The Must Buy Dog Book

Look in to my eyes.

You are getting sleepy.

Your eyelids are feeling heavy.

You are asleep.

You are totally under my influence.

You will click here and go to Amazon.

You will buy the Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health book.

You will start reading it as soon as it arrives.

You will always give your Dog a bone a few times a week after you realise how important it is.

You will now have a Dog with lovely fresh breath.

You will now have a Dog who has perfectly clean teeth

You will now have a Dog that does little compact poos that do not smell, instead of stinky big runny ones.

You will leave a comment thanking me for “suggesting” that this is the best book for Dog owners EVER.

You will then forget all that has happened here apart from the fact that you love THE BEST DOG BLOG and want to tell all your friends about it.

And you are awake!