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After the first post about pets medicine yesterday which begins the series of pet meds posts, I have been spending some time comparing the prices of a few of the top names of pets medicine suppliers online. There are a few names that always seem to turn up when looking for online pet meds so the comparisons are based on what people will actually find if they type in associated terms in to a search engine. I wrote how impressed I was with Pet Care Choice because they seemed to have the best prices, at least for some pet meds. I have decided to concentrate on a few pet meds as there is no way that I can compare every brand there is for all the different online pet meds available.

I will look at Frontline for six months for a large Dog. Heartgard by Merial for six months and K9 Advantix for six months. These are probably the most well known Dog meds and are certainly the ones that are sold most often to Dog owners. I want to do this now so that for the rest of the month we know who the best suppliers are for all our Dog pet meds.

The sites I will compare are:

  • Pet Care Choice
  • 1800 Pet Meds
  • Doctors Foster And Smith
  • Pet Care Rx

Apart from the Pet Care Choice site the rest are all very well known online pet meds stores. They all seem to claim that they have the best prices. I want to see if the larger stores really do have the best prices. I had the sneaking suspicion that because they are such large companies they actually were more expensive than some of the less well known pet medicine sites. The smaller companies are often cheaper because they are trying to get a name for themselves. The large established stores who come up on the front page of search engines often feel they can charge more becasue they show up so well for any searches related to pet meds.

Here we go.

Discount Frontline Medicine

Prices are for six months for a large Dog.

  • Pet Care Choice – $54.99 shipping is $7.49 but free for a year if you spend $75
  • 1800 Pet Meds – $86.99 with free shipping
  • Doctors Foster And Smith – $81.99 with free shipping
  • Pet Care Rx – $90.99 with free shipping

I must say I really did not expect there to be such a major difference. I mean Amazon is only $64 and they are not even a dedicated pet med site. The Pet Care Choice site beats some of the others by nearly $30. That is a lot of money. However, this is only one item. Let’s take a look at the next one.

Discount Heartgard

Heartgard is the leading brand for heartworm prevention. It also has the advantage of treating against the more common intestinal worms at the same time. It is, however, twice the price of generic heartworm medicine like  Valuheart but is very popular because it is a treatment for all manner of worms. To the prices:

  • Pet Care Choice – $40 plus $7.49 shipping. Free shipping for the year if you spend $75. No prescription needed
  • 1800 Pet Meds – $35.99 plus standard shipping of $4.99. Spend $39 though and shipping is free
  • Doctors Foster And Smith – $35.94 with free shipping but you need to send a prescription
  • Pet Care Rx – $40.49 with free shipping but you need a prescription

This is much closer for prices. If the hassle of a prescription doesn’t bother you then Foster and Smith are the best for prices. It’s a tough call though as if you are going to buy other pet meds online, like frontline, then it is worth using Pet Care Choice as you get free shipping for a whole year if you spend $75. If you only buy Heartgard though then Foster and Smith are the best.

Discount K9 Advantix

Again this is for a six month supply for a large Dog. This is another popular treatment against fleas and ticks, similar to Frontline Plus.

  • Pet Care Choice – $59.99 with $7.95 shipping. Free if you spend $75
  • 1800 Pet Meds – $84.99 with free shipping
  • Doctors Foster And Smith – $77.99 with free shipping
  • Pet Care Rx – $88.99 with free shipping

These results are similar to the ones for Frontline. Again I am surprised by such large differences in the prices. Pet Care Choice is still the cheapest by $11 even if you pay for shipping.

Dog Pet Meds – My Recommendation

I guess no one is going to be surprised about who I recommend. Pet Care Choice is definitely my chosen supplier of pet meds. What is great is that they also ship to the UK. Getting cheap pets medicines here in Spain is next to impossible. We get regular post from family in the UK so it is easy for them to add a light packet to whatever they may be sending.

It really does seem like my theories were founded. The large sites that show up on page one for pet meds etc are mostly the most expensive sites to buy from. They have all the traffic and people will never know that they are not getting the best prices.

A word of advice. All the above mentioned companies run affiliate programs. I could easily have not given an honest price comparison and just said how great any of the other sites were. This would mean that if you clicked a link and made a purchase I would get a commission. I would make more money if I said how great 1800 pet meds were for example. People click links and make purchases all the time. Some realise how it works and others don’t. I have always been honest about what I do. I really do want to find the best information for people. If they reward me for my time by using my links to buy things I think it is perfectly acceptable. It makes no difference to you. You will always pay the same price if you go via someones link or not. This is just so you know never to just go with peoples online recommendations. If they simply say “so and so are great buy from them”, be dubious. The more you pay for an item the more commission they get. Always do your own research if someone like me hasn’t done it already.

So, if you do buy online please use my Pet Care Choice Link. I can buy the Dogs a bone or two then. If not then no problem. Just ensure that you buy from reputable suppliers that offer the best prices. Pets medicine is expensive. If you have three Dogs like me then it really adds up. Even just worming, guarding against ticks and fleas and maybe giving heartworm prevention tablets adds up to a large expense over the year. Get the best deals you can and never believe what many sites say when they guarantee you the best prices. Think for yourself and do some homework. These price comparisons may have taken me a few hours but there is a lot of money to be saved on pet meds if you do some price comparisons.

Stay tuned as we explore the many problems our Dogs encounter and the pets medicine we purchase to keep them safe and healthy.

p.s A very sneaky tip for you, but don’t tell anyone. Wherever you make a purchase from, don’t. Add items to your cart then go to close the browser window. Quite a few sites will then give a pop up window offering between 5 and 10% discount if you then make the purchase. Sneaky but we are here to save money not make them rich. Just don’t let on that I told you, okay?

Let me know if you found this helpful or require any additional information. I am trying to be honest and show you exactly how the internet works, especially when it comes to pets medicine.

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  1. Gnasher the Gnudger says:

    Hi there threedog it’s been a while just thought I’d tell you that that the only time me n spit get wormed is when we go to UK – why? Because our Alfalphas feed us lots of raw meaty bones that keep our anal glands fit and the worms at bay! PS like the new site design

  2. We used PetCareRx a couple of times several years ago and had problems with them, to the extent that I filed a complaint about them with the BBB and the New York Attorney General’s office. We’ve used 1-800-PetMeds in the past and they have been okay.

  3. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Hey Gnasher, glad those raw meaty bones are keeping you nice and healthy. Glad you like the new design.

    Hi Dennis, hope all is well. That sounds like a serious problem with Pet Care Rx. 1800 Pet Meds seem very popular but their prices really don’t seem very competitive. I guess when buying pet meds it is always weighing up the prices with the trust you have in them as well.

  4. We actually haven’t bought any medicines online for the dogs in quite a while … we have bought merchandise through Foster & Smith and KV Vet Supply recently, but not meds.

  5. Barbara says:

    Thanks for taking the time to give us dog owners some helpful info. Couple thoughts: be careful in purchasing (esp meds) from a website that does not list its complete contact info, and/or does not have an onsite veterinarian you can speak with. I learned a hard lesson in past by ordering a lowest-cost med online that turned out to be a fake.