Mutiny in the Hen Coop

This is Mrs Three Dog Blogger with an Announcement

Sorry about this but I’ve been accosted by the hens who are NOT happy.  They’ve asked me to let you all know the following:

What the Cluck?

How come the cat gets a mention, but we four hard-working hens don’t?

There will be eggsactly no eggs for the Mr in future if the situation isn’t rectified quick smart.  We’ve come to terms with the dogs being your favorites – their big teeth scare us and you always seem so happy jumping up and down talking VERY loudly to them on the vegetable patch.  But that stinky cat – he does NOTHING.  AND he doesn’t even hang around here that often.  We won’t be providing your future breakfast material if you continue to show that stinky, slinky cat more attention than us.

Hens unite!  Shrug off the yolk off oppression.  Fight for you free-range place in the finca pecking order – more useful and better mannered than the feline contingent.

If Naruto gets another post of his own we’ll be applying for our own blog, with future egg production being for online sale (paypal please) only.  All proceeds going to our even more oppressed battery sisters.

Sorry about that but they made me…

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  1. the three dog blogger says:


    Sorry about that folks.

    Mrs. Three Dog Blogger has hacked in to my site in the night. She may be getting grief from the Chickens but that is no excuse!

    Move on, nothing to see here.

    Normal business shall be resumed once I have changed my passwords and had a word with the chickens.

    Dogs rule.

  2. KianaB says:

    That post just made my day! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  3. HAHAHA – clever!! I didn’t realize you lived on a farm!!! That would be a wicked place to live no doubt!! 🙂

    Taris Janitens’s last blog post..Hot Deals!! December 28, 2008

  4. With all the awful news out there this morning, this is a great antidote — nice writing. I’m scrambling for a chicken pun — this helped keep my sunny side up today.

    Dick Mansfield’s last blog post..Everything But The Kitchen Sink Porridge

  5. the three dog blogger says:

    Thanks for the great comment Dick.

    Mrs. Three Dog Blogger will be glad she is getting the praise SHE FEELS she deserves.

  6. Vilma says:

    Hens are right! they really are hard workers and deserve to be not olny mentioned but also prized!! Cheers to the hens!!!

    Vilma’s last blog post..Grooming tips for pets lovers

  7. jan says:


    Hens demanding their fair share? They make a good care for fair treatment for the only animals that make a true contribution.

    I did a post on your dog poop calendar with a link to you. Thanks for the idea.

    jan’s last blog post..When you care enough to give a crap

  8. the three dog blogger says:

    OK OK.

    I admit the Hens are the only ones that give something back in the form of food. But c’mon guys where is THE LOVE?

    Mrs. Three Dog Blogger is getting too big for her boots with all this praise of her post!

    Hi Jan. No probs. I gave you link as well in my post about stopping Dogs from begging.

  9. sjloveday says:

    I adored the posts and the laughter it brought to my day. Thank you Mrs.Three Dog Blogger for being so naughty. I will be passing you on to friends. Keep up the good work!