1800petmeds Reviews

After looking at a few prices on the 1800petmeds reviews article here at the Dog Blog I thought we should see what people have to say about 1800petmeds.com. Price comparisons are one thing and we certainly saw that for cheap pet meds online they are not the best people to shop with.

Let’s take a look at what people are saying in their 1800petmeds reviews.

If we type in 1800petmeds reviews in to a search engine then the top listing is none too glowing. Lots of reports of bad customer service and the one overriding factor was that they are over priced for many of their pet meds.

Of course there are also some glowing reports as well. Many were more than happy with the service they received and one report was glowing. The fact that it was from an employee or a former employee had nothing to do with it I am sure.

Anyway we cannot base a review on just one site so what did the other search results have to say on the matter?

Well, many of the listings were duplicates of the reviews of the top listing so by the time we get down to the 1800petmeds reviews that were from different people we find that unfortunately even as far in as page two, where you can find my review by the way, there are no reviews. Unless you call writing a glowing review a genuine review of course.

What do I mean?

Well, all the 1800 pet meds reviews are simply saying how wonderful they are and if you want to buy from them please click here. Not genuine at all as they are simply trying to earn a commission from people who purchase via special links that they get money from if a sale is made. I have nothing against this but let us not be fooled in to thinking that they are reviews of any sort at all. They are SALES PAGES to get people to use 1800petmeds so that they make money. Nothing wrong with making money on the Internet as I know but as far as labelling the articles reviews they are nothing of the sort.

This is a part of the problem with people using the Internet. Most people have ulterior motives. If you read this Dog blog regularly then you know that I have a motive of my own for the last few posts here and it is entirely personal. I wouldn’t listen to my advice either at the moment as I have nothing but a very low opinion of them. Overpriced is just one of my concerns.

This was my 1800petmeds review and now we can let normal business resume here at THE DOG BLOG. Tomorrow we have a very interesting post from Lindsay at That Mutt so be sure to check it out. No more rants from me, you will be glad to hear.