Online Dog Training Tips Number 2

Here we are at the second online Dog training tips post. Don’t forget you can send a tip via the woof me page and have your site featured if the article is accepted. This online Dog training tip is all about keeping the Dogs off the furniture. This is something I have struggled with a few times and to be honest because we go through fazes of allowing the three bone munchers on the sofas at night and then stopping it I really should take my own advice.

The problem for me and many other Dog owners is the fact that the animals have the run of the house.

How To Keep Dogs Off The Furniture

By far the easiest way to keep Dogs off the furniture is to simply close them in a room for the night. This may seem harsh to some but hey, many humans close the door to a bedroom at night so what’s the big deal?

Some believe in crate training although it has never been my thing. This is another easy way to keep a Dog contained although I Dont really like it personally. Anyone want to chime in feel welcome.

For us, because our house it totally open plan the solution was to put the equivalent of a child friendly gate on the entrance to the living room. This keeps the Dogs either in the dining room or they come upstairs and sleep on the floor in the bedroom. That was until Faye learnt how to open the bolt. (changing it is on my ever increasing “to do” list)

Training Dogs to stay off furniture can be accomplished. It is simply a matter of reinforcing the rules whenver they are caught. I succeeeded with Faye and if I can do it with the ignornat beast of doom then you can too. The only problem is consistency. I am being honest here and telling you that we stopped being as strict and now let them go on the furniture at night. Each of us makes there own decisions as to how the Dogs can behave.

If you do want to keep Dogs off the furniture though then a constant reminder and a “down” or “off” command repeated for a few weeks will seee the message finally hit home.

Don’t be afraid to simply give your Dog a room to sleep in at night though. It is not cruel, how bad can having a whole kitchen or diniing room to sleep in be?

Oh, before I go here is one absolute sure fire way to keep Dogs off sofas and furniture in less than ten minutes of your time:

Mmmmm Comfy

Mmmmm Comfy

Promise to look after your Mum’s spare sofa for a bit!

Sorry Mum!

It seems a different piece of furniture in the house beats the usual stuff paws down.

Joking aside, don’t be afraid to keep a Dog in a room unless you want it to have the freedom of the house for security purposes. Ours always have access to one of the front doors in case I want them to eat any strangers.

If you use this online Dog training tip or have any other good ideas to keep Dogs off furniture then let me know. Look out for the third of the Dog training Online tips tomorrow.

Anyone got the need for a slightly muddy second hand sofa?

Ummmm….Sorry again Mum.

May the Doggie Force be with you al.

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  1. Lyn Mugo says:

    Got our very hard-headed and spoiled dog to stay off the furniture by leaving the door to sitting room open one night BUT leaving small wooden mouse traps set on each piece of furniture. (The small wooden ones will NOT hurt the average size dog but will startle them.) We then went to bed. A bit later we heard one of the traps snap shut, heard a surprised yip and she has not gotten on the furniture since. This was about a year ago.

  2. Three Dog Blogger says:


    That is the most original Dog training tip I have ever heard. Now that is what I call being creative. I wonder if it would work for Faye?

    Knowing her she might just try to play with it and get quite a surprise. Hmmm, tempting.

  3. sootie says:

    Great info!Bet ya mum’s chuffed that you’re taking good care of her sofa! 😉

  4. Three Dog Blogger says:


    Thanks. Um….I’m not sure if she has read this yet!