A Day In The Life Of The Three Dog Blogger

Quite a few people seem to be interested in the lifestyle I lead up here in the Spanish Mountains so I thought I would give a quick glimpse in to a day in the life we lead.

Yesterday is as good a day as any, so settle back dear readers and enjoy the randomness.

    • Wake up in the morning and go to cuddle Mrs. Three Dog Blogger only to discover I can’t move. The bed had been infiltrated by an undercover puppy and she was happily asleep in the middle of the bed.
    • Get up, finally, and let Dogs out. It’s wet so they came straight back in. Oooh, scary rain!
    • Turn on the bathroom light and immediately the power goes. Have to put Wellies on and go and start the Generator to charge our Deep Cycle batteries. No Sun equals no power for our Solar Panels. (We are totally off grid).
    • Check my Blog only to see Mrs. Three Dog Blogger has hacked in to it and supposedly was forced to write a post by the Chickens. Yeah, right! Which, by the way, has become way too popular for my liking!
    • Check the stats for my Blog. Hooray, lots of traffic but the only money it earns is from Google Adsense at the moment. I don’t care though as this Dog blog is the one I absolutely love writing and interacting with you dear reader.
    • Walk the Dogs. Faye and Jet do a runner for a few minutes. Come back with giant bellies. They must have found something lovely to eat in the woods but I have no idea what. The two big bellied bozos waddle along while Daisy goes and barks at an old small farmhouse (very odd). She soon returns though.
    • Go to start the Car later on. Dead Battery so no trip out today.
    • Under our living room floor we have a large holding tank that collects rain water (yes, really). It is full beacause of the rain so I connect a pump to a Car Battery and pump it up to fibreglass tanks that we have at the top of our land.
    • Late morning the power goes again. Realise that the old Car Battery is taking loads of power to charge so I have to turn the Generator on (again).
    • Early afternoon the puppy (Jet) is still looking very fat and not at all happy. While I am on the laptop she decides to come and visit where she is promptly sick all over the floor (joy)!
    • A quiet afternoon doing this and that, mostly on the laptop. Start investigating Facebook, I am Dave Dogster there.
    • Decide to start the Log Fire only to realise that yet again I have failed miserably to store wood out of the rain. Instead I have to light the paraffin heater which just doesn’t give the same ambience.
    • It’s Dog walking time again. Up the track we go until the Dogs run to the building Daisy was barking at earlier. They all go absolutely demented barking at the open Door.
    • Then it gets scary.
    • There is a giant Wild Mountain Goat inside. It is MASSIVE. The Dogs are crazed, barking like mad. The Goats can be dangerous if they bolt. The horns can easily kill you. We hesitantly put the Dogs on leads and back away hoping it will find its way out.
    • Eat our evening meal, with no begging Dogs.
    • At nine the Dogs decide it is a good time to be bonkers and spend what seems like an age play fighting and barking and jumping about like loons. Give up on the TV as it is impossible to hear anything.
    • ave a Vino or two and before you know it’s time for bed.

Well, there you have it. A day in the life of The Three Dog Blogger. I would love to hear about a day in your life. Any Goats? Any pukey Puppies? Just what did you do yesterday?

A free link in the Blogroll on the sidebar for the best/funniest post. Mrs. Three Dog Blogger can pick so I don’t play favourites. You have until the next post is up in a day or so.

Hast Luego dear readers.

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  1. I would be scared stiff if I saw something like that up close!! Glad it didnt get messy! 🙂

    Taris Janitens’s last blog post..How to be a Top Commentator/First to Comment

  2. That thing is HUGE! That’s a pretty good pic too. How exciting and I’m glad he didn’t bolt on you. I’m sure he was thinking the same thing about your pups! 🙂

    greytblackdog’s last blog post..Don’t Call Me Corn Dog

  3. jan says:

    This just shows how boring our lives are. A two block drive to the supermarket is about as exciting as it gets around here unless you count the ways the dogs pretend they hear scary things.

    jan’s last blog post..The strange case of the smelly Pomeranian

  4. Eric says:

    Wow! That thing is huge! I bet the doggies could of taken them tho 😉

    Eric’s last blog post..Get To Know a Dog Day: Oakley

  5. Welovedogs says:

    WOW! All the more scary with the earie mist too!! Actually something very similar happened to me the other day – a neighbours cat walked out from behind my parked car and I totally wasn’t expecting it! Freaky eh?!! 😉

  6. Egad, that goat looks positively demonic with the glowing eyes and the mist! You didn’t see any pentagrams in the vicinity, did you?

    Dennis the Vizsla’s last blog post..wensday wot hasnt got enny wurds in it: dennis luvs dada luvs dennis

  7. the three dog blogger says:

    Hey Dennis. It does look a bit sinister doesn’t it?

    Check back soon as I have some great photos of it out in the open.