Dog Training Online Tip 11

For many there seems to be a real barrier to training their Dogs successfully. Hopefully this course of Dog training online posts will go some way to help once it is completed. Most of us want well trained Dogs but do we know what we are doing? Are we ever going to be successful in our endeavours?

If you have ever thought “I can’t train my Dog” then here are a number of reasons why you were right. All Dog owners will be guilty of a few of these (me included) and if you can rectify at  least some of these reasons then you will be on the road to having much better trained Dogs and a happier more controlled relationship.

11 Reasons Why You Can’t Train Your Dog

  1. You completely fail to give adequate exercise. Do you take your Dog for two good walks each and every day? You should. The main factor in successful Dog training is adequate exercise. If a Dog has lots of energy it will never respond as well to your training.
  2. You have a completely unsuitable Dog. This is tough but often true. You have a Dog but it is totally unsuited to the life you lead. If you have a Dog thats nature is to hunt but you live in a flat on the sixth floor maybe the Dog is not for you. It is harsh but you must be realistic or accept the consequences. Certain breeds need certain stimuli to keep the happy and well rounded. If your home life prevents you allowing the Dog to express its natural instincts you will always be fighting a losing battle.
  3. You are too lazy. You just can’t gather the enthusiasm to do what you know you should. You find it a chore to teach your Dog to behave and would rather shout at it without doing anything constructive. No matter how much you read on this Dog blog you will simply never get around to spending the time needed to train your Dog properly. Your choice.
  4. Your Dog is too lazy. You have a Dog that is simply too cool for school and simply does not want to be involved in activities that will benefit its behaviour. Some Dogs are simply lazy and, although rare, it does happen.
  5. Your Dog is too fat. Unless it has a serious medical condition then this is entirely your fault. My largest Dog Faye would be fat if I did not monitor her food very carefully. She eats less than the other two Dogs by a large factor. Here genetics have simply made her a naturally heavy set Dog.If you feed scraps at meal times or have allowed your Dog to beg then it is your fault. Stop doing it and turn it in to part of your training.
  6. You don’t let your Dog express its natural instincts. Some Dogs simply need to retrieve. It is at the core of what they are. You must use appropriate training that centres around your Dogs natural instincts. Use its natural tendencies and preferences to your advantage by basing training exercises around what it loves to do best. You will be much more successful this way.
  7. You don’t stick with it. You try training your Dog for a while to perform a certain task but give up too soon. Always remember that some Dogs may take to training very quickly while others will take a seriously long time. If you don’t give up you will get here in the end.
  8. You lose your temper. There is not a single person who lives with Dogs who has not totally lost their temper with them. Try keeping chilled when your Dogs have just eaten your Chickens that you allowed to escape. Even though you know they are bred from a mix of Spanish hunting hounds and who knows what else. You will always lose your temper on occasion but if all you do is shout and give off negative vibes you will not succeed as well. Try to keep calm whenever you can and things will go better in the long run.
  9. You give off an air of defeat. You slump your shoulders, give a sigh and practically tell your Dog “I know this won’t work but lets try it anyway”. Dogs are very sensitive to moods and the energy you give off will greatly effect the success of your Dog training.
  10. You simply aren’t very good at training Dogs. We can’t all be good at everything. Some people simply aren’t suited to training Dogs. This is, however, only the case for more advanced training. Anyone can get a Dog to be obedient to basic commands. Don’t use the “I’m no good at it” excuse to give up. That is your call and you live with the results.
  11. You have a mad Dog. Dogs are bonkers at the best of times. Some Dogs, however, are inherently unstable and will never be what we would call normal. You may have to simply admit to the fact that you live with a mad mutt that has serious mental issues.

We will all be guilty of some of these and if we can find a way to improve on these negatives when it comes to training Dogs then life will be a lot better.

Stay tuned for the next round of Dog training online tips.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. Jan says:

    I’m glad you put so much emphasis on choosing a dog. People pick a breed for the most bizarre reasons and then there is often a sad ending.