Safe Bones For Dogs

I have written a number of times about bones for Dogs but quite regularly I will either get a comment on an old Dog Blog post or I will receive a personal email asking me if it is safe to give a Dog: Cooked bones Boiled bones Chicken bones after a roast Pork bones Small cooked bones Large cooked bones And on the list goes. This is for anyone who is unsure about what bones they can give to Dogs and to dispel some of the myths about the realities of feeding bones for Dogs. In a nutshell the […]

Snuggie Blankets For Dogs-Dog Snuggies For The Shivering Pooch

Living in Spain as we all do here we don’t need a Snuggie Blanket but for those in cooler climates then it is Snuggie time. You can Buy A Cheap Snuggie Here for yourself or buy a Snuggie For Dogs Here. If you live in the UK and are fed up with the high heating bills then you can Buy A Snuggie Here If You Live In The UK. You and the Dogs will be about as warm as it is possible to be. Apparently the Snuggie blankets with sleeves has pretty much taken the US by storm and […]

1800petmeds Reviews

After looking at a few prices on the 1800petmeds reviews article here at the Dog Blog I thought we should see what people have to say about Price comparisons are one thing and we certainly saw that for cheap pet meds online they are not the best people to shop with. Let’s take a look at what people are saying in their 1800petmeds reviews. If we type in 1800petmeds reviews in to a search engine then the top listing is none too glowing. Lots of reports of bad customer service and the one overriding factor was that they […]

Dog Training Online Episode 5 – Dog Training For Dummies

In this Dog training online series I have been giving down to earth and straightforward tips to help to have a better life with your Dog. No fancy pants nonsense and no gimmicks. If you want to be able to get your Dog to perform stupid tricks then look elsewhere. I aim to provide Dog training online advice that is easily implemented and easy to use. Too many online Dog training “so called” tips and supposed advice is actually nothing more than a way for you to part with lots of money for a Dog training course that may […]

Fleas And Dogs

As part of the continuing pets medicine series here at the unProfessional Dog training online school I now want to take two part look at fleas and Dogs. In this first post we will learn a little about the flea, what it actually is and what effects it can have on our Dogs. In the next post we will take a look at the myriad different ways there are to either treat or prevent the humble flea from causing misery to our beloved bone munchers. What is a flea? According to Wikipedia the Flea is the common name for […]

How To Clean Dogs Teeth

UPDATE: There is a great new product on the market that is much easier to use than a toothbrush for those looking how to clean Dog’s teeth. Click HERE to read about this great product. Called oral hygiene chews they are extremely cheap but amazing for keeping Dog’s teeth clean. It will take a few attempts using a toothbrush before your Dog becomes accustomed to cleaning Dog’s Teeth. We shall now take a comprehensive look at how to clean Dogs Teeth. Here at this Dog blog keeping Dogs teeth clean is very important. Bad Teeth in Dogs can be […]

How To Cure Bad Dogs Breath

or Christmas Comes Early For The Dogs It is a fantastic sunny day here today. All the doors and windows are open and the Dogs have been really well behaved, lying outside soaking up some rays. The weather can change very quickly so we decided to give the Dogs an early Christmas present, A Big Raw Meaty Bone each. Many people are loathe to give their Dogs bones, believing there is a danger to the Dog. There are only a few things you need to know when deciding whether you should give your Dog a Bone. Never give them […]