Dog Flatulence, I Need To Stop It Now!!!!

Things have taken a turn for the sour here at chez Three Dog Blog. The air is turning foul!

Jet, who is now approaching eight months old, has decided she is fed up of the fresh smelling country air and has decided to populate every room with her foul smelling Dog farts!

I know it is funny to those who do not have a Dog Farting around the house but it really is becoming an issue!  It absolutely stinks!

Birds do it, Bees do it, even educated People do it, lets NOT do it, lets NOT fall for Farts!

I wrote some time ago about how fast Jet eats her food and she still continues to do it.  She eats so fast it is ridiculous. She gulps her food in no time at all.  It has never been a problem up until now but I think that this fast eating is the main cause of the problem.

Gassy Dog Problems?

Dog Farting All The Time?

Jets fast eating has never before led to flatulence. Dogs can all be a bit stinky on occasion but it is now out of hand. When Dogs gulp their food they intake a lot of swallowed air.  This is called aerophagia, and can be the main cause of “gassy Dog syndrome”.  Up until now nothing of the sort has happened, but the last week or so Jet has turned in to a walking Fart machine!

Hey, it wasn’t me!

It is happening all the time.  She can vacate a room in a few seconds.  My Mum came to visit yesterday and even when we were sat outside eating some fantastic lemon meringue pie that Mrs. Three Dog Blogger made, we had to keep getting up and walking around just because Jet was in the vicinity.  She fouled the air on a whole mountainside!!!!

OK, enough messing around here is the plan:

How To Stop Dog Flatulence?

As far as I know there are a few main techniques that should solve the problem.  I have started to implement them this morning and I will let you know in a few days how it went.  I am not going down the road of adding things like Activated Charcoal or Live Yoghurt yet.  Hopefully just doing the following will cure Jets Dog flatulence.  If you have ever had a gassy Dog though, trust me when I say, I AM going to get this sorted out one way or another.

  • Stop the Dog eating so fast.  Gulping means there is too much air getting swallowed.  I am going to feed Jet four times a day instead of twice.  The same amount overall but in smaller quantities.  This should cut down on the air she swallows in one sitting and ease her intestinal tract a little.
  • Soften her food.  The Dogs have dried food with water added.  I normally add the water and feed them immediately.  I am going to wait for the food to soften before feeding.  This should mean Jets insides don’t have to work so hard.  She never chews her food so the digestion processes work harder and cause more gas to build up.
  • Lock her outside until she no longer Farts!  Just kidding.  Although I am sorely tempted, little stink monster that she is!

Flatulence In Dogs

How I will Stop Dog Flatulence

Hopefully these few simple tricks will sort out Mrs. Farty and mean we can enjoy the pure air we once had on our remote (but now stinky), Spanish Mountainside!

Let me know if your Dog turned in to a stink machine.

How did you stop it? or do you just keep a Gas Mask handy?

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. Tucker has started dropping some pretty serious stink bombs lately. My wife is adjusting his diet in various ways trying to “clear the air” as it were …

    Dennis the Vizsla’s last blog post..just a littel hole in the wall

  2. TC says:

    Look for a bowl with ‘fingers’ – helps a lot.

    TC’s last blog post..Rabbit Foot Goddess

  3. Marci says:

    There’s a reason we call my 18 lb Eskie Tara, Stinkerbelle. You got it – dog farts. She’s small but packs a mighty fart. She’ll clear a room in seconds.

    She’s a gobbler too when it comes to food, so I swapped out from all dry to a mix of dry/wet and I also put her on a limited ingredient diet thinking maybe it was her having trouble digesting the food. She’s on a potato/duck kibble now and while it hasn’t completely eliminated the problem (my husband likes to give the dogs people food still), it’s made it much more tolerable. She only has the severe smelly gas on occasion now, not a daily basis.

    Hope you get it resolved with Jet soon! Nothing smells worse than dog farts!

  4. the three dog blogger says:

    Dennis, I hope it works out. Jet seems a little less stinky already.

    TC, thanks for that.

    Marci, sounds like you have got it under control. Too many scraps etc can certainly add to the problem. It is amazing that these little pooches can contaminate the air so much!

  5. MARTY says:

    We have four German Shepherd Dogs and one Carolina Dog. (Had two GSD’s to begin with then a family member succumbed to the economic crisis and we got two more. The Carolina Dog was an abandoned puppy that ended up at our house) All of the dogs are well trained and intelligent so of course they live in the house. Talk about malodorous flatulence! One of the dogs, a female named Molly, will fart up a storm about an hour after dinner. It is enough to drive everyone out of the house. We’ve even resorted to wearing “Mollygas masks”. (Scarves or t-shirts wrapped around our faces) I think that I am going to try what Three Dog Blogger suggest with the softening of the food and more frequent feedings. Cool.

  6. the three dog blogger says:

    Marty, sounds like you have a full household!

    I can tell you that it has worked fantastically well already. Softening Jets food and giving her 4 smaller meals has worked wonders. In just a couple of days she is hardly making any smells at all.

    Good luck.

  7. victoria says:

    Thank you for posting this we’re under attack from our stinky jack russell. I pray this works!