Bugger, I’m The Five Dog Blogger!

Bugger indeed, dear readers. We now have five Dogs in the House, but thankfully only until Sunday.

I am glad it is only short term as it is a bit of a madhouse at present.

Why the extra Doggies?

Well, after Daisy had her five puppies, friends of ours said that they would love to have two of the little bone munchers, for which we are eternally grateful! (We also found homes for two more). We offered that if they ever needed us to look after them it would not be a problem. A few days is nothing compared to having a ton of mouths to feed for the next fifteen odd years!

This is why I now advocate that you have your Female Dog spayed as soon as your Vet recommends it. You can read my post about when to spay your Dog for a bit more background information and advice.

Anyway, as usual, I digress.

Our friends dropped of Lila and Caden yesterday. It did not start well. Faye chased Caden who then hid under their Car in a wet puddle for an hour! He didn’t seem sure of himself at all. Faye can be a bit intimidating because of her size and overtly playful nature.

After a while everyone was inside and the evening brought a few problems. Caden was not at all sure of his new surroundings and was very defensive. He was snapping at all the Girls and trying to be Mr. Dominant. Things came to a head when he tried to bite Faye who was next to me.

Now this will not  be tolerated. I grabbed his neck and pinned him to the floor whilst looming over him in a menacing manner (honestly)! He calmed down immediately and knew who was the Top Dog. It certainly isn’t a Dog. Pinning a Dog down asserts who is the leader of the Pack and is only mimicking the way Dogs behave naturally. Daisy would often do it to the Puppies to assert that she was in charge.

Caden was a lot better behaved after that and the Dogs of Doom soon became buddies and Caden’s bad behaviour stopped after he was suitably put in his place.

The problem today of course is that they are all buddies now.

All day there has been a pack of five demented Dogs running amok and seeing who can divebomb the others first! There has been running, jumping, playing, five Dog play fights, three walks, too many bowls of food to prepare and much, much barking.

It doesn’t help that the two newcomers are not used to their surroundings.

When the Village Loudspeakers began echoing around the Mountains with the price of Fish for the Day (yes, really) I though my head was going to explode!

As I type this I have one Dog barking in the room, two outside barking at absolutely nothing and two trying to pretend nothing is different and trying (and failing) to get some sleep.

I get the feeling that Sunday is going to be a long time coming!

Wish me luck Dear Reader, I get the feeling I am going to need it!

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. Thats very nice of you to volunteer your time and home like that!! I hope they all know how to play nice!!

    Taris Janitens’s last blog post..A Gift From My Hard Drive: A New Series

  2. jan says:

    I think they will all calm down once their position in the pack gives them confidence to relax. If not, you can always drink heavily.

    jan’s last blog post..Prize-winning Poodle grooming

  3. the three dog blogger says:

    Taris, i’m just happy it is only for a few days rather than a lifetime with five Dogs.

    Jan, they have all settled down and are good buddies now. Faye is definitely the leader of the pack now (apart from me and Mrs. Three Dog Blogger of course).

  4. Friar says:

    Oh, those dogs!

    Why can’t they ALL GET ALONG? 😉

    Friar’s last blog post..Unhealthy Crap I Love to Eat, but Probably Shouldn’t.

  5. And I thought three was a crowd. You are brave!

    Nigel, Sola & Co’s last blog post..Dis-integration