My Dog Is Making Me Look Bonkers!

Recently i have been taking all three dogs in the car with me which is normally OK. If i am going to be out all day i don’t really always want to leave them at home as Faye still has a slight shoe fetish if she is left alone for too long. Daisy is fine at home and Jet the puppy – well i haven’t left her all day yet but i am guessing she would get up to a bit of mischief as she is still only a little pup.

All three dogs are on the back seat and as it is the law here in Spain they must be restrained so they cannot get in to the front seat. They each have a little gadget (a dog car seat belt) that clips on to their collars and clips on to the seatbelt catch. It is fabulous and in an accident they cannot come flying in to the front and cause countless damage to those in the front or themselves. I will talk about these gizmos more in another post, but dog car restraint is very important.

As of a few weeks ago Faye has got into some odd behaviour. She is clipped in so cannot get in to the front but she has found a way of making her precense known. It goes something like this.

  • I am driving along. Daisy and Jet are chilled and good in the back seat
  • Faye who is always a bit mad decides that she will come say hello
  • The only way she can do it is not easy as she is clipped in with her dog car seat belt
  • The solution is simple
  • She rests her big wolf like head on my shoulder
  • She leans forward as far and as close in as she can with her giant ears sticking right up
  • I get tickled and start to laugh

Now the only problem with this is all the funny looks i keep getting. When i am stopped in traffic people glance over and see me sitting there laughing with a giant dog head stuck to the side of my face. People just don’t get it and immediately do a double take.

I then get stared at and they just think i am plain mad.

It’s not my fault i want to say.

Blame her, it’s her head on my shoulder.

………………………………..but then Faye moves a bit and i get tickled again.