Snuggie Blankets For Dogs-Dog Snuggies For The Shivering Pooch

Living in Spain as we all do here we don’t need a Snuggie Blanket but for those in cooler climates then it is Snuggie time. You can Buy A Cheap Snuggie Here for yourself or buy a Snuggie For Dogs Here. If you live in the UK and are fed up with the high heating bills then you can Buy A Snuggie Here If You Live In The UK. You and the Dogs will be about as warm as it is possible to be.

Apparently the Snuggie blankets with sleeves has pretty much taken the US by storm and is on about every persons Christmas list. Personally I never feel the cold and I am not sure that I would look any more handsome with a Snuggie Zebra Blanket on. But apparently Zebra Snuggie Blanketis actually the most popular of them all. Proves how much I know about the tastes of those in the US.

Mrs. Three Dog Blogger feels the cold a lot more than I do so I can’t wait to see what she looks like but I think I will be getting her a Pink Snuggie to match fair skin. I am sure she will be over the moon.

Now, on to the Dogs. Apparently many Dog owners are buying the Dog Snuggie as a little treat for their shivering pooches. One size does not fit all so use this Snuggie For Dogs (All Sizes) link to see which one your Dog will need. Apparently they are machine washable, suitable for nearly all Dogs and have an easy velcro system to adjust the Dog Snuggie to the right size.

How they pee I am not too sure but apparently even the big dudes can easily be dressed with a simple step in system. They can be worn even with collars and leads and if you don’t mind a few stares from the fashion police you can keep the Dog Snuggie on when going for a walk in the park. The Snuggie for Dogs Reviews fall in to two definite camps. It is either that their Dog loves it or you are a cruel person for trying to humiliate your Dog by putting it in a walking blanket like a cheap Snuggie.

sofThe consensus seems to be that some Dogs love them for in the house but for walking I just don’t really get how they have a pee. Am I missing something or is that important area left exposed?

So, blue or pink, which one do you think Faye would prefer?