Is Feeding Your Dog Meat Good or Bad?

Many of you will be aware that I am a big proponent of feeding Dogs raw meaty bones. Today we have a guest post from Ben on the subject of feeding Dogs meat and bones. I am not saying I agree with all he says, but it will be interesting to hear what you think about this subject. Many people and wonderful dog owners question everyday whether it is okay to feed your dog meat or not. So we are going to address this little issue head on and let you know what is good, what is bad and […]

Safe Bones For Dogs

I have written a number of times about bones for Dogs but quite regularly I will either get a comment on an old Dog Blog post or I will receive a personal email asking me if it is safe to give a Dog: Cooked bones Boiled bones Chicken bones after a roast Pork bones Small cooked bones Large cooked bones And on the list goes. This is for anyone who is unsure about what bones they can give to Dogs and to dispel some of the myths about the realities of feeding bones for Dogs. In a nutshell the […]

Snuggie Blankets For Dogs-Dog Snuggies For The Shivering Pooch

Living in Spain as we all do here we don’t need a Snuggie Blanket but for those in cooler climates then it is Snuggie time. You can Buy A Cheap Snuggie Here for yourself or buy a Snuggie For Dogs Here. If you live in the UK and are fed up with the high heating bills then you can Buy A Snuggie Here If You Live In The UK. You and the Dogs will be about as warm as it is possible to be. Apparently the Snuggie blankets with sleeves has pretty much taken the US by storm and […]

The Must Buy Dog Book

Look in to my eyes. You are getting sleepy. Your eyelids are feeling heavy. You are asleep. You are totally under my influence. You will click here and go to Amazon. You will buy the Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health book. You will start reading it as soon as it arrives. You will always give your Dog a bone a few times a week after you realise how important it is. You will now have a Dog with lovely fresh breath. You will now have a Dog who has perfectly clean teeth You will now have a Dog that […]

The top 10 Dog Foods

Not anything to do with Dog training online today. I want to know what you think are the ten best Dog foods. I  will get to my top 10 Dog foods in a little while. First I want to talk a little about what we feed our Dogs, why we do it, and the buzz of late over ensuring that we give them a balanced diet. Anyone who reads this Dog blog on occasion (subscribe to get each new post via the easy ways to the right) knows that I am a firm advocate of raw meaty bones for […]

All Natural Dog Food – Homemade Dog Foods

The following is an interview my good friend Maggie graciously spent the time to answer. She and her partner feed their Dogs homemade Dog food. They feed what would be considered an “all natural Dog food diet”. In my post on homemade Dog foods I questioned many aspects of making food at home for the Dogs. I wondered just how much work it actually involves, how expensive it is, and just how time consuming is it to prepare yet another set of meals. Maggie has been preparing healthy Dog foods for their two Dogs (hey dudes), for quite some […]

Lumps On Dogs

I was talking last night with Mrs. Three Dog Blogger and we started talking about our previous Dog Sam. He was with us since we were young. We had him for sixteen years and he was the best buddy ever. In later years he began to go blind and deaf but life was still a joy to him. We began reminiscing about him and the topic of all his Lumps and Bumps came up. Boy was he a Lumpy Bumpy Dog over the years. Apart from the cost of Dental operations because we never knew how to clean a […]