do it all. They explain how to make money writing a lot better than I do.

So far I have written ten or so articles. I have only been making a few dollars a day so far but I am also getting valuable links to my blogs. The beauty is that even if you don’t have a site of your own it makes no difference. You just write your articles and see if you can make some extra money.

QUICK EXTRA UPDATE: With a few more articles written I am now making $4 a day from my articles. It seems to go up every day. Once your articles are approved don’t forget to use free services like to submit your articles to all the social bookmarking sites. It gives the articles you have written a big search engine boost.

Being creative is very rewarding. Some people, and I was one of them, feel intimidated writing a blog, worrying what readers and friends will think. With Infobarrel there is no pressure. It is a simple article of about 400 words or so that will get the best results and there is no pressure.

If you want to earn some extra money then why not give it a go? If I can make a few dollars a day from 10 very new articles then I expect it to be $5 or so from them in a few weeks. But, I am not going to stop there. This month I am going to write a hundred articles. If I make roughly the same money as I did for ten then it means I will be making $20-$50 a day  from them once I have written them all. Even $20 a day is still $600 a month!

It won’t make you a millionare but it is fun, creative, and if you try to meet my challenge of writing 100 articles maybe we will all be making $600 – $1500 extra in a month or two’s time.

This is how people make money on the Internet, so why not sign up to Infobarrel and be creative?

If you are interested and want to know how to do keyword research to make the most money from what you write, then leave a reply and I will give you the details about how to find the best paying things to write about in the comments section.

I won’t go in to it unless I get at least five or so people asking as it is not really what the site is about though.

By the way, a good article only takes 20 mins or so to write once you get in to the swing of things and know your subject. For example this post is over 800 words long and took less than half an hour to write. An hour a day would see quite a lot of content in a months time. You could even set up a blog and link the articles to the blog. You may make even more money writing about Dogs (or Monkeys) on your own blog than from the Infobarrel articles.

Even if you just do an article a day for 100 days you may still make money writing in the long run and will have found a creative outlet in which to espress yourself without feeling to self-conscience about it.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. Cathy says:

    I’d love to know what the best things to write about are. I do want to give Infobarrel a try. I currently have only tried eHow but not making as much a day as you are with my 11 articles.

  2. Cathy says:

    I did sign up for this & I’m just wondering. What category do you put your dog articles under?

  3. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Hi Cathy,

    I post mine under society, which seems to be the closest category. Sometimes the admin then put them in a deeper more specific category but sometimes not.

    I will give you some tips on the best way to make money through choosing keywords in a little while, I just want to see if anyone else is interested first. It is definitely worth doing though. For traffic as well as money.

    Most of my articles are on page one or two of google. This is bringing lots of extra visitors as well as extra cash. Google seems to love them.

  4. smith says:

    I love writing about technologies and often write about it in my blog but i did not know there is a good way to make money by doing my best work using infobarrel. Thank you very much for sharing this useful information.

  5. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Okay, I see a good few people have signed up to Infobarrel. Here is how to make the most money from sites (your own or sites like Infobarrel)that use adsense to make money.

    First, never click an adsense ad unless you are genuinely interested. The person running the advert gets charged for each click.

    I will try to keep this as simple as possible. You need to write about something that will give you the most money if someone clicks an advert. You need to write about something that not too many other people have written about so that there is not too much competition.

    To do this and to make the most money this is what you need to do.

    Sign up for a free google adwords account.This is what all the advertisers use to run their advert campaigns. We simply want to use the free tools this gives us access to.

    Once signed up, log in, click on tools, and then the keyword tool.

    You then have a page where you can do keyword research. Be sure to click for international searches. Once you type in a few words and click submit you will be told how many people search for it every month and be given lots of related terms. More importantly it gives you the CPC price. Cost per click. This is what you would pay if you choose to run an advert that would show up if someone wrote something using those words.

    Now, if we write something using those words on a blog or Infobarrel and someone clicks an advert we will be given between %10 and %20 of the CPC price by google.

    The secret is writing about something with the highest possible CPC, the largest number of people searching but the lowest amount of competition.

    Okay, in the adwords keyword tool I typed in dog walking jobs. It has a decent CPC (although $4 plus is ideal) and a good number of people looking for that information.

    Now, the competiton. Go to and type “dog walking jobs” including the quotes. This tells us how many posts google has found with those words in a row. It is 5,270. Not ideal, below 3,000 is better but the lower the number the higher your post will rank.

    So, write a post giving lots of information about dog walking jobs. Use dog walking jobs in the title of the post, which is very imprtant. Write dog walking jobs in the first sentence of the post if possible and as close to the end of the post as possible. Maybe include dog walking jobs once or twice in the post as well.

    This is THE way to make money from the adsense program. The higher the CPC, the higher the number of people searching for that term, and the lower the number of in quotes competiton the more people you will get reading your post and some will follow the adverts.

    Be helpful and offer good advice. Don’t write rubbish or it won’t work. The keyword research or longtail keywords as it is known is the most important part. If it takes you a day to find a string keywords that meet all the criteria then so be it. Be creative, investigate all manner of different strings of words and ideas as if you find one magic set of words with high searches and next to no competition you could basically retire in a few months. Seriously. One of my little sites has keywords that are well over $4 and I then write useful information all about the many different things associated with it. It works and it took me a long time to find this information.

    If you do this on your site or on Infobarrel then you will make money. Social bookmark the posts once accepted and also use them to post links to a post on your own site about the subject to get some visitors and give it a boost.

    Heck, write an ezine article and post links on it to your Infobarrel article. The more links pointing to a post with the keywords i.e “dog walking jobs” used as the anchor text the higher it will show in search engines.

    It is hard work but this is how the internet works at the moment. Do it for a few months and you can make a full time wage. I make next to nothing from this Dog blog but a living writing about very speciifc subjects on free sites like blogger. It took me months to get all this information and most people will simply not apply it.

    Do keyword research, write loads of Infobarrels, write articles for, associatedcontent and a few others giving them backlinks and how much money do you think you could make when a post is number one for “dog walking jobs”?

    By the way, feel free to use dog walking jobs if you wish. Nevergive up and don’t be frustrted if not all posts work. It is the fickle nature of search engines.

    Some post will simply work better than others. It won’t always follow a simple pattern. The best way is to experiment. Use the free authority Infobarrel has in googles eyes and write as much as you possibly can. Everything I have written there so far is on page 1 or 2 of google for the keywords. If nothing else they are valuable links to my posts on my own sites. You can put 2 links near the bottom of each article you create there.

    Good luck and let me know if it works. It will.

  6. sootie says:

    Wow!! Thanks for all the info! Gonna give it a go! 🙂

  7. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Hey Sootie,

    If you follow the instructions then you WILL make money writing, no doubt about it. Just get high paying keywords and sign up for adsense once you have a few live articles if you don’t already have a blog to show google.

  8. Ventrilo says:

    These are good instructions and one can make money writing. A friend of mine is going to be quite interested in visiting your blog. Each piece one writes is different from the other. Yes, being creative is a great skill and very rewarding (not only financially at times). 🙂