Online Dog Training Number 6 – Some Odd Questions Answered

I was just browsing through my Statcounter stats at what led people to the site today and to be honest I was quite surprised. I wanted to see what online Dog training related questions people were searching for and being directed to me for.

Not all of the following are training related but I couldn’t resist. I will give the questions or terms that people wrote exactly as they typed them in to a search engine and then provide the answers they were looking for. Please bear in mind that these are real and I am not making them up. It really goes to show what a funny world we live in.

how long after you lose a dog should you wait before getting another one?

Easy. 3 weeks and 4 days. Next.

funny places puppies sleep

In boxes under stairs. Next.

how to stop dogs from eating your food

Stop eating on the floor. You are making it too easy for them. Next.

online dog training tips

Ta da. Next.

dog is going into heat after being spayed is it worth it to go have it done again

Now that is worrying. Talk to your Vet. It is impossible to have a female Dog spayed twice and I am worried by this question. Um, next.

stop vizsla from digging

You will have to ask Dennis about this one. I am sure he will be around at some point. Next.

Is force training a dog cruel

Are you being cruel to the Dog? You know if you are or not. Next.

dog blogs that make money

Not this one. next.

training shy dogs

If you search this site there are lots of articles on shy Dog training. Next.

Why can’t dogs eat chicken bones?

They can. Just NEVER give them cooked bones. Dogs can eat raw bones only. Next.

three dog blog

Yeah baby. Next.

what do you do for a gassy dog?

I wrote a few articles about that here. Do a search and you will find them. Basically I made sure that the dried food was left for ten minutes after I added water. It worked a treat. Next.

will nuts harm my bichon frise

I have never mentioned the bichon frise so how I got that one I don’t know. Yes they may harm your Dog, especially if you throw them at it. Next.

how many pounds can my dog carry

16.5. Next.

what some action dogs do mean

It do mean that they do want a biscit innit. Next.

how to get started feeding your dog once a day

Stop giving it two meals and give it one large one. Next.

Why do dogs beg is they have never had human food?

Ooh, a good question. At least you are on the right track by not giving human food. Keep it up and the Dog will eventually give up its begging. Just stick with the good practices you are using. Next.

weird dog facts

All these questions came in today. I am glad I don’t look at these type of things too often, it could send me CRAZY IN THE BRAIN AREA.

This has been more like online Dog training number 5.5 so rest assured normal business will resumed tomorrow with some more sensible online Dog training.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. Jan says:

    Hilarious. I must start collecting these. The dog who came in heat without a uterus stopped me cold.

  2. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Hi Jan,

    That one was a little worrying I must say. I can’t understand it at all. Very odd.

  3. Marcy says:

    Those were some really interesting tidbits about dogs! I will be sure not to throw nuts at my dog! XD

  4. LuxaLastChaos says:

    Haha! Yes nuts can harm your dog…especially if you throw them at them XD totally awesome. You are a great blogger. Thanks for the odd question answers 🙂

  5. Ingrid says:

    In Mexico, dogs do go into heat after being fixed. That is because they don’t do hysterectoies; they just tie their tubes. They can’t breed, but they still want to twice a year and bleed everywhere and drive you crazy.

  6. Ingrid says:

    I mispelled hysterectomy.

  7. stefstar says:

    LOL hilarious! can’t believe i have only just come across this site! what have i been missing out on!?!

  8. rebekah ruth says:

    I am crying reading these. So funny. Love your sense of humor!