Don’t Harm Your Dog With Food – Stop Your Dog From Begging

This post was inspired by an animated clip that Jan posted on her blog The Poodle and Dog Blog, it’s a great blog to visit for all you animal lovers. Be sure to check out the very funny but also important message her post contains here.

This morning Mrs. Three Dog Blogger was continuing the Christmas tradition of cooking loads of great food and was experimenting with potato based pancakes called Blini, served with scrambled eggs and smoked Salmon (It was delicious by the way).

The Dogs who normally never beg for food were overcome by the smell of the smoked fish and decided to help out in the Kitchen the best way they knew how, i.e. stand as close to the Chef as possible in the hope the Fish would maybe, just maybe, fall to the floor. The smell was just too much for them and they were hoping for some kind of accident to occur which would result in a nice Doggie snack. They quickly gave up though and Faye was the first to become resigned to her no Salmon fate.

This, for us is a very unusual occurence, but sometimes a fantastic aroma can be too much for the most well behaved of Dogs (which ours by no means are).

How To Stop A Dog Begging For Food

Begging Dogs Can Change

We have been very strict with our food policy towards the Dogs and as a result nearly all begging for food or watching us while we eat has been eliminated.

Dogs need to be trained to not beg for food and to not try to get food from us or guests while eating. It is not that difficult to stop a Dog begging for food. There are a few main ways to train your Dogs to not beg for food and the onus is strictly on the owner to ensure they are followed. Dogs begging for food can be an extreme annoyance apart from anything else.

Obesity is the number one killer in the Canine world and it is our responsibility to ensure the animals in our care stay slim and healthy. Here is how we ensure our Dogs stay lean, mean lovin’ machines. Along with the obvious benefits to the Dogs health these tips make for a much more relaxed environment when it comes to preparing and eating food.

  • We never, ever, feed our Dogs whilst preparing food. If they never expect to get cooking scraps while food is being prepared they will NOT usually beg for food.
  • We never feed our Dogs scraps whilst eating. As a result all three Dogs never sit watching us eating or beg for food. They just do not associate our meal times as of any importance to them.
  • All food scraps are added to a bowl which is normally then divided between them, in with their regular food, but NEVER given to them directly after we have eaten. Normally it is the next day or a few hours later. Why? Smell association. The Dogs may smell food cooking but they do not associate it with anything to do with them as they are only ever fed the food long after they have forgotten where it came from. This has worked very well. No pining for the food just cooked as they have no idea how it relates to them.
  • They have their regular meal times and all scraps are given at this point. We then know what they have consumed for the day. If two people are feeding extras to the Dogs at different times how do you know they are not being overfed? Decide on the policy together and stick to it.
  • Bear in mind the metabolism of your Dog. Just because one Dog is bigger naturally than another it does not equate that the bigger Dog should get the most food. Our two oldest Dogs are a perfect case in point. Faye is much bigger and heavier than Daisy, but she only gets two thirds the amount of food that Daisy gets. Why? Daisy is a lean, mean, running machine. She has a faster metabolism and burns up a lot more calories than the more heavy set and sprinter type Dog that Faye is. She does not run as much or as far and has a slower metabolism. Animals are just like people in that they come in all shapes and sizes and need to eat accordingly.

Make Sure You Stop Your Dog  Begging For Food

Consistency Is Key

Now this is not a perfect world and I am not a perfect person.

I am not saying that we don’t break all of these rules on ocassion. Obviously there are times when we do not follow our own rules. But for the most part we stick to them. If you really want to stop begging Dogs the number one rule is consistency. Just never give in. Fairly soon your Dog will stop begging once it knows it absolutely has nothing to gain.

We have quiet mealtimes with no animals vibing us and for the most part they do not associate our food with theirs. It leads to a happier life all round.

What I have recommended here should work for most dogs, but there are some that need to be isolated when you eat, until they finally behave. One humane approach is to get one of the many well-designed and sturdy metal dog cages or portable dog pens that are available. During meals you could put your dog into a metal dog cage or pen that you either keep in the garage or on a patio sheltered out of the sun and rain. Make sure that you get one of the Metal Dog Cages are  large enough and comfortable enough for your dog, and you should put in water and a pad or cushion. While some people do not like the idea of using cages for dogs, with certain persistent pets, dog cages can be part of the no-begging training process. Furthermore, dog pens and cages can prevent a major problem that people have when they must put their dog into the garage or outside, which is scratching and the destruction of doors and windows. With a large and well-designed metal dog pen or dog cage, your pet can be safe, while your house doesn’t get scratched up

Obviously, though, when smoked fish is on the menu it all gets a bit too much for the little Bone munchers!

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. I really think that my dad should read this post – my dog is THE WORST for begging because of him!! GOod write up – you always provide great information!! 🙂

    Taris Janitens’s last blog post..Humor Week Continues! FUNNY PICTURES!

  2. the three dog blogger says:

    Hi Taris.
    It’s never too late to change your Dogs behaviour.
    I hope you can change your Dogs ways.
    A Dog that knows it won’t be given scraps will soon stop begging as much.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Our dogs beg.. though they didn’t, before my husband moved in. 🙂 We allow it, because it’s okay to us. But our dogs are not overweight. In fact, most of them are performance dogs so we are very keen on watching their weight.

    Good tips, for those who don’t want begging dogs. It’s so important to be consistent!

    Cynthia’s last blog post..Keep Those Teeth Clean!

  4. 4160 says:

    Nice to meet you! I begin blog and make a dog-related collection of links recently.
    Your page linked, too. Would you link my page if you like? Thanking you in advance.

    4160’s last blog post..ebicyan, rirakuma

  5. Marte says:

    My brats know that after we finish eating I’ll fix their dinner – so sometimes they come and stare at me to “hurry up.” Maybe I should start feeding them at a different time of day!

    They also have built-in clocks that tell them when its time to go outside at night. I could set the clock for 11 p.m. because Ralph (Newfie X) comes downstairs to tell me.

  6. the three dog blogger says:

    Marte, I know what you mean about built in clocks.

    It is amazing how after a short time of a regular schedule they seem to know to the minute when it is the right time for walks, feeding etc.

  7. I have never had one of my dogs beg! I never allowed any food to be fed to the dogs except dog food and they never tried to beg.

    Now my sister has 3 dogs and they will drive you crazy for some human food. It drives me up a wall when eating dinner with them and three dogs sitting staring at me wanting food and hoping I will drop a piece.

    Tara @ Main Street Dog’s last blog post..Avoid the Animal ER this Holiday

  8. the three dog blogger says:

    Hi Tara.

    It definitely makes for a nice relaxed mealtime if your Dogs are trained not to beg. Sorry you are getting crazed by your sisters Dogs!

  9. Lindsay says:

    My dog begs very very bad. The first few months I had him he did not beg at all and I never fed him my food – not once. However then others began feeding him. Maybe a potato chip here, a bread crumb there. It upset me and people did it anyway. Then I started getting more lenient and would feed him rarely but enough to reward the begging. My dog now has a huge begging problem now and will be in my face staring and drooling unless I tell him to go and lie on his bed. Putting him in a sit-stay on his bed works, but I wish I didn’t have to do this every time I am in the kitchen.

    Lindsay’s last blog post..Great reasons to re-home dogs

  10. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Lindsay, it’s strange you should comment on this post. We were just talking earlier how great it is that the Dogs basically never vibe us for our food. Exactly because we have never given them scraps whilst eating or cooking.

    So different to our previous Dog Sam, who we used to give to on occassion and have the same problem you now have have.

    I would jusy tell everyone it is absolutely forbidden. In a while Ace will get the idea and stop begging.

  11. Donna says:

    These are all very good tips and should do the trick. I only have a couple of other options to consider for those that do not want begging dogs.

    If necessary you could send your dog to his crate or another room at meal time, making sure he has something to do while confined. Or put your dog on a leash and use the “Down-Stay” command during meals.

    Try feeding your dog at the same time as you sit down to eat, in a separate
    location. This will sometimes work because he will be fully occupied during mealtime.

    Make sure everyone in the household is on board for the no feeding at the table and no feeding when begging at anytime rules otherwise it won’t work.

    Prevention by training your dog from day one is always the easiest and consistency as mentioned above.

    Punishment is never appropriate, your dog will only be confused.

  12. Bill says:

    Lots of good information, keep up the good work!

  13. It’s never nice sitting there eating your dinner with your dog gazing at you. I totally agree with what you have written here. It amazes me how many times I’ve seen dog owners feed there dogs whilst preparing for dinner.

    To top it all though, I actually knew someone that let their dog lick their plates after dinner :o)

  14. dogcollars says:

    Thank you for this great information!

  15. Josh says:

    My dog stays at my mom’s house. He is an inside dog. But my mom started feeding him leftovers everyone night. Now he will not touch dog food if you take it out there and if your try to mix the food up he digs through the dog food the get to the leftovers. Don’t know how to break him of this.

  16. Mrs. Code Jammer says:

    I really like this blog. I just hope this will help people understand the seriousness of overfeeding animals, not just dogs. Even if an animal doesn’t necessarily “beg” doesn’t mean you should give them food whenever you eat or feed them wayyyy too much table scraps. When i was a child, my parents had a bulldog. I LOVED that dog, thank god he was a picky eater, because my dad would offer him so much food during our meal times, even snacks or late at night. He didn’t die from being overfed because he refused much of the scraps due to his finickiness. When he died (due to being an older dog) we got another animal, a little “wiener dog”. When we got him, he was lean, skinny, ran around all the time, he was healthy. Well, not surprising that didn’t last long. My dad severely overfed him, leading to him hardly being able to breathe, walk normally, or be a normal dog his age. He was so round he looked like a balloon about to take flight. The obesity issue led to sever health problems which did kill the dog WAY before his time.
    People, I know you love your animals, but if you love them so much PLEASE remember that they are animals. They have different health needs and SHOULD have different eating habits than we do. PLEASE STOP overfeeding your animals. It is the worst thing to do to your pet. If you love them so much, treat them the way they need to be treated and ONLY feed them the amount of PET FOOD needed to keep them healthy and active. It will make your pet live a longer, healthier life with you, rather than facing pain, health issues, and other problems. Its not difficult to say NO. Remember the HEALTH of your pet next time you go to throw them half of your sandwich… Not only is it better for your pet, but you too. Instead of losing the animal after a few years, you could live with them for much much longer. Please remember NOT to overfeed