Dog Training Online Tip Number 8

After the first Dog training online tip I have been honest about how real life is with real Dogs. Sometimes is it great, sometimes it is annoying and sometimes it is nothing but frustrating. This is the reality but thankfully the overriding factor is that people who own Dogs are made to smile more every day than a lot of those that don’t.

Todays Dog training online tip is simply centred around having more fun. It is about making you smile more and your Dogs too. It’s about doing something that makes you forget that you had a ****** day at the office or that the electricity bill is due again and you were sure that you  paid it just the other week.

This is the beauty of having a pesky pooch in your life. Sure, they make you shout on occassion but more often than not they are a friend to talk to who won’t give an opinionated response and will respond imediately to any affection that you give them.

So, let’s all have a few extra smiles today.

Fun And Training At The Same Time

This online Dog training tip is really centred around reinforcing what you have aleady begun to teach your Dog or that you simply want to re-inforce something that has been learned but has been neglected of late.

I am going to use Faye as an example. Simply replace it with whatever you know makes your Dog happy but also makes you smile as well.

Now, Faye is a big old lump of a girl and very boisterous. To this end she often needs to be controlled more and made to do as she is told. This is both for her own safety, our safety and to give the other two a bit of peace from Mrs. Wobbly Bottom. To this end she was the first, well the only, one who was taugh to lie down on command. To be honest Daisy thinks you are going to do something weird to her if you try to get her to do anything apart from sit and be a good girl. She is still shy after almost two years with us now.

It wasn’t long ago thatFaye was taught this and she still needs to have a finger pointed at the ground for her to do it quickly. What was surprising was that she did it after only a few attempts. A quick “lie down” and a tap of the floor and she was there, looking very pleased with herself.

It seems that the wobbly bottomed girl thinks that she is the cleverest Dog in the whole world for performing this brain draining task (for her). She lies down and looks at you with a gaint smile on her face. It amuses us that she looks so funny and pleased with herself and to that end in a short while I shall be making myself smile and helping to improve this most basic of training comands by getting her to do it a few times.

And the great thing is that at the end of it all she gets…………..wait for it……….


You know it makes sense.

What do you do training wise that makes you smile but you know that your Dog also enjoys itself immensely? Agility training, flyball, or do you stick to a stick is a stick is a stick and that is all a Dog really needs?

Hasta luego Amigos para mas Dog training online de este Dog blog. (as no one has ever said round about this neck of the woods)

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. Shelly says:

    Thanks – I really enjoy your blogs. Thanks also for the info on Info Barrel…I’m thinking about signing up but am not sure anyone would care about what I’d write.

  2. Three Dog Blogger says:


    Give it a go, it is quite enjoyable and you will be surprised how many people read the articles.

  3. bird feeders says:

    Do you just write from your experiences – i’ve tried a couple of your tips and they always seem to work! I really struggle with my little russell though – it just doesnt seem to stay in his head!

  4. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Bird Feeders,

    I just write about what seems to work for me. Glad some of the tips have been helpful. I am sure your Russell will get there in the end. With some Dogs it just takes an awful lot of repetition for Dog training to stick. Don’t forget that a lot of exercise makes Dogs much more receptive to being trained.