Gassy Dog Problem Solved (almost)

I wrote about the gassy Dog problem we were having almost two weeks ago and to be honest I forgot to write the follow up. Jet really was stinking out the whole house and it was becoming intolerable.

Below is what I had planned to stop the gassy Dog flatulence. Dogs really can stink the house out!

Stop the Dog eating so fast.  Gulping means there is too much air getting swallowed.  I am going to feed Jet four times a day instead of twice.  The same amount overall but in smaller quantities.  This should cut down on the air she swallows in one sitting and ease her intestinal tract a little.

Soften her food.  The Dogs have dried food with water added.  I normally add the water and feed them immediately.  I am going to wait for the food to soften before feeding.  This should mean Jets insides don’t have to work so hard.  She never chews her food so the digestion processes work harder and cause more gas to build up.

Dog Flatulence. How To Stop The Dog Farting

First of all I tried splitting up Jets meals so she was having smaller portions on a more regular basis. There was a slight improvement in that the dog flatulence was not as regular after a few days, but it was still stink city around here! Also I have to admit that I kept forgetting to feed the poor thing on occasion, as it is not the normal routine. It stopped her being such a gassy Dog but didn’t cure the problem very well.

Having not really worked I decided to put her back on two big meals a day but make sure that the dried Dog food was soaked in water for a good five minutes first. Normally we put water over the food and feed them immediately. With Jet just gulping her food and not actually chewing I suspected it was the large volume of air she was gulping that was the problem.

It seems it is more likely to have been the fact her gut had to work so much harder to digest the food that it was creating extra gases that were emitted on a way too regular basis.

Flatulence. Dogs That Don’t Stink Rule!

Giving her food that was soaked and therefore easier to digest seems to have done the trick. She is still making the odd emanation but hardly at all. A simple solution that seems to have worked like a dream.

So, if you have a gassy dog and you feed dried food try soaking it for a good few minutes. You might be very surprised at he difference it makes. I know I was.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. Karina A. says:

    TDB, as the pet parent of a Pekingese I know how relieved you must feel now that you’ve controlled the situation at Stinky City! Pekes are prone to suffer from this but thankfully, I guess due to his size, the aromatic gifts tend to go unnoticed. But thanks for the tip as I know a couple of friends that are currently trying to deal with this with their pups! Until next time…

    Karina A.’s last blog post..Twitter and Pet Parents: Tools to keep you sane

  2. jan says:

    None of my dogs have had the problem as youngsters, but it came on with age. I’m not convinced they didn’t just learn to do it for fun.

    jan’s last blog post..The Celebrity Apprentice

  3. Lindsay says:

    Ace can sure stink up the room, I know that. He eats really fast, so I’ve been using one of those DogPause bowls. He does not chew his food, just swallows it. Perhaps softening it with water will help him as well.

    Lindsay’s last blog post..Outdoor dog photos

  4. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Karina A, I think having a small Dog must be a real blessing at times. Our three are trying to eat us out of House and Home!

    Hi Jan, what you think they enjoy leaving little stink bombs about the House?

    Lindsay, Ace sounds exactly the same as Jet. No chewing just gulp it down as fast as possible.

  5. Jennifer says:

    We found our dogs’ stink was somewhat related to what they were eating. The gas increased if they ate treats (high in sugar, corn, cheap substances), corn-based dog food, and if they consumed something totally new. If we keep them on dog food (non-corn) only, we don’t have a problem unless they find something out in the yard. Of course, dog food only is not possible when you’re training–you’ve gotta feed treats. So we still have gassy dogs to some extent. 🙁

    Still, it’s a bit funny. Dozer thinks someone is poking him in the butt. When he farts, he jumps up sky high and then looks back indignantly at whoever is closest to him.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Im Back

  6. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Hi Jennifer, Dozer sounds like he feels persecuted by his own Farts. Bless!

    Life is still nice and unsmelly here which I am very grateful for:)

  7. Supposedly this helps

    🙂 I bought it for my dogs and so far it seems to be working. I just spritz it in the water.

  8. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Morgan, glad you found that it helps. Have you tried the suggestions in the post?

  9. Jessie says:

    Listen, my little Ella is only 3 and a half pounds, and she can keep up with the big dogs…
    In fact, I was blaming my Mom’s dog, Ginger, until the poots were able to be tracked directly to my lap.
    I’m with Jan on this one (although I will certainly try all the tips!), I’m not sure she’s not doing it on purpose, either.
    ; )

  10. jan says:

    I will definitely try this. Even small dainty dogs can smell like outdoor privies on occasion.