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I was talking last night with Mrs. Three Dog Blogger and we started talking about our previous Dog Sam. He was with us since we were young. We had him for sixteen years and he was the best buddy ever. In later years he began to go blind and deaf but life was still a joy to him.

We began reminiscing about him and the topic of all his Lumps and Bumps came up. Boy was he a Lumpy Bumpy Dog over the years. Apart from the cost of Dental operations because we never knew how to clean a Dogs Teeth he also had a few other operations over the years.

He was a Dog very prone to all manner of Lumps. I thought it may be helpful to go over a few of the Lumps and Bumps that your Dog may have or may get. Obviously, though, if your Dog has a Lump or Bump get straight to the Vet.

Lumps On Dogs Side?

Sam had a very large Lump on his side. It was a large Lump that seemed to get a little bigger as he got in to old age. It was a fairly soft Lump but still of concern. It seemed to be between his Ribs and the Skin.

Quite often Dogs get these big Lumps on the side. The Vet told us not to be concerned. It was a Fatty Lump that was not dangerous to him. We left it alone as recommended by the Vet and never seemed to be of concern to him.

It was the size that was a concern. It was about the size of my Palm. Quite a big size for a Medium sized  Dog. It never bothered him at all and caused no problems. He felt a bit Lumpy but that was all.

Lumps On Dog Head?

A Lump on a Dogs head my be a simple build up of fatty tissue or it may be something altogether more worrying. A soft lump is usually a a harmless fatty Tumor but not always. Be sure to get it checked by the Vet.

Sams Lump was harmless and the Vet tested it. Although it was not cancerous we had to keep a close eye on it. It did start to get larger and although not dangerous as far as the Lump itself was concerned it was quickly getting too close to his eye. The Vet then recommended that it be removed as it could have caused him serious problems. At this time he was not too old, so the fact he was having a serious operation, although a concern, was not as much of a problem as if he was older. He did, however, look like Frankensteins Monster for a few weeks! He scared off all the other Dogs in the Park. Not that he minded. More Squirrels to chase for him!

These soft fatty Lumps that appear always need to be tested but only have them removed if absolutely necessary. Going under anaesthetic always creates a serious risk to your Dog.

Lumps On Dogs Back?

Just how many Lumps can one Dog have? Well, Sam seemed to be going for some kind of record. I can see it now

“Sam, the lumpiest Dog in the World”!

He had quite a lot of Lumps on his back. All of them were tested and they were all soft fatty Lumps that we of no danger to his health. None of them were removed. There is no need to have Lumps removed from your Dog if they are not of immediate concern.

These Lipomas should be left unless they grow too big or like the Lump near Sams eye, they begin to cause a problem. They may be removed for aesthetics but you are putting a large risk on your Dogs health just so it looks a little less Lumpy.

Lumps On Dogs Rear?

This Lump on the Dogs Bum had us really worried. Sam had a large, quite hard Lump on his Bum. It was quite Pink and did not look nice at all. This was a tough call because by this time he was quite old.

Quite often lumps around the Dogs Anus are caused by animpacted Anal Sacs. See my post on Dogs Anul Glands to ensure your Dogs Anal Glands do not cause lots of problems. Go to the Vets and quite often the Lump can be drained. This is not always the case, however. Although Sam did have Anul Gland problems, this was not one of them.

The Vet told us that this Pink Lump on the Dog, although large should not be removed unless necessary. Unless it began interfering with his bowel movements it was believed it was best left alone. Always a Dog that gnawed, an operation on his rear would be difficult to manage even with a Space Collar, or Elizabethan Collar. The dangers of infections were also a concern because the Lump was right by his Bum.

Most importantly though was his age. At about fourteen years old decisions needed to be made. Personally I believe it is not worth the risk of putting an old Dog under anaesthetic unless absolutely necesary, and the Vet agreed. The Trauma and recovery time may be too much for an old Dog.

Hard Lumps, Soft Lumps, Large And Small Lumps On Dogs

Some Dogs are just prone to Lumps and Bumps of all sizes. Large Lumps, little Lumps and all kinds of Bumps in between. Our Dog had them all. All Lumps need to be checked by a Vet. This post is just a guide to my experiences. You should never seek Veterinary advice on line for serious issues. Always take your Dog to have its Lumps inspected by someone qualified.

What Dogs Get Lumps?

All Dogs get lumps, or can get Lumps. Some Breeds may be more prone to the problem than others.

Judging by the interest in the subject I though twe would take a quick look at some of the most searched for queries concerning Lumps that may or may not be dangerous on Dogs. Some of the top queries include:

Lumps on Shelties

Lumps on Pitbulls

Hard Lumps on Dogs

Soft Lumps on Dog

Lump on Poodle

And the list goes on. There is obviously a real concern about Lumps on Dogs, hard or soft. Many Dog owners are searching for answers, but you must go to the Vets if you have any concerns at all.

Quite often the Lumps will be nothing more than a build up of fatty tissue, but they need to be inspected to make sure. There are so many reasons why Lumps appear on Dogs that it is important to get proper advice. Lumps can appear on Dogs Necks, Backs, Head, basically anywhere. Sometimes they are nothing to worry about but they can also become very serious if ignored.

Also, although it is tough, always bear in mind the age of your Dog when thinking about operations. Always inform the Vet of your Dogs age when discussing Medical Procedures. Keep a close eye on any Lumps that appear, even after a visit to the Vets. If they get bigger, or change colour, go back to the Vets immediately.

Hey, Sam. You were the best Lumpy Bumpy Dog I ever had. Well, the only one actually, but who’s counting?!

Good Boy.

May the Doggie Force be with you al.

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  1. Cheyroux says:

    our darling departed Flat coat, Harry, had a hard lump that appeared and then disappeared regularly on his nose, just below his eye. Seemed to cause him no problem., and he ate, played and smiled as normal

    Eventually visited vet cos thought it bit odd, turned out to be an abscess under tooth which kept going up and down, vet advised surgery and tooth was removed, further problems.

    Felt guilty as an abscess must have been painful, but he did not seem to worry about it.

    Bless him.

  2. Bonnie Story says:

    Was Sam a poodle? I have know several very lumpy Labs. Good advice here and thanks for sharing! Bonnie

    Bonnie Story’s last blog post..Guest bath update and more salvage decor items

  3. Jennifer says:

    What a great post.

    Our dog Felanie was a lumpy dog too. She had quite a few surgeries to remove lumps, but they were all benign. Eventually she got a lump that was a sign of something serious–a lump on her neck, a symptom of lymphoma. It’s not a lump you can do much about, unfortunately.

    Dozer has a couple of lumps, but nothing to worry about. I check him all over on a regular basis, just to be sure nothing new has shown up.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..We Are Not In Love

  4. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Cheyroux, I’m sure Harry didn’t hold it against you. Sometimes it is diddicult to know what to do for the best. All Dog owners will have been in a similar situation.

    Hi Bonnie. Sam wasn’t a Poodle, he was a Mongrel but I think there was certainly some Poodle in there somewhere. His coat especially was a nightmare!

    Jennifer, good advice to everyone. It is worth checking ovr your Dogs regularly to see if there are any new Lumps and Bumps.

  5. Trixie has a little bump on her flank that we are planning to get removed soon. She also has a soft lump in her chest that the vet aspirated and found to be a fatty tumor, so we’re just keeping an eye on that one.

    Dennis the Vizsla’s last blog post..We Interrupt Our Regularly-Scheduled Saturday Matinee To Bring You An Early-Morning Game Of Fetch

  6. Justin Jones says:

    My 8 year old English Mastiff is a very lumpy pooch too. They began appearing maybe 4 years ago. Initially we were very concerned as many owners would be but our vet assured us that the lipomas were nothing to be concerned about. she has on occasion gotten one between her toes or close to an eye and we’ve had them removed in those cases but generally speaking owners should resist the urge to have every lump removed. Any unnecessary procedure can put your dog at risk and cause them unnecessary discomfort.

    the main thing to keep in mind that the lumps can sometimes rupture. Make sure to disinfect the area and keep it clean.

  7. My oldest Yorkie lived to 16 years and we miss her so much. She has been gone now for 2 weeks but I try to remember that we got to have her for 16 wonderful years and now she is in doggy heaven. The last year she began to get lumps. There were many trips to the vet with me scared and worried about the latest lump. All of the lumps were just fatty and no problem but my vet came to realize how worried I was about them. She finally told me that 16 years was really old for a dog and that just like people as they get old they start to get all sorts of lumps, wrinkles and bumps that weren’t there when they were younger. That helped me relax a bit but I still dreaded the time when I wouldn’t have her around to love.

  8. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Dennis, that’s the best thing, keep a close eye on them.

    Justin,that is good advice. Surgery takes a lot out of Dogs and it should not be done unless really needed.

    Carlas Cuties, sorry about your oldest Yorkie. 16 is a very good age. I hope I don’t get all these lumps too as I get older! Always remember the good times you had with your Dog.

  9. Maria says:

    My sweet Buster has a very large, hard lump next to his ear opening, right under his floppy ear. I had one vet check it out, they stuck it with a needle and couldn’t get anything at all. Then I was told that in her 23 years of practicing veterinary medicine, she’d never seen anything like it. They simply said $150 to take it off. So I got another opinion, and this doctor didn’t know what it is, either. The surgery quote from them is over $400 (with I.V., chest tube & the works). How was the other vet going to take it off I don’t know!

    He seems the same dog, still playing & eating like always. It’s close to his ear canal and I don’t know what to do. It seems to be getting bigger to me, but could be just my nerves. He’s almost 12, so I don’t know which way to go with this. If anyone can help me decide, please feel free to contact me. I guess if it gets much bigger, I might not have a choice as it will start to affect that ear canal. Thanks for this post!

  10. Kathleen says:

    Thanks so much for your information,I truely appreciate this. I have a black lab & taking her tonight (10) to the vet,she’s got a lg lump on her left side & it seems like that one you explained near the ribs & a really squishy one on her back left upper leg by the body. She also has a few on her other side now & the problem she is having is comming down stairs. She actually has to hop down now & I’m woriied about her . So here’s hoping the vet says good things about her,I will have an Xray done tonight of her whole body so we know what we are dealing with,hopefully fatty ones and not cancer. I’m not sure what is causing her to hop down the stairs but something is bugging her. Also I was hoping they can take a her blood & tell us what they are & also if they can be drained. Is this good sense? Let me know if you disagree with me on any of this ,I love Gypsy to death & don’t want to to lose her….I really don’t want to have any operations if it isn’t necessary. I too am worried of the outcome after. So thanks again & I am starting the Raw Food Diet on her today and no more crappy dog food……Never know what’s in that stuff……Just raw fresh meat & baby foods for vegetables ect……K

  11. Jennifer says:

    I have a pit bull she is a great dog ! I have had her since she was a pup. About 12 years . She has got a very large knot on her anus and it just keeps getting bigger. It seems to anoy her sometimes. I was just looking for some answers before I took her to the vet. All of these post has helped alot . Thanks

  12. linda says:

    my dog bruiser is 13 yrs old he is my best friend a pit bull in the last week he has had a croupy raspey cough ? i am worried about him he is drinking and eating appears to feel ok?

  13. ellie says:


    I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. We lost our lurcher 3 months ago to lymphoma and he was a happy dog the whole time and he went to sleep on a good day. I have this evening found a lump on my choc labrador charlie. Its small and in his ear. not inside inside sort of by the natural lumps which occur in a dogs ear. it is a little bumpy lump if that makes sense. his ears seem to have been bugging him for the last few days more and more and I have been cleaning them out thinking they were just a bit mucky and today had a little bit of blood in the one ear then discovered the lump. It does actually look like it can be tied off to be honest the stem is quite thin. He is only 8 and as all labs are bouncy as hell. I will be taking him to his vet on monday to see what they say but i just need to put my mind at rest especially after what happened with our lurcher. I am terrified of losing another one so close to the first and as it is the other lab I have is 12 this year so Ive been watching her like a hawk as she slows down more and more. I have put some vaseline in his ear and over the lump to see if it helps and he does seem to have settled a bit. Any ideas? this seems like a lovely helpful site by the way xxx

  14. Three Dog Blogger says:

    ellie, it does sound like the best thing to do is see what the vet says. I hope it all is fine and nothing serious.

  15. brenda says:

    hi my name is brenda.i have a black lab named bear.he is only a year and a half old.he has had a bump on his head drained and stitche.he now has had the bump cut out surgically,and they have sent the mass to the lab to see if he has cancer.could this just be a abcess or cyst reoccurring.also bears eye is very traumatized from the surgeries.cant imagine life without my little man.need others imput,if they have had this experience.thanx and please sa a prayer for my bear.

  16. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Hi Brenda, I hope he is doing fine now. It may be nothing to worry about. I know when our old Dog had a lump off his head he looked like Frankensteins monster for a few weeks!

  17. Ameila says:

    six year old collie that has a lump on one side of her neck, its about the size of a golf ball. it has been there approx. one year and started off soft and now is hard. Feels like it may rupture. she seems healthy and happy.

    unfortuanately owners can not afforf to have her seen by a vet. Any suggests or experince with a similar situatoion would be appreciated

  18. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Amelia, it really is down to the Vet in this situation I am afraid. I am not qualified to say what it is or whether it is benign or not.

  19. marv says:

    My 8 yr old rat terrier had a tiny skin/fur tag between her eye and ear the day we bought her that we figured was the result of play with siblings. Over the past year the lump has gotten larger, soft with the initial fur tag at the top. I’m seriously suffering financially and though the bump doesn’t seem to bother her at all, I’m concerned. Is it possible to find a vet who will treat on a payment basis?

  20. Dotty says:

    I have a ten yr old pit bull, overnightbit seems a large hard bump appeared on the kind of center of his back, my son just had had surgery on his foot really serious, and I’ve not been able to get help to get him to the vet yet, fixing to take him today, but I’m really scared, if something serious is wrong I don’t think I can take! Does anyone have any idea what it might be, he looks kind of like a camel bk?

  21. Sg99 says:

    Hi, I adopted my Chihuahua when she was 4, she is now 10. I love her, she is the best dog I’ve ever had. She’s had anal sac problems, and they’ve had to be flushed and expressed on a regular basis. She had a surgery a few months after I got her because of impacted sacs. Last summer she had to have a lump removed from her bum, in the sac area. I’m concerned, seems that this time she is developing a white lump. Last years surgery was tough on her. Given that she is 10, I don’t know if I should put her through that again, given her age. She is otherwise a healthy energetic dog and discomfort over the surgery, although she has slowed down a big this past year. What do you think?

  22. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Sg99 I am really sorry to hear about all the problems she is having. Honestly though I really wouldn’t want to give advice on this, it really is down to what you think is best for her, and if she may just be better off not having surgery.

    Sorry to not be of more help.

  23. lindsaymarie says:

    My 2 yr old great dane mix has had a lump on her hip since we adopted her. Our vet says since it is not connected to the underlying muscle and its not painful, that it isnt an issue. He is keeping an eye on it and it has grown slightly. We are considering removing it, as it is almost the size of a small chicken egg now. We have gotten used to her “lady lump” but I wonder why it would need removed if it isnt a health issue? Anyone know?