Yay. A Peg! Or How To Stop Your Dog Chewing The Furniture For Five Minutes.

We, meaning me and the three dogs were in the dining room yesterday chilling and doing whatever we each felt like. I was watching TV and little puppy Jet and her Mum Daisy were asleep. Faye was sniffling about lying on the floor when suddenly up she jumped and was acting like she had just discovered the best way to have fun in the whole Universe.

She was jumping about, wagging like mad, rearing on her back legs and generally being bonkers. I just sat watching to see what this most fantastic wasy of having fun was. She threw her new best thing in the air then grabbed it and started prancing around showing it off to everyone. No one else was that impressed to be honest but it didn’t stop her having a great time.

After a few more minutes she finally settled down and decdided that her new best thing was a bit to great and promptly chewed it to little bits then went to sleep!

So if you want your dog to have a great five minutes and you fancy cleaning up loads of little bits of wood give ’em a peg to play with!

On a positive note it may stop dogs chewing anything else for a while. Actually i do have a few very good ways on how to stop dogs from chewing your furniture which i will post about soon.