Dog Biking

This is a guest post from Lindsay at That Mutt, a great Dog Blog. I like to bike with my mutt Ace when he needs some extra exercise. Sometimes walking or running is not enough for active dogs. When I take Ace biking, he gets some good exercise, and I don’t have to work as hard. Problem solved. Still, biking with my dog is not as lazy as it sounds. It requires me to be focused. It took Ace and I some time to get to the point where I could safely bike with him. Even now, I have to […]

Can I Use Zhu Zhu Hamsters To Tame My Dogs?

The other day I found myself reading about Zhu Zhu pets and it actually ended with me and the good lady reminiscing about our previous Dog Sam. Quite a few years ago we were living in the south of England and one boxing day morning we went for a walk in the local park. To our surprise there was a pet Gerbil running around the place looking rather surprised at where he had ended up. To this day I don’t know how he got there but we did the decent thing and set the Dog on him (joking). No, […]

How to Choose an Underground Dog Fence

Dog Fence shares insiders tips on installing your own underground dog fence. In this guest post, they will share three tips for how to choose a dog containment system. Underground vs. Wireless Underground dog fences use a buried wire to define your dog’s boundary. Because you actually have to lay down the boundary wire, this involves a little more work in setting up the system, with an average installation taking a full day. But, what you get for your hard work is a boundary that is precisely shaped to your property. The other big perk is that these […]

The Importance of Eye Contact For Dogs

This is a guest post from Eric at Dog Spelled Forward. Be sure to pay him a visit where you can find lots of information on Dog behaviour and much more. This is nearly the end of the Dog training Online series so if you want to submit a guest post to this Dog blog you only have a few days left in which to do so. Thanks to Eric for a great article. When we are training our dogs, we start with a huge handicap right from the start: the communication gap. We speak in words and sentences, […]

Online Dog Training Tip 12

For this Dog training online article I wanted to talk about the importance of training Dogs to behave in vehicles. This is often overlooked and I have lost count of the times I have seen out of control Dogs in Cars. At least I used to. I haven’t seen it for a number of years now. Not one. Why? Because I live in Spain. It may sound strange but Spanish Dogs are well behaved in Cars. Okay, this is partly due to the fact that many Spaniards have what are known as Campo Dogs. This means many of the […]

Dog Training Online Tip 11

For many there seems to be a real barrier to training their Dogs successfully. Hopefully this course of Dog training online posts will go some way to help once it is completed. Most of us want well trained Dogs but do we know what we are doing? Are we ever going to be successful in our endeavours? If you have ever thought “I can’t train my Dog” then here are a number of reasons why you were right. All Dog owners will be guilty of a few of these (me included) and if you can rectify at  least some […]

Dog Training Certification – Online Dog Training Tip 10

We looked at Dog training jobs the other day as part of the Dog training online tips series. Although there were a number of jobs that anyone with a little experience handling Dogs could have obtained there was one thing that kept popping up in my searches for Dog training jobs. This was Dog training certification. The best paid work for anyone wanting to earn money training Dogs will be available with proof of competence. This unfortunately means that you have to spend some serious cash to prove yourself. As with so much in life a piece of paper […]