Clone My Dog? Would You Clone Your Pet?

At home last night we were talking about how similar Jet, Daisies Puppy, is to her.

Daisy is a very Shy Dog, even though we have had her for about a year and a half. I spoke about Shy Dog Training and the pace at which it needs to be taken previously. She is probably less than two years old, but the short time she spent in a Rescue Shelter did her delicate nature no good at all. Jet has not had that experience but they are alike in so many ways. They even both have the same obsession with the Cat (He must be Licked!).

Jet is also a Shy Dog, but only slightly. She is not as submissive or timid but still a quiet animal. There is always the debate over nature versus nurture, but I can see with my own eyes that much of Daisies genetic predispositions have been inherited by her Puppy. Many of the traits they have are the same. Same Body, same mannerisms, same point blank refusal to ever chase a ball! That is left to our other Dog, Faye, who is as loud and boisterous as you can get.

Clone My Dog?

Apart from the colour Jet and Daisy are very similar to each other. Jet is almost a Clone of her Mum. They are so similar in may ways I am always amazed how much of her Genes Daisy passed on. I wonder then about Cloning Dogs.

It has been done. The first Pet to be cloned was a Cat in 2004 at the cost of $50,000. Both Dogs and Cats have been cloned since.

Are Cloned Dogs Identical?

A cloned Dog will have exactly the same Genetics as the Dog it was cloned from. So it should look exactly the same. However, it won’t be the same Dog. Or will it? It is not like the lifetimes experience of the Dog has been uploaded in to the new Cloned Dog. It will still be a brand new life with the world around it waiting to shape what kind of Dog it becomes.

But to what extent? Daisy and Jet had very different starts to their lives. Sure they are different Dogs, but they are so similar in so many ways.

If I had Jet cloned and gave her the same environment, how different would Jet number 2 really be?

How To Get Your Dog Cloned?

If you wanted to get a Dog Cloned how would you go about it?

Snuppy was the first Cloned Dog in 2006 and more have been cloned since. It is a remarkably difficult project to undertake and hugely expensive.

There is one Dog Cloning position left. You can get your Dog Cloned for the knock down price of $180,000 by the only company in the world that Clones Dogs. Book now by visiting Best Friends Again.

No, i’m not joking, you really can get it done if you have the cash!

The Ethics Of Dog Cloning

I’m not really sure what I have let myself in for but I have no objection to it, in principle. I would object if it led to malformed, hurt, unstable or life threatened Clones. But what if it didn’t?

What if you could supply a sample of your Dogs Genetic Code and know, without a shadow of a doubt that the result would be a new Puppy that would grow to look exactly the same as the Dog the Genes came from? You also know absolutely, that no harm has come to any animal, the new Dog will not have any unusual ailments or illnesses, because it is cloned and everything has been done in a very ethical manner?

Would you do it?

Would You Clone Your Pet Dog?

If all the above were guaranteed, and you absolutely knew that no harm would come to, or had come to, any animal in the making of a Cloned Dog, would you do it?

Some people are extremely emotionally attached to their Pets and would love to have a new Dog that looked the same as the previous one. If it was brought up in a similar manner, would it be that different? Who knows. I know my two Dogs are very similar, but Daisies other Puppies all have different Natures. It is just coincidence that we ended up keeping the one that was most similar to her in nature.

Would You Object To Someone Cloning Their Dog?

Even if you would not Clone your own Dog, would you object if someone you knew wanted to do it? What if they were just so attached to their Dog they just didn’t want to let go?

Do you find the whole thing so distasteful that you absolutely object to Cloning at all? Many people believe it is totally unnatural and object to the whole principle of Cloning. Me, I am a die hard Peter F. Hamilton fan and am looking forward to seeing a small glimpse as to what path the Human race follows, and I have no objection to the principle.

Free Cloning?

Okay, so you don’t have the $180,00 bucks? What if you could have it done for free? Would you Clone your Dog then? I am sure some people would. If people have paid for Dog cloning then a lot more would do it if it was free, or cost very little.

Would I Clone My Dogs?

Absolutely not. It is weird, unnatural, and not something I would consider at all.

Now, if I could clone myself and have my lifetimes experiences uploaded in to a new body just before I die that is a different matter entirely. If I had the Cash, and was still alive when the technology became available, and I have no doubts that it will one day, I would do it like a shot.

I am now so confused that I need a good lie down!

So, what do you think about Dog Cloning?

Would you Clone your Dog if money was no object, or it was free? I have a feeling I know what the answer will be, but I may be surprised.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. I am with you. I wouldn’t want to clone my dogs. It’s not that I don’t love them, but we have made it all these years without the need to clone pets… Why start now?

    I also wouldn’t clone myself…. I don’t think I would get along with him 🙂

    Black Labradors’s last blog post..How to teach your Labrador Retriever to roll over

  2. Bunny G says:

    It is easy to understand why a person would want to clone their pet. My dogs have become my soul mates over the years. A part of me will die when either of my dogs pass over. But ,my dogs are unique — with funny little quirks and Bhudda wisdoms — and their spiriits could never be duplicated. I have treasured each journey with my pets throughout my life. I wouldn’t want to cheapen the experiences I’ve had with my ‘buds’. No, I wouldn’t clone my dogs.
    Besides that, there are too many dogs out there who need homes.

  3. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Black Lab, I can see it happening a lot in the future if it ever becomes a lot cheaper.

    Bunny G, thanks for that. I wouldn’t do it either but you can see why some people would. People become so close to animals. There are a lot of Dogs that need homes, and that is one of the arguments against cloning.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I agree–there are so many dogs that need homes. Why produce more by cloning? I would rather adopt a dog.

    And I also agree that cloning cheapens the relationship between humans and other living things. I love my dogs and I cherish them because my time with them is limited and I know they cannot be replaced.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Getting involved

  5. I can understand why they would want to. Some people just get extremely attached to their pets. I am also with Bunny, if I was to lose one my pets, the rescue would be the first place I went.

    I wonder how satisfied people are with their cloned pets. I might have to take a look into that.

    Black Labradors’s last blog post..How to teach your Labrador Retriever to roll over

  6. Mary H. says:

    Hi, just found your blog, and am enjoying reading through it!

    I don’t object to others who might want to clone their dog, as long as they have the money and the dog will be healthy.

    However, in some sense, I think cloning personal dogs is slightly silly. You’re not going to get the same dog you had before! So much of a dog’s personality is determined by environment and how they are raised and treated—I think people forget this.

    However, I think cloning dogs could lead to some interesting controlled studies on how much of personality is environmental and learned, versus genetic.

    Also, I think anyone breeding or thinking about cloning needs to think twice. There are so many lovely dogs without homes, and thousands who are put to sleep each year, why do we want to make more?


    Mary H.

    Mary H.’s last blog post..Aggressive Training Methods and Aggressive Dogs

  7. As my wife says … it’s not the same dog.

    Dennis the Vizsla’s last blog post..Went With The Wind

  8. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Jennifer, good point. The fact that all life has a certain amount of time does make it more precious.

    Black Lab, I think that the people who did it are pleased because the Dogs look exactly the same.

    Mary H, you are right about there being so many Dogs that need homes. If cloning ever became mainstream this would be a cause for real problems with the number of Dogs in the word already being so high.

    Dennis, your Wife is a wise Woman.

  9. Daisy says:

    Interesting thread. I would never clone, sounds nuts. but since you are interested you might enjoy reading “Joshua Son of None” I read it years ago, it was about how someone cloned Kennedy and tried to get him to aspire to his fathers work. I won’t tell you what happens in case you might want to read it.

    Daisy’s last blog post..Sitting in the Sundays

  10. Dog Breed CD says:

    No way and irreplaceable!

  11. Dog Breed CD says:

    No way they are unique and irreplaccable (I meant to say)

  12. Dan says:

    Are you kidding! My stubborn, bull headed, no I am not going to do what you say until you yell at me Olde English Bulldogge:) – I love him, wouldn’t trade him for any other dog, not even Lassie. There is no replacing him, I love his character. Yes, he can be frustrating- but in the end he makes me laugh. I can understand why people would want to do it, but to me it will still not be Titan. He is my boy, it is just me and him in a house full of girls- wife 2 girls and a female bullie and 2 female cats. No worries “T” it is not going to happen.

  13. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Daisy, thanks for the tip, I may just check it out.

    Dog Breed CD, gotcha.

    Dan, I hear ya. It is just me against four Girls. There is no way I can ever win 😉 Oh wait, I have the cat Naruto, but he is at home so little he can’t realy be counted, unfortunately! Even the Chickens are all female, but that I don’t mind.

  14. Maria says:

    Great article! I’m a new dog owner and this helped me a bunch! Thanks!

  15. T says:


  16. D- says:

    Oh yeah I would definetly without a doubt in my mind, my dog was the other half of me, my bud. Clones aren’t the same animal but if theres a chance I could get a dog the acts similar to my dog atleast and looks the same, its worth it to me. If they can get brain chemical levels to match up to the original dog, even better. Cloning will continue to become cheaper as new methods and technologies come out and cloning will become even more true to its name. I honestly will be cloning my dog I lost a year ago, got some nail clippings, hair, worst comes to worst I know where I buried him. As soon as the price comes down… you bet your ass I will clone my dog. Just hope they can start genetically engineering dogs to live longer….

  17. Kacy says:

    I know and understand no dog can be replaced and he or she, “your child,” can never be returned once they pass, sadly. I take my dog, Sugar, everywhere with me and i honestly can say tht if something were to happen to her i will definitely need to be on antidepressants. I also think if the dog that was or is cloned will be very similar if you raise it the same way as the original. I am not against cloning because once something is gone its gone and you cant bring her back, but if you prepare before you have that option to do so. I am honestly thinking about it because no other dog can replace her, but a clone will be very similar and closer to being just like your dog if raised the same. Just my opinion. Everyone has their own opinion, which makes you different than me. 🙂

  18. CRob says:

    Yes I would.. What I have not seen here so far, is that you love your dog so much that you would want her or him to have a child, or as I would call it… a cousin, or twin. I love my girl so much, she went through so much, I rescued her and her personality comes from it, an amazing girl Dashhound. BUT, I don’t want the same dog, I want her in another dog!!! Why haven’t people expressed this same kind of thinking? I don’t want the same dog because it would be impossible to replica her exact spirit, impossible, and who ever wants to do that is crazy!! If you love the dog, you may want to keep a part of her or him, and push into the future keeping their family and brilliant DNA, past etc… I know my dog is so very smart, she deserves to have others after her, but I fixed her, so no kids. YES too many dogs in the world for sure, and I am fine with rescuing another.. But she was a rescue, and an amazing girl, and would you rather adopt or have one of your own??? Of course… Her spirit so beautiful, I believe she should go on longer. It’s very sad for all that our amazing smart and wonderful dogs can’t go on. And so many dogs are in pound and killed, possibly and certainly amazing dogs too, I will probably adobt from pound again, but I really wish I could clone my wonderful girl again, the most amazing beautiful dashhound ever. Kona.